Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Students Protest Anti-White Racism…Finally

By Professor Doom

     The anti-white racism on many of our campuses has been going on for years. Students, understandably, have mostly just sat in the classrooms and put up with it, often diligently taking notes on just how horrible white people are.

      The effect of the endless preaching of racial hatred has been protests by those who feel “oppressed” by the very existence of white people. This was the intended effect of those doing the preaching, of course, these ideologues failed to comprehend a very reasonable consequence of those encouraged protests: the “oppressors” get the idea that, since protests are acceptable, they