Thursday, July 26, 2018

Racist Banana = Spend $121,000,000 On Diversity

By Professor Doom
     The student loan scam had led to a deluge of money raining down on our campuses. There seems to be nothing stopping our leaders in higher ed from pouring that money on a wide array of useless expenditures.

      I know, Social Justice Warrior lunatics have taken control of many of our campuses and they want that money spent on their ideology but…sometimes I wonder if the emphasis on faux “Diversity” is just being used as a cover to splash more money into administrative pockets.

      A recent incident at American University demonstrates what I’m talking about:

     The link above has pictures, but the story above basically says some chucklehead is hanging bananas from “nooses” (I’m serious, that’s the word they use) on campus, and it’s being taken as a racial incident. I really feel the need to point out how most of these RACIST cases are just hoaxes, perpetrated by the very people who are claiming to be “oppressed” by such things as bananas. Because they’re hoaxes, admin sees to it that they don’t spend much time in the news (as increased scrutiny endangers the hoax being revealed). It’s important to understand these hoaxes are to admin’s benefit, and they’ll get rewarded with millions of student loan money for “addressing” the “problem.”

…telling students to get angry about a murky incident – and perhaps renew their racial demands of the administration – but not pay too much attention if American hides the results of its investigation.

     A clown hangs bananas and admin buries the investigation, all the while screaming about how they have a problem with racism. How shall they ever deal with this horrid crime of suspended fruit?

     Wow, $121,000,000 because a banana is racist. Imagine if, instead of pissing away this money on several dozen Vice Presidents of Diversity, each with another dozen support staff, and a glorious block of palaces housing it all, the university spent that money on scholarships for a roughly 20,000 students?

      There I go, thinking like an educator. Instead of helping education, the school will spend the money on a stupid Vision For Excellence plan:

The private university in Washington, D.C., plans to shell out $121 million in the next two years on its “Plan for Inclusive Excellence.”

--the link doesn’t seem to work. Just as well, I’ve killed way too many brain cells examining these plans.

     One big part of the plan is to rip out more of the “General Education” requirement that used to be part of an education. Instead of students learning something academic like mathematics or history, what will they get instead?

That includes a mandatory full-year course for all freshmen starting this fall, The American University Experience.

     Holy navel gazing! A year of courses with the university’s name in the title! I bet you’re curious what will go on in this garbage scholarly course, so let’s follow the link and see.

The American University Experience (AUx) is a full-year graded General Education course specially designed for students transitioning into their first year of college at AU. AUx will become a mandatory course for all first-year students in the fall of 2018 as part of the new AU Core Curriculum.

--emphasis added.

     I often use the word “lunatics” after the word “Leftist,” but this probably isn’t fair. They know their ideas are terrible and no sane person would follow them, which is why once they have power, they make following their rules mandatory.

     Yes, it’s a bit hypocritical of me to criticize this new course’s mandatory requirement, since often students have mandatory math classes to take…but we’ve watered down the mandatory math courses to the 9th grade level. I think a college graduate should master the content of a 9th grader, so I rationalize,  I guess, that mandatory mathematics isn’t so bad. What kind of content are we talking about in this insult pair of courses? Let’s examine the first in detail:

The American University Experience I (AUx1): Drawing on many academic disciplines including student development theory,…

     I’ve been in higher education all my life and will be satisfied if I end it doing honorable work there. I’ve never heard of “student development theory” as an “academic discipline.” They’re obviously obfuscating here, and so I can’t help but suspect this is a mandatory indoctrination course. The rest of the course description is the usual student orientation stuff that used to be covered in a few hours, given optionally for all incoming freshman (as opposed to this mandatory four month course). Buried at the very end of the course description:

…and diversity, bias, and privilege.

         So, 90% of the course description is what’s covered in the first week of class, at most, and hidden in the back of the description is what the course is really about, with months of mandatory indoctrination. Yuck.

       I have no hope that the second course in the sequence will be any better:

The American University Experience II (AUx2): Race and social identity-which include but are not limited to ethnicity, gender and sexual expression, class, disability, and religion-are…

     Yuck, again. It’s so funny, courses in a sequence are that way because you can’t possibly get through the second course without mastering the material in the first course. That was back when education was run by scholars. Now it’s run by people who are simply seeking power; there’s nothing in the second course that requires any prior knowledge to understand, just ideological crud.

      Sure looks like a waste of time to me, but naturally the university believes otherwise and already has a study to show it:

Assessment by university researchers demonstrates how AUx helps students thrive in college. In 2016 and 2017, researchers found that AUx helped students to better navigate university resources, feel included on campus, and identify mentors… 

     As I’ve identified before, every idea proposed by our “leaders” in higher education always works according to their own studies; they control the research at all levels and have far too much vested interest to have any other result.

      But look carefully at what’s being achieved above. The actual purpose of higher education is to prepare students for more. All this course sequence does is prepare students to be servants of the campus, and gives them no education in any measureable way.

       Is this all about indoctrination? Or is it all about putting more money into administrative pockets? More likely it’s a merger of corporate and state interests on campus, which I believe is best described as our new word for the day:

      Edu-fascism: the molding of higher education to enhance both administrative profits and ideological training.

     I suppose we can argue if edu-fascism properly describes what our student loan money is being used for but, bottom line, it’s not being used for education. End the student loan scam.

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