Saturday, May 18, 2013

A quick interlude...

Hey, remember Penn State? Seems like something pretty horrific happened there, so bad that the President of the University had to leave his position.

Even with such a scandal, however, that won't keep him from being the highest paid university president last year, receiving close to 3 MILLION bucks.

It's a system of plunder, folks, little more. Now, I'll grant the guy at the top doesn't necessarily know everything that goes on in an institution, even if, in this case, he'd been there for at least a decade, so maybe he doesn't need to be penalized. The top guy at my own institution doesn't seem to know all the levels of corruption and incompetence going on at the lower tiers, either.

Still, a $3 million golden parachute is pretty sweet under the circumstances. Wonder what my severance package will be like when it comes.

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