Thursday, February 14, 2019

Daughters Coming Home From College With Mustaches Is A Thing Now

By Professor Doom

     The gender dysphoria madness affecting our culture is a bit of a puzzle to me. Yes, I knew about people who wanted a sex change, thirty or more years ago…but they were rare things, and I couldn’t claim to have even been in the same room as, much less met, such a person until just a few years ago.

      Added to this mix is there seems to be a great number of people who think, maybe, they might be the opposite gender, and just aren’t sure. I hardly know what to make of it. Is it truly a result of school indoctrination, or are there some chemical additives nowadays that affect some people more than others?

      The current wave of gender dysphoric children do little to answer my question—children are more vulnerable to indoctrination than adults, but also have been exposed to any alleged chemicals for a greater proportion of their lives (particularly the early years, which strike me as more capable of affecting one’s sexuality).

      A recent article leans me back towards indoctrination, if it is to believed:

      The College Fix, where I’ve taken the above, is a credible site, I’ve backtracked a number of their articles’ claims and found they’re more accurate than many sites (and far better than mainstream media, an admittedly low bar).

     ‘She went from hating white males to now wanting to become one’

     The above is my first concern here. It’s hardly a secret that white males, males in general even, are second-class citizens on many campuses. If we were talking about indoctrination, one might expect, then, that this article should be covering sons coming home with breasts.

     At least, if males and females were equally vulnerable to indoctrination, and males and females were equally represented on campus. The latter is definitely not true, but the former? My own eyeballs, however, have seen more females with gender dysphoria or at least thinking they might have it, than males. For the sake of argument, then, I’m willing to concede females are easier to talk into thinking they’re the wrong gender than males (although perhaps someone might tell such females that such a vulnerability means they are, in fact, female…).

     In fact, a recent column in The Wall Street Journal reports that “health plans at 86 colleges—including those of nearly every Ivy League school—cover not only cross-sex hormones but surgery as well.”

      Arg. It seems every week I have to fight with my (very expensive) insurance for basic treatments and medications which have been long been established as effective for my endless cancer treatments.

      Meanwhile, our college students are getting sex-change surgery approved? This is nuts, especially when suicide rates for post-op transsexuals are higher than for pre-op.

      Insurance companies aren’t stupid, they would only cover this if university admin told them to do so, and were willing to pay extra for this clearly very questionable procedure for many people. What is wrong with these leaders?

     I’m told there’s nothing wrong with people wanting to change their gender…although if this were the case this should be considered elective treatment, and not covered by insurance. But I digress.

     The piece featured the phenomenon of “rapid onset gender dysphoria,” described as overwhelmingly afflicting girls who then receive the full support of the medical community.

     Rapid onset? Then we are talking about indoctrination. Just as indoctrination can, over a relatively brief period of time, convince a person 4 lights are in fact 5 lights, so too I can believe even one’s own perceived proper gender can be changed as well.

     The article has a few anecdotes, but one thing struck me:

Among the issues it covers, 4thWaveNow chronicles the same trend The Wall Street Journal recently reported on as well: “When Your Daughter Defies Biology.”

      4thwavenow is a website/community for parents who are seeing their college children suddenly “converted” to being transgender. Much like the “autism occurring right after vaccination” stories were just isolated anecdotes until the parents started to form communities, identifying just how often parents were seeing with their own eyes their kids turning autistic immediately after vaccination, so too are we seeing citizens, and not mainstream organizations, identifying this trend.

     4thwavenow gives a report of what someone is seeing at her college:

By one month into my freshman year, the number of trans people I knew personally or by association was growing steadily. The school is small enough that even if you don’t know someone by name, you’ve probably seen them around. There were many boys wearing eyeliner but those were boys. There were girls wearing eyeliner that were also boys. Boys with small beards that were actually girls. And everything in between. One of my roommates started dating a “cis-passing” trans boy. Someone I met at the beginning of the year whose name was Tim would now like me to relearn that name as Rebecca…

     Trangenderism should be affecting only a small percentage (sub 1%) of the population, so if the above is bumping into so many transgenders at her school, then, indeed, we have a problem. Her school, incidentally is a small, liberal arts college, one where the bathrooms are identified not so much by gender as by “with urinals” or “without urinals.”

