Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Taking A Gender Studies Course So You Don’t Have To

By Professor Doom

     YouTube is such a fine resource, even if a bit tainted. Before getting to today’s discussion, I want to discuss that taint.

      For years there have been complaints that YouTube promotes pedophilia. I know, that sort of accusation is all the rage right now, but it was funny how despite the fact that anyone could see many channels that were, well, “iffy,” nothing was ever done.

      “Freedom of Speech” rings thin here, since YouTube has been on a crusade to shut down conservative thought, or any thought not in line with their way of thinking. PragerU is even bringing a lawsuit against them,  because even Prager’s very tame, 5 minute videos on the Constitution of the United States are being censored by YouTube, and many, many other representatives of the alternative media have likewise been censored.

      Meanwhile, videos of lightly dressed children, with phone numbers and contact information in the description box, are untouched…YouTube just doesn’t have time to shut down such questionable activity, even as brief discussions of legal details on the founding of this country receive scrutiny and censorship.

     Stefan Molyneux finally had enough of it, and demonstrated just how bad the pedophilia on YouTube was. He showed that their search engine, if you typed in “How to have sex…” would autocomplete with a variety of pedophilic activity options. (I’d link if I could find the video, but what I have linked might be close enough.) In response to the query, the engine would provide videos which in turn have ordering information and such.

     The gentle reader should understand that the search engine was autocompleting that way because that’s what it had been asked, many times before.

     Now, Molyneux is a pretty big figure, and within hours of his posting that video, many thousands of viewers got to see with their own eyes that YouTube, “for some reason,” just didn’t seem to care about pedophilic videos on their channel, even though it had been brought to their attention many times before. 

      After Molyneux’s reveal, YouTube had no choice but to, very reluctantly I’m sure, do the right thing. They shut down over 50,000 channels--YES, channels—that were very clearly pedophile related, less than 48 hours after the knowledge became just too public. YouTube clearly could have done so at any time, it was only the publicity that was the problem. Keep in mind that YouTube does not want conservative ideas discussed, but has no problem with pedophilia unless it becomes too well known to be ignored…they had many months to do the right thing before Molyneux’s video after all.

     We really should consider what’s happening in this country that major companies can support pedophilia like this, and moreover can do so without legal repercussions.

      Anyway, despite YouTube’s pedophilic predilections, and censorship of non-Leftist ideas (does anyone else worry that these two things are related in some way?), it’s still an amazing source of knowledge, if you sift carefully through the videos (and realize that the “good stuff” will never appear in the “trending” section even if everyone on the planet is watching it).

      One video has a student discussing her experiences taking a Gender Studies course. As always, I have a few comments to add.

     One thing she says early on about Gender Studies courses is very striking:

“…have to take in order to graduate.”

     I admit I’m a bit morally conflicted about “mandatory” college courses. I realize that many students would not take mathematics in college but for this, and that, quite possibly, my job only exists because of it. I rationalize that it’s justified because when I went to college I was forced to take a wide range of courses in philosophy, English, science, and other subjects…I believe I’m being intellectually honest when I say that an educated person should know at least a little about many things, even as I acknowledge a possible conflict of interest clouding my opinion.

     All that said, the courses I was forced to take were academic courses, topics that took humanity a thousand years or more to develop and understand. Scholars decided that an educated person should know such things. Even changing the contents of these courses used to require a committee of scholars to discuss and decide if a few pages here or there need to be changed…this process worked for literally centuries.

     However, on campuses where the Leftist/SJW takeover has occurred, now scholarship has been tossed out the window, and instead of educating people in legitimate topics, students are forced to sit in gender studies/indoctrination courses. A degree can be composed  of only so much material, so some academic course must have been removed. What scholarly knowledge was abandoned in exchange for this?

      Insult to injury, of course, is that now our campuses are being forced to support all the Gender Studies faculty to teach all the mandatory courses. What scholars were kicked to the curb over this?

     Forced indoctrination is bad, but putting our students into debt for the indoctrination is just ridiculous. The student explains that, being impressionable, she initially bought into the dogma as though it were the same as legitimate scholarship:

     “I was barely 17, and I was really just a dumb kid…”

     I really need to emphasize why we should have scholars, and not ideologues, guiding these kids in their education. I know I’m biased, but I nevertheless honestly believe knowledge of and belief in calculus will do far less harm to a child than forcing ideology down his or her throat.

      “The Ethnic Studies course I took…was maybe about a 300 person lecture.”

     In addition to the abomination of a 300 person lecture, doubtless “taught” via mindless PowerPoint lectures and Scantron tests, I want to point out how empty this course must be. I’ve never taken a Biology course, but I can hazard a guess at what’s in it. Can the gentle reader even imagine what is in “Ethnic Studies”? I sure can’t. Perhaps it’s just as well it’s a bogus course on the face of it.

     The student helpfully discusses the topics in this mystery course…there’s plenty of sex, of course, but I bet few readers could have guessed that from the title. There’s also discussion of serious social problems. None of these problems took humanity thousands of years to understand…and none of them will be solved sitting in a classroom getting angry about them.

     “One of the most ridiculous parts of the class…”

     I won’t go into the ridiculous part but…isn’t it odd that the class has multiple ridiculous parts to it, enough that they can be ranked? Seriously, I can’t recall one of my classes having “ridiculous” parts to it. Maybe we should reconsider pseudo-academic courses filled with ridiculous bits? It’d be nice if that were an option.

      “At least I agreed with the him [the Ethnic Studies professor] twice…”

      Again, it’s so bizarre that there are courses like this. I can’t recall a single mathematics course where I honestly disagreed with the professor, and I only had quibbles with other professors (my Poli Sci professor who insisted Nixon was the most intelligent president we ever had, for example, though I acknowledge I may be a bit ignorant on the topic…).

      The student goes on to discuss how her courses taught were about “Whiteness” and “Privilege” and all the other ideological buzzwords that mean nothing but are used to justify more hate and violence.

      Bottom line, it’s only a 7 minute video, but she does a fine job of telling the interested viewer what a waste of time this 4 month long course is.

      Even if YouTube is run by pedophiles, we can get still get use out of it, as the video about these fake, mandatory, courses clogging up our campuses is far more educational than the actual courses are.


  1. Professor, the link you provided about the Gender Studies Course doesn't work, but this one does:

    1. Hmm, they moved the link. Thanks for the help!