Sunday, May 26, 2013

So I'm watching this Mermaid show on Animal Planet, and it's basically one long w.t.f.

Not one of these supposed scientists is outraged? Granted, all the alleged scientists really look like actors and speak in the same, hesistant, ernest, tones.

Does anybody really buy this crap? Was Animal Planet so limited in imagination that they couldn't come up with *anything* in the ocean interesting, so they air this garbage? Seriously, why would they run such a show?


  1. Confessions of a High School Science Teachers Son.

    My Father taught University College High School Physics Chemistry Astronomy and Physical Science, and back in the '60's I had to help him grade papers, I was in elementary school then... No I was not a genius, a soldering iron burned holes in a multiple choice test to make the key, he graded formula problems or essay type questions. From what I saw and helped with in his later high school classes in the middle '70's and on, the kids were almost, or seemed to be absolute idiots, not to mention behavior problems. I even took away a hustler magazine from a student in one class and this was in one of the most desirable communities to live in, in southern California.

    If you took his kids from 1963 or 1964 or a little later and gave those tests to college students these days even to the fourth year they would fail them miserably!

    From the early '70's you might have some hope for the kids and maybe not much trouble for passing math courses in college even remedial ones, but it just gets worse year by year.

    Thanks for the article!

  2. It's funny you mentioned tests; what prompted my investigation into college was a discovery of my old tests from 20 years ago. I looked at them and thought "no way would I give a test like this today". I had questions like "state 5 theorems from the chapter". Now, it's rare I cover a chapter with so much in it, and I can't count on students to study at the level of "rote memorization" anymore.

    But it's not entirely the student's fault. I still, usually, get 1 student in every class who actually studies. The elimination of standards and pressure to pass so many has just created a situation where it looks like people are stupider than they used to be. Teh real answer is there are alot more people in college that really have no business there, other than to collect a check.