      I favor small schools, but I have to admit those small liberal arts schools really are developing a reputation for extreme Leftist lunacy (as opposed to the more normal Leftist lunacy we’re seeing at the larger schools).

    The above paper, from Brown University, suggests that this wave of transgenderism might well be a form of mass hysteria. Trouble is, this hysteria is being encouraged through irreversible surgery and often irreversible hormone treatments.


      The paper has been memory-holed to a considerable extent, which is a shame. The sane response to such a paper would be to stop treating victims of this hysteria with irreversible treatments. Our campuses are so insane now, of course, that we are actually providing such unhealthful treatments with student health insurance.

      Students are paying the premiums on that coverage with the student loan scam. Bottom line, student loans aren’t just hurting education; shutting down the student loan scam would actually improve the health of our students as well.


  1. Some years back a reconstructive surgeon by the name of Maxwell Maltz wrote a book titled, "Psychocybernetics." It became a classic in the Self-Development/Self-Help genre. He said that so often people would come to him to have surgery done to change their appearance. He continued on that there was nothing wrong with their appearance and that he would counsel them on accepting themselves as they are. Yeah, that meant he lost money but he was actually helping the prospective patient to accept who they were and be happy with their self.

    This trend to transgender manipulation through surgery is problematic. Here we have a number of people who are dissatisfied with who they are and expect their lives to immediately turn around as the opposite sex. They don't seem to realize that their views of their lives and their self aren't based on their body but on their thinking. As the Stoic philosopher Epictetus said 2000 years ago, "Men (and women) are disturbed not by things but by the views they take of them." These people don't need to have their sexual appearance changed but their views of their self, others and the world changed. Any surgeon who would change the sex of a young person especially without that person going through intense cognitive therapy to deal with their views of life should have his medical license revoked. These people come to the surgeon in an emotionally frustrated state and dealing with that should be the main priority. It's the same throughout life. Often a person thinks that moving to a new city will change their life. What happens is they find the same kind of people and conditions in the new city. How often does a person come out of a relationship and get into another with the new person only having a different name and a different face. Change must begin within. Without internal change there will always be dissatisfaction with one's self and one's life.

    1. I'm sorry to inform you but this is SO INTENSELY FLAWED I'm not even sure where to begin... I'm actually sorry that you live in/with such an ignorant, stunted view of the world. There is so much you will never understand at this rate :/ Just hoping you're not in policy making (doubtful based on this logic^)and will keep your casualties to a minimum. Please go educate yourself and be better than this! I'd like to believe, we're all better than this. C

  2. In my day we knew what we were. Transgender is a sad and cruel hoax. Transexual was just fine and even interesting. But we are born into our gender and should embrace it.

    1. LOL - we are born into a sex(es)*, not a gender. Gender is not predetermined by sex and it shouldn't be. Often ignorant people are confused because we (as a western society) conflate sex and gender. Sex relates to your physical body, gender is a socially constructed idea of how people of specific sexes should act/be/identify as. Toxic and not true at all for the complexity human beings are capable of. Hope you can learn something and stop perpetuating an inaccurate and stunted perspective! Cheers!

    2. Anonymous,
      The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition's definition of gender: "3."Either of the two divisions, designated female and male, by which most organisms are classified on the basis of their reproductive organs and functions; sex."

  3. If Fred wakes up tomorrow and thinks he's Napoleon he'll be given psychosomatic drugs to bring his delusion back in line with reality.
    I Fred wakes up and thinks he's Josephine they'll cut his nuts off, fill him full of hormones and slice and dice him generally to foster the illusion that his delusion is reality.

    1. Lol!! this is actual delusion - maybe you should be put on psychosomatic drugs to bring you back to reality!

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  5. Why is this child tranny thing so big and growing? And why in God's name are parents encouraging or coaching their young children to trans? That is nothing short of severe child abuse.

  6. "Why" is certainly the question...indoctrination, chemical additives, or both?

  7. I keep reading that the many males believing themselves female might have to do with the fact that many vaccines are made with cells from aborted female fetuses. Heck if I know!

  8. The claim that post-op transgender suicide rate is higher is not what the study says, because the control group is the general population, not pre-op transexuals.