Monday, July 23, 2018

Professor Investigated For Saying The Moon Landing Was Fake

By Professor Doom

     Higher ed really has a problem now. Across the country, our kids are being forced to learn there are 52 genders, that only white people kept slaves…all sorts of odd things.

           “When Alexander the Great captured Alexandria, it was called Memphis at the time, he found the Great Library there, and took the knowledge back to Greece, to form the foundations of Western Civilization.”

--I had to listen to lecture from a department head in African Studies with over 20 years of experience and he received praise, not investigations, for saying things like this. The above is the kind of knowledge he imparts to students (it was a canned PowerPoint lecture), and to faculty who were there for indoctrination. I took notes because of the consistent jaw-dropping inaccuracies. --This really happened and almost certainly still happens every day on our campuses.

      The blather being fed to our students in our indoctrination courses is often at odds with, well, factual reality. Despite this, I’ve never seen admin do anything about it, and even when there is a student complaint, the professor is protected from harm as long as he follows the party line. Academic freedom, you see. To a small extent I even support such gibberish in at least a few classes…students should be challenged, and even things “we all know” are absolutely true should still be open to question, should still be questioned from time to time.

       Indoctrination, even when patently obviously wrong, is never questioned. What about other things?

     William Patterson University is a mid-size university in New Jersey. “Mid” is probably the word for everything about this place, not that there’s anything wrong with that. There are worse things to be than middling, after all.

     Well, there is something exceptional about the place, and that’s today’s talk. An old professor (he started teaching there in 1967) in a sociology course apparently touches upon a host of forbidden topics in his course:

“…allegedly said during a course on social problems last semester that Nazi secret police only engaged in torture during the “last part” of World War II, that Irish people were the first slaves in the U.S. and that the moon landing was faked because it is impossible to wave a flag there.”

     I imagine many readers find the above to be shockingly counter-factual information, but I encourage the gentle reader to consult more than just the school textbooks to see if maybe there’s something to any of it.

       For example, the “moon landing is a hoax” thing. German rocket scientist Von Braun had doubts a rocket large enough could be built to get a human to the moon. We can easily show him wrong by examining the technical specifications for the Saturn V rocket and see with our own eyes that it would work but…NASA lost the schematics so there’s no way to check that. They give a rationalization for this, but we have the schematics for the first airplane, the Columbus voyage, and other major events for the human race. But NASA lost the data for this massive achievement by humanity. Oopsie.

      Similarly, there are radiation belts between the Moon and Earth which should have, well, killed the astronauts, as well as wreaked havoc with the photographic film and electronic components. So, there’s some question as to what exact route the trip to the moon took. But apparently it wasn’t a problem back then, and there was no need to keep track of the flight path.

       The launch from the Moon to the orbiter was an amazing feat, done at a time when computers weren’t up to the task.  Alas, our government lost the data, so we have to trust them on that, too. D’oh! It’s troubling that we know more about the exact path of explorations of the new world 500 years ago than we do about this momentous occasion for humanity in our very recent past. We’re talking reams of evidence being “lost” here.

      There’s quite a bit of things the government has lost regarding the Moon trips, and while there is plenty of evidence that we totally went to the Moon, of course, it does beggar the imagination that a government so incompetent as to lose everything could manage a mission so complicated that nobody else has managed to match it in the last 50 years (again, compare this to how long it took for “the second guy” to make Columbus’ voyage, fly a plane, climb Mount Everest, reach the North Pole, or literally every other amazing journey humanity has made in the last 1,000 years). Fully accepting NASA’s story about going to the moon requires us to accept that they are completely incompetent, and simultaneously brilliantly competent. I see room for questions there.

      None of these issues prove we didn’t go to the Moon, of course, and even if the televised landing was faked…it still doesn’t prove we didn’t go to the Moon. The only reason there’s visible evidence that we at least landed something on the moon (we can see it with telescopes and such) is because NASA is physically incapable of losing such evidence. Bottom line, I hate that so much of the evidence that the government is telling the whole truth has vanished. Anyway, we’ll just have to trust the government when it comes to unbelievably amazing achievement. Considering our government’s track record for telling the truth, I very much respect people who question the Official Narrative.

     What other crazy things did the professor say?

…said that 175,000 Jews served in the German Army, which he said was the "safest place" for Jews to be during the war.
---while the paper presents this as yet another falsehood spoken by the professor, there were many Jews in the Wehrmacht, though most people don’t know this. Even while being bombed into rubble, Germany is still better at keeping records than NASA, apparently. It doesn’t fit the narrative, so we aren’t taught such things in school.

      Anyway, unlike the usual crap that goes on in indoctrination courses, the professor is challenging the narrative of the government, the same government supplying so much money to the university. Admin doesn’t like that one bit:

The university investigated the professor in 1994 after he allegedly made claims in class that minimized the death toll from Nazi concentration camps, the university newspaper, The Beacon, reported at the time.

     The professor is tenured, so there’s not much admin can do. Isn’t that great?  Nevertheless, I do wish they would take a look at what’s going on in other courses. There’s another issue here, vastly more important than what this guy is talking about in his classes, inadvertently raised by the newspaper I’m quoting from. Allow me to quote just a little more:

    In a handout, he wrote that the more "realistic" number was 700,000 to 800,000, the newspaper's report said. The actual number is around 6 million.

     Hmm. The professor is entitled to his opinion. Why does the paper feel the need to tell its readers that the “actual” number is 6 million? The paper does this with every single challenging of the narrative by the professor. Why is that?  I don’t remind my students every day that 2 + 2 = 4, after all, but the paper repeatedly reinforces the Official Narrative.

     On the other hand, when our news media covers idiocy like “milk is racist,” it doesn’t feel the need to tell us that milk is not, in fact, racist. When our news media covers some professor saying “there are 52 genders” it doesn’t feel the need to state that, in fact, there are only 2 genders. When our news media covers some professor ranting about how atrocious US slavery was, it doesn’t feel the need to point out that slavery was, in fact, practiced nearly everywhere on this planet, and was, in fact, atrocious everywhere. I could go on with this for quite some time, of course.

      So why I don’t necessarily agree with what the professor says, the hypocrisy of how he’s being treated, both by university admin and by our news media, irritates me far, far more than any concern about the validity of what he said.



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