Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Nazis (Almost) Welcomed To Campus

By Professor Doom

     One of the most annoying bits to the Leftist lunacy taking over our campuses is the sheer hypocrisy of their intolerant tolerance. Sure, every form of sexual deviancy variation is tolerated, even the pedophilic, genital mutilatative, and violent tendencies of other cultures is tolerated in the name of sacred Diversity…but opposing ideas, especially those involving free speech, conservative values, or even Christianity are simply not tolerated.

      A particular target of campus intolerance is Nazis. Granted, this is ultimately as irrelevant as hating vampires (in the sense that they’re common enough in movies, but are fairly rare in the real world), but this particular form of hate is encouraged, and generally accepted.

      Recently, a student posted a sign in her dorm window, stating “F*CK NAZIS YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE” (while faculty are discouraged from using capital letters because it scares students, the students are still freely allowed to do so, apparently).

      Despite the current culture allowing open hatred of Nazis, an administrator actually asked the student to take it down. It wasn’t the hatred of Nazis per se which was the problem, but rather:

     Now, I concede there is a free speech issue here in that the student should be allowed to post a sign (although perhaps not in a campus dorm window), but I personally find the language used here a bit offensive. In any event, I see no problem with “including” Nazis—whatever that means—as it strikes me as harmless as including vampires.

“I figured the person responsible would likely walk by my dorm and see it,” Parsons said in an interview with The Boston Globe. “UMass administration has had abysmal response at best to the rising number of hate crimes on campus, so I thought someone should be publicly condemning these actions.”

      Wait, what? The “rising number of hate crimes on campus”? Again, I find this as credible as the rising number of attacks by vampires on campus. Is there anything in particular being referenced here? Perhaps an assault on a synagogue, a mass lynching, something?

“…a swastika being drawn on a “Happy Hanukkah” poster a resident assistant had posted.”

      Some chucklehead scrawls a swastika on a sign, and suddenly we need to worry about the Wehrmacht invading New England? Of course, most likely this was yet another campus hoax. These types of hoaxes are so common on campus that they rarely make the news, after all.

“… incidents of hate speech on campus -- there have been 19 since September.”

    “Hate speech”? This phrase means whatever admin says it means, and considering this is a campus with tens of thousands of people on it, 19 arbitrarily defined incidences out of perhaps a million conversations/lectures/discussions strikes me as an infinitesimally small concern. Alas, our campuses are filled with exuberantly overpaid Diversity Commissars to keep track of such irrelevancies.

      Predictably, this very minor, gentle, and polite request for decorum was blown out of proportion, or at least the media tries to do so:

Backlash was immediate. The public deemed the university Nazi sympathizers. One woman who identified herself as an alumna wrote on Facebook, “Tolerance for hate crimes and intolerance for resisting fascism? This is UMass Amherst now? Ashamed.”

      The ‘public’ actually deemed the school as being “Nazi sympathizers”? Our press really is losing their minds. I strongly suspect most members of the public who even care a little are pointing and laughing at the idiocy here. I rather believe more members of the public are afraid of vampires than Nazis, truth be told.

      The university rejects the notion that they support Nazis, of course, but all of this misses the point of how insane so many of our campuses have become.

       Imagine the backlash if instead of Nazis, some other group was targeted. If she had posted “F*CK BLACKS” for example, she would not have received a polite e-mail acknowledging her free speech rights but nevertheless politely asking her to take the sign down. Instead, a dozen or more administrators would have stormed her room to rip that sign down, rightfully fearful of the school being burned to the ground.

      I suppose if she targeted white males, she would have been ok, but we’ll leave such speculations to philosophers.

      The comments section is quite literally all over the place, although a couple of commenters seem to “get it” with the two issues at stake (neither of which is addressed by the media):

Sir Karl Popper had it right: "In order to maintain a tolerant society, the society must be intolerant of intolerance." Nazism is the poster child for intolerance, so the answer to the question headlining the story is "no." The rejection of the advocacy of Nazism is not the same as having a dispassionate discussion of its history and impact. That said, college needs to be the place where students need to practice rational argument rather than telling others to "f#ck off."

      Indeed, we’re supposed to be talking about things, not shouting obscenities. The student in this case would be surprised to learn just how many university—as well as our own government—policies were actively supported and encouraged by Nazism. Of course, if she had such an education, she might direct her hatred to the institutions and people actually doing her harm, instead of hating vampires Nazis.

      A second comment does even better, addressing a larger societal issue which is caused by the madness on so many of our campuses:

Part of the issue here is that, too often, anyone (thought to be) to the right of Bernie is labeled a Nazi and treated as such--being either maniacally screamed at or outright attacked with actual physical violence,

    Many of our students on campus aren’t being trained to think. Instead, they’re trained to hate Nazis with a burning rage. So, when a leader points at someone and shrieks “Nazi!” the response is mindless shouting and violence, instead of a thoughtful response of “what has he done to make you think he’s a Nazi? Is he a threat so dangerous that we must have a violent response?”

     Campuses took decades to descend from places of education to centers of indoctrination. It will take years, minimum, before they can become education centers again.

      This process, if ever it is to begin, can be accelerated by ending the student loan scam, reducing the high profitability of indoctrination.


  1. Reminds me of that old sci-fi movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" where the those replaced by the aliens would point an screech when encountering a human.

    1. Awesome movie, superior to the most recent one.