Sunday, November 11, 2018

So...Broward County. Again.

Just a quick post as I recover from a long week of chemo.

I've mentioned many times my issue with "mainstream" media isn't the deceptions, if not outright lies...I acknowledge that, perhaps, from some point of view, they might think they're presenting something which is at least arguably the truth in some way.

No, my big problem is their consistent error of omission. Consider that really strange school shooting, which brought that kid (son of FBI agent and CNN executive) to the forefront to advance the Democrat gun control agenda. Where did it happen?

Broward County, Florida.

Now consider those strange mail non-bombs, where supposedly a bunch of anti-Trump people were targeted with nonfunctional mail bombs, supposedly by a pro-Trump guy (though the evidence on that is shaky at best). Where was that guy/patsy found, whose actions tried to advance the Democrat agenda?

Broward County, Florida.

And now we've got a big election fraud scandal, with political power in the balance. And, where is the scandal most glaring?

Broward County, Florida.

Coincidence? Sure, it's possible, but it really seems like someone in mainstream media would go "hmm, we sure do consistently have a problem in this one county, maybe we could do some investigative reporting to highlight how it's not simply in the same place, but the same people seem to be involved as well?"

Instead, we get nothing.

Now, pretty much every "alternative" news source has been flamingly branded as "alt right" or "Nazi" or whatever but...I assure the gentle reader, something's not right about our current system of media.

Just sayin'.

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