Wednesday, March 16, 2016

White Shaming Out of Control In Oregon

By Professor Doom

     I understand that “Western Culture” has done a few shameful things in the past. Yes, I can rationalize that every culture on the planet has done horrific things to human beings and the environment, but I know that another’s wrongs don’t excuse my own.

     Of course “my own” is the issue in that previous sentence. I know the Inquisition was a horrible thing, I know the Native American Indians were treated atrociously, and I know America dropped some atom bombs…but I also know that these are not my crimes, so it is very difficult for me to feel ashamed of the evil actions of a culture attributed to me that, honestly, I had nothing to do with.

      It’s clear an ideological madness is gripping our campuses now. It isn’t just that one looney professor spouting ridiculous things (honest, some version of “that guy” has always been on campus)…whole campuses are now acting completely insane, supported by an administration that lacks the competence to say “enough is enough.”

     So, rather than focus on the lone madness of a professor saying “while males are a cancer and must die” and urging (white) students to kill themselves, I want to talk about an entire campus turning into an asylum.

     It’s easy enough to see this madness on California campuses, but I almost feel like I’m picking on them because I so often highlight California lunacy. So, today we’re looking at Portland Community College. Yes, it’s a community college, and I’m hard on those too, but having seen so many wildly incompetent, unprofessional and outright sleazy community college faculty and administrators, I feel the need to illuminate once again how these places are festering piles of corruption that often lack even the capacity to put up the slightest veneer of legitimacy.

      So, what’s going on at Portland Community College? Here goes:

     Yes, a whole month of insanity. The title of the article actually comes close to describing the reality—a real highlight for mainstream media (thus, a flag that I’m not linking to a mainstream media site).

     The college itself naturally presents things the way mainstream media does, i.e., deceptively:

Portland Community College has designated April "Whiteness History Month" (WHM),

     Hey, a Whiteness History Month sounds like it’d be a refreshing change from the endless reminders of how white people used to have slaves (though I never owned slaves, and most every other culture had slaves in any event). I mean, “Black History Month” is all about contributions of a certain race…I totally don’t see any problem with that. 

     So, yes, bring it on, let’s have a month celebrating what is, supposedly, my race and culture. Alas, the name of the event is most misleading as to the true purpose:

“…an "educational project" exploring how the "construct of whiteness" creates racial inequality…”

     Sigh, the old “inequality” canard. Look, I’m sorry, “equality” is impossible, best we can have is “equitable.” As a student, I had my intellectual buttocks handed to me repeatedly by Asian students. I could have thrown rocks, I suppose, or demanded better grades. Instead, I pressed on, as things were “equitable.” Yes, Asians scored better than me on tests, but the situation was equitable—we were taking the same tests, competing under the same rules. I could have spent less time playing video games, after all.

      Anyway, a whole month of crying about how things are not equal is insane. Blaming white people for the nature of reality? That’s just nuts on top of the bananas split.

     "Scheduled for the month of April 2016, the project seeks to inspire innovative and practical solutions to community issues and social problems that stem from racism."

     Yes, there are social problems, but we’re at the stage now where white people can’t even apply for jobs where skin color should have absolutely nothing to do with it, where white people are shut out of whole departments (Hi African Studies!) and high-paying fiefdoms (Hi Diversity Institutes!) on campus…and the solution is to pour more scorn on white people?

     I totally concede “whiteness” is a social construct. Has anyone tried those genetic testing kits that give your genetic origins? Unsurprisingly, many folks have some African heritage without knowing it…and the other way around as well. The point? Even if you’re not white (whatever that means), you might still be an oppressor filled with loathsome whiteness, or so college ideology claims. Worried you don’t know how bad you are? This community college has you covered:

"…does not simply refer to skin color[,] but [to] an ideology based on beliefs, values, behaviors, habits, and attitudes, which result in the unequal distribution of power and privilege based on skin color."

    Sigh. Power and privilege based on skin color? Where? Seriously, where? Working in higher education, I’ve certainly been penalized for being a white male a number of times. Was I absent the day I was to be assigned power and privilege for being white?

"…alternatives to a culture of white supremacy ... approaches and strategies to dismantling whiteness ... [and] the roles and responsibilities of white people and people of color in dismantling whiteness."

     “Alternatives to a culture of white supremacy” assumes that we currently have a culture of white supremacy…I’m sure this is news to President Obama, our supreme leader despite not being in the “supreme” race. Anyone who dares emit the slightest hint that whites are superior in any way whatsoever is destroyed nowadays (note: I’m making no such assertion, myself, merely pointing out the reality of what happens to people that even mumble something that could loosely be interpreted in this way). There’s no culture of white supremacy, the whole premise of this white shaming month is false. No one will point out the false assumption on this campus. Why?

     Because we are terrified of speaking out due to the culture of fear on campus. A few lunatics can really warp a campus…especially at a community college, where there are few (if any) checks on administrative power. If the Poo Bah is driving crazy, his sycophantic followers (often hand-picked by the Poo Bah) will go along for the ride…even if it’s right off a cliff. 

      The comments section naturally blasts the college. So many of the comments are fairly accurate, but one merits commentary on my part:

Community colleges aren't "colleges" but government funded re-education centers devoted to churning out PC corrected citizens willing to accept the New World Order.

     I certainly agree that community colleges aren’t colleges; I’ve shown more than enough times that the coursework there doesn’t classify as college level in any meaningful sense. I still maintain (and have shown) that community colleges are primarily frauds, because that’s what I’ve seen with my own eyes. I’m not ready to concede that community colleges are “re-education centers” because much of the indoctrination happens in the “public” schools, and, bottom line, I’ve seen way too much incompetence and fraud in community colleges to believe that something as important as indoctrination would be entrusted to a community college.

      But, I could be wrong, and perhaps the lunacy in Oregon is just the beginning of the second wave of indoctrination planned for our citizens…


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