Monday, January 8, 2018

Should We Worry About Nazis On Campus? No.

By Professor Doom

     It’s so funny, when a conservative speaker comes to campus, cries of “He’s a NAZI and must be stopped!” spring up. Even Ben Shapiro gets called a Nazi often, despite his well-documented Jewish faith. The mainstream media constantly warns us of the "growing" Nazi threat, with Nazi broadly defined as White Supremacist, Right Wing, Alt-Right, or, heck, anything not Leftist.

      Hundreds of people will show up to shut down an alleged Nazi speaker. Reasonable people have long conjectured that it isn’t Nazism that’s the issue, it’s the “dangerous ideas” the speakers want to expose our kids to, as opposed to the lethal Leftism that is the usual fare on college campus. Still, we have legions of anti-Nazi protestors running around the country looking for Nazis to yell at, or so it seems.

     How many Nazis are there, anyway? Those are a rare breed despite what the Left keeps screaming at us. Most everyone with a Leftist finger pointed at them is demonstrably not a Nazi. One would presume, if one could find a real Nazi, anyone supporting that Nazi would likewise be a Nazi. But where to find a Nazi, a “patient zero” which would allow us to have some idea if the Nazi problem is as bad as the Left keeps screaming it is.

       As luck would have it, however, we got a break. Turns out University of North Florida happens to have a student with swastika tattoos, shouting crazy stuff like “It’s ok to be White!” and giving open disapproval of Black Lives Matter. Eh, for lack of a better specimen, let’s suppose this guy is a Nazi.

     Because he made the incredibly violent threat against a Left-wing student group, promising to (gasp!) “shut them down,” he was suspended from campus. Don’t get me wrong, I respect admin’s decision here but…my admittedly feverish memory seems to recall Leftists making far more aggressive statements than this, without punishment.

      Anyway, as is his right, the suspended student was going to protest his suspension, and he publicized his intended actions. So, here we go:

      We have about the clearest Nazi-type person we’re going to get, advertising for supporters against the “oppression” from admin. How many people did we get in support of this Nazi, who, by extension, we might conjecture are Nazis themselves?

     Now, the gentle reader should keep in mind that this number of protestors, 4, is an upper limit to the number of Nazis we have here. Some of those supporters might very well be showing up because of the free speech issues, and some might be showing up because of the hypocrisy issues.

      But, worst case scenario, we have maybe 5 Nazis on this campus (including the guy being victimized for "hate speech").

Many white supremacists attending public institutions have had the expression of their views protected under the First Amendment, though UNF officials said that the combination of the gun and the caption constituted a threat, which was why Parker was suspended.

--emphasis added. Seriously, this stuff is way overblown, every time.

     It really seems like the media is exaggerating the “Nazi Threat.” The same article telling me that all of 5 Nazis showed up doubles down by telling me “many” white supremacists (here used as a synonym for Nazi) exist elsewhere who are getting their views protected under the First Amendment (a rather weird claim to make on the face of it)…but we seriously are looking at a handful, perhaps, at each large institution.

     The counter-protest to this handful of possible-Nazis numbered over 50, by the way. University officials didn’t want the counter-protest, because those guys tend to turn violent, but, at least this time around, it was peaceful.

      One commentor pretty much sums it up:

Four knuckleheads, huh? So much for the rise of fascism in America under Trump.

     The media breathlessly promised us a plethora of apocalypses based on Trump’s election, and one of those was, indeed, that we’d be drowning in Nazis. Like every other such promise, it has not come true, and I have no belief that the mainstream media’s other portents of doom will come true.

    Well, there is the promise of economic doom for this country, although the mainstream media seldom mentions it…but I don’t think Trump should be held totally responsible for that, since the foundations for such an apocalypse were laid a century ago.

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