Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Teachers Indoctrinated in Leftism

By Professor Doom

     As part of my investigations into the fraud of higher education, I examined graduate programs in Education, the field of teachers. Educationists have a freakish, scary influence in higher education, and administrators lap up every crazy idea advanced by Educationists no matter how bizarre. Administrators get their degrees through Education departments, however…they may as well be the same people.

     It was then I learned that many “specialist” Education graduate degrees contain no actual specialized information. A Math Education degree holder, for example, need not have taken any mathematics more advanced than high school (specifically, 10th grade algebra), and the other subject degree programs were likewise bizarre in terms of actual subject knowledge.

      While getting into a mathematics degree program requires training in mathematics and demonstrations of knowledge on tests like the GRE, getting into a graduate Education program requires…a credit card.

Real Analysis
Abstract Algebra
Probability Theory
--my first semester course load in graduate school. Note: these are mathematics courses.

Successful candidates in Concordia Portland’s M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction: Mathematics will demonstrate:
  • Expertise in the utilization of new methods of authentic assessment and strategies as tools to evaluate student learning progress.
  • The ability to modify instructional plans and promote alternative goals and strategies when necessary, particularly in relation to assessment results.
  • Effective instructional skills in planning, implementing, and assessing instruction in settings that include diverse cultural populations and special needs students.
--Right off the online study website of a big school. I openly defy the gentle reader to find any actual math in that. Note: you need not have any mathematical knowledge to enter this graduate program. Note also: I’m not boasting when I say I have all those skills; I maintain most every teacher with 2 years or so of experience has those skills as well (the words used to the describe the skills are big, but there isn’t much there, honest). 

     Educationists don’t just tend to be ignorant of their own field, Educationists tend to be very Left-wing as well. It’s hard to notice such a thing because, well, lots of faculty are Left-wing.

      It’s no secret there’s a powerful Leftist bias in the professoriate of higher education, every study on the subject shows the bias to vary between “dominating” and “exclusive.” Part of this is because of the different mindsets involved: conservatives have tolerance for liberals, but not the other way around. Conservative faculty can face persecution and harassment from the liberal faculty, and they can get no protection from the kangaroo campus court system, a system where conservatives will typically be judged by the same people doing the harassing. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen faculty/administrators who are doing the evil be on the committee investigating themselves…and clearing themselves of wrongdoing. The standard of proof to win in these cases is beyond overwhelming and still takes 7 years of battle.

     A recent article suggests another reason why Educationists are Leftists, by and large:

     I foolishly though Educationists were learning about Education in their Education programs, much as I learned mathematics in my mathematics program. How silly of me.

“In light of recent national and world events, the doctoral students of the inaugural cohort of the EdD-Educational Leadership program at the University of Washington Tacoma (UWT), must state our support for student activism, members of the Black Lives Matter movement, and those who wish an end to hateful rhetoric and the violence happening against our communities of color and within our institutions of education,”

--EdD stands for Educational Doctorate, which apparently means you can “state (y)our support” of whatever crazy cause is popular of late…

     How insidiously incestuous! Administrators slavishly adhere to Educationist claptrap, because Education departments are what award those Administration degrees (which I likewise investigated in detail) that allow our Poo Bahs to plunder lead our institutions of higher education.

     Now those same leaders are setting up their own “Education Leadership” programs. Since neither discipline (sic) understands the purpose of education, it’s only natural I suppose that the new graduate coursework would involve such incredibly simple skills as “state support for student activism, members of the Black Lives Matter movement…” or whatever is currently politically correct.

      Hey, I’ve got nothing against protests, but somehow I suspect whatever these supposed academics are learning is every bit as one-sided as a Bill Maher monologue.
      What is Educational Leadership about, anyway?

“to address conceptual issues of the roles educational leaders play in leadership, management/administration, and political advocacy.”

     I’m so tired of Educrats bleating about leadership. Leadership is not what higher education, or any education, was about, ever. And we’re cranking out more leaders that don’t have a clue what they’re supposed to be doing. Again, I’ve nothing against leadership…but I’d rather philosophers and psychologists, you know, fields with at least some successful track record, address the concept of leadership, instead of Education, with a record of perpetual failure.

     Instead of learning about Education, these people are merely getting deep indoctrination in a deadly ideology. I really want to emphasize how horrid the “education” here is. Let’s see what the graduates say they’ve learned about leading in higher education:

“Looking back on our three years of study and community service through internship, we recognize the influences of critical theorists and educational reformers, and many others who speak out on behalf of those who have been systematically silenced,”
--do note: normal Ph.D. programs take 4 years. Not Education Ph.D.s, though, which take but 3 years.. I guess this is fine: if you don’t need to know anything beyond recognizing the influence of others, no need to take 4 years learning it.

     Great! They’re going to speak out against those who have been systematically silenced! I guess that means they’ll do something about the horrible treatment of faculty; it’s so bad that posting anonymously is faculty’s last recourse against the culture of terror in higher education. Faculty have been systematically silenced and driven out of this system. I know these newly minted ideologues won’t do that, despite saying they would speak out on behalf of the systematically silenced.

     What else did they learn?

“As students who have increased in knowledge and understanding of institutional and structural racism, we understand our responsibility to call out injustice and work toward solutions which create opportunities for equity throughout our society.”

      Great! They know about institutional racism! It so pleases me to hear they understand that racism is so institutionalized in our universities now that universities can openly advertise positions where white people cannot be hired, because they are white. Does anyone believe the graduates were told the true extent of the racism now, and expect these graduates to protest and change a system where having the white wrong skin color locks you out of a job?

     No, I don’t see that happening. Instead, the graduates’ statements make it clear they’ll just double down on all the racism that is the modus operandi in higher education today.

“…promoting greater diversity on our campuses and in our workplaces; to creating safe spaces for students, faculty, and staff of color; and to intentionally listen to the concerns of all underrepresented populations,”

     Mercy, more of that diversity claptrap? I know what they were taught in this regard, as I’ve had diversity experts “lecture” me on world history (the gentle reader should only click on that link if he wants to hear what these leaders are taught. I don’t really recommend it).

     It’s bad enough that Educationists are not being taught any sane subject. I’d take comfort in the knowledge that they’re not being taught the perfectly failed ideas of Education, but knowing that these people get doctoral degrees in pure indoctrination doesn’t help. 

     Knowing that these graduates may someday work in our public schools, possibly even rule higher education, gives me no hope for the future of higher education, but that their gross incompetence may accelerate the collapse and eventual destruction of this system.

      I believe one of the comments sums up the program quite nicely:

I think Caterpillar has a D6 Model Bulldozer that would work well in this case...We tax payers must start taking back education from the silly Marxists who have clearly gone insane.


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