Friday, February 9, 2018

Pizzagate Rabbithole: Who Feeds The Pigs?

By Professor Doom

     A recent “suicide” leads me to write again of things besides higher education, and seeing as it’s Friday, let’s have a little thought experiment:

     This is the second Glee actor to commit suicide. This particular guy was under investigation for pedophilia, and was mere days away from providing a list of names regarding how he got his pictures and stuff. Man, what a lucky break for those other pedophiles. In following these types of stories, I see these kinds of lucky breaks where people commit suicide right before testifying against the bad guys happen often.

It had earlier been revealed that the man's corpse had been found in a riverbed.

     Wait…what? Apparently, after hanging himself, he decided to take a walk, eventually coming to a riverbed where, realizing he was dead, he stopped. And, yet, this is a suicide. I’m not a doctor, but my understanding of how death works is you generally don’t go for walks after you die. But since it’s ruled a suicide, there won’t be much of a murder investigation.

      The site I’m quoting from doesn’t allow comments, so I can’t get a feel for how other readers are buying this story, but I do find myself wondering just how many times the public will get the “we’re calling this a suicide and there’s nothing you can do it about because we’re the law…IN YOUR FACE!” line before a large segment of the public outright riots at the insult to their collective intelligence.

     I have a different sausage to fry today, if you’ll forgive the mangled metaphor.

He was arrested in December 2015 and was found to have downloaded more than 50,000 images and videos of child abuse to his computer and another 4,000 on his flash drive.

    The gentle reader should understand that this “suicide right before turning state’s evidence” is very common, so common that it’s very difficult to understand why these important witnesses to horrific crimes are not provided some measure of protection…almost as though those who should be providing that protection are the same as those who keep deciding these are suicides are the same as those who are involved in the crimes, somehow.

     Ok, that’s a little conspiratorial and it’s considered bad form to do much beyond worship law enforcement, so let’s just call the consistently strange suicides and consistent lack of prudent protection coincidental.

     So, enough theorizing, let’s consider a quantitative detail:

…50,000 images…

     The above is the part that I want to address. In many pedo cases, the suspect is found to have tens of thousands of pedophilic pictures and videos on his computer.

     Tens of thousands. Even the most famous porn stars with long careers only have hundreds of videos, and one would suspect the career of a child in this situation to be very brief.

     This suicide had a typical stash compared to other, similar arrests, and it’s a safe bet that he didn’t have a complete collection of every single pedo pic/video in existence.

    Maybe it’s just a wild conspiracy theory about the suicides, but you don’t produce tens of thousands of videos from some guy with a Polaroid camera molesting his kid in a garage. You don’t distribute tens of thousands of videos by word of mouth, selling one copy at a time in the alley behind the adult bookstore.

     It’s very, very clear that there must be an infrastructure, a large and professional industry, manufacturing and distributing these. Now, in order for tens of thousands of these things to be manufactured and distributed, you must get a large supply of child victims. Where are they getting the kids?

According to the FBI, in 2016 there were 465,676 NCIC entries for missing children. Similarly, in 2015, the total number of missing children entries into NCIC was 460,699.

     Now, only a fool takes government numbers at face value. The above numbers are almost certainly inflated—a kid runs away twice in the same year, and you have two reports, for example. Many of the above are likely “kidnapped” by family members in court disputes…there are many reasons for a missing person report that don’t have anything to do with the sex industry. Let’s get a better feel for what’s going on:

Of the nearly 25,000 runaways reported to NCMEC in 2017, one in seven were likely victims of child sex trafficking. Of those, 88 percent were in the care of social services when they went missing.

--hmm, 88% of child trafficking sex victims are provided by the same government that determines the suicides of people about to turn state’s evidence. A coincidence, I’m sure.

     So here was have a “small” sample of about 25,000 runaways, and over 3,000 of them were likely involved in sex trafficking, and that’s just in one year. So, absolutely we have enough kids right here in this country.

      These pics and videos were on the computer so almost certainly relatively recent. That said, for there to be tens of thousands of such videos, it’s safe to assume it’s been going on for years.

    I think it likely many of these sorts of pics and videos were created in the last 5 years, or at least have been around for 5 years, and with thousands of kids involved, we should have loads of witnesses, victims of this sick sex industry, who have aged into adulthood, or at least too old to be of much value to the pedo-industry.

     But we don’t have nearly so many survivors. Oh, there are a few people saying they were victimized by a system when they were children…but I could find only a handful when poking around online. There should be thousands. I don’t reckon they all commit suicide, but I’ve been to enough rodeos to guess the physical status of these victims who are telling no tales.

     Where might the bodies go? We’re talking thousands of victims here, I just don’t accept someone’s digging many graves or burning them all. Simply dumping them randomly in the countryside or ocean just wouldn’t work, as those bodies would turn up eventually (we already regularly find bodies in the woods, and body parts washing ashore)…and we’re talking thousands here, with no reports of a bunch of kid’s bodies found in the woods or at low tide.

     Let’s summarize:

First, it’s absolute fact that pedos are being caught with large quantities of pedophilic material, so large that there must be industrial level production of that material.

Second, we’re missing so many kids that it’s quite reasonable, and supported by data, to assume that thousands of them are involved in the industrial level production of that material.

Third, this has been going on long enough, with enough kids involved, that we should have hundreds, more likely thousands, of victims, if they were alive, coming forward to say they were victimized.

Fourth, we don’t even have dozens of victims coming forward.

      We definitely have an industry, we definitely have thousands of victims. The most straightforward explanation for the lack of living witness is they aren’t living any more so, again, where might the bodies be?

     The above report made the rounds a few years ago, and the evidence was passed off as “skin flakes.” Yeah, maybe. If this explanation held true, then we’d have similar studies for chicken and beef.

    We don’t. And the bodies are disappearing somehow.

     Now, hot dogs and sausages are ground up meat, typically pig meat, so it’s possible that the meat packing plants are part of a big conspiracy here—the workers would absolutely notice a shipment of dead kids coming in to be made into sausages. Besides, the percentages found were pretty low…I don’t buy this.

     But the bodies are disappearing somehow. How else might human DNA be getting into our sausages and hot dogs? Cows and chickens have no real chance of eating human beings, but pigs might…maybe it’s just coincidence that we’re only finding human DNA in pig meat products.

      Can pigs really eat humans?

Hungry hogs eat Oregon farmer in grisly scene

     Most people think of pigs as cute little pink things waddling around, but they can easily grow quite large. They’re quite capable of eating vulnerable humans, and there are a number of criminal examples of bodies being fed to pigs.

-theoretically, I hope. From the above estimate, you’d only need around 50 pigs to get rid of a 1,000 bodies a year.

     Now, obviously this is all speculation on my part, and, sure, Pizzagate investigators have made similar guesses:

What do Alefantis, Pig Farms and Podesta all have in common?

     Now, absolutely, it’s possible that mainstream media is right about Pizzagate just being a huge hoax—considering how many things they’ve been dead wrong about, I concede they’ve got to be right about something, at some point.

      But I again want to look at the big picture. There must be a huge industry, there must be thousands of victims, these victims are disappearing. It’s clearly possible to check to see if a pig has been eating humans, and it’s clearly possible that one way to get rid of a human corpse is to feed it to pigs. It seems prudent to check the pigs.

      We have hundreds of millions of dollars to spend on the Trump-Russia collusion investigation. Mainstream media assures me repeatedly this collusion is not a hoax, despite the lack of evidence or even coherent arguments explaining why this collusion must exist.

      On the other hand, we have evidence and a reasonable argument to lead us to believe that a huge industry exists which kills off large numbers of children…why is there no money to investigate the pig farms and see if anything can be found?

      Something worries me even more. I’m not particularly bright, I managed to connect the dots of “40,000 pics/videos,” “thousands of victims,” and “insufficient living witnesses” to arrive at “where are the bodies?”…and yet we have police detectives and Federal investigators by the tens of thousands across this country.

      Why have none of them been able to see that there’s something wrong on a large scale here? Are they the same ones that keep telling us a man can hang himself and then go for a walk?


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  5. Solid, credible hypothesis that absolutely needs to be investigated There was a serial killer pig farmer named Pickton in the WA/Vancouver area years ago that fed his 99 (known) adult victims to his pigs. A saying I heard growing up was "never trust a pig farmer".
    My question is WHY are so many high-profile people sick pedophiles? Is it possible that pedophiles are first identified and then given their high-profile positions in politics, acting, etc... a great way to establish a network of controllable powerful people under constant threat of exposure if they don't follow orders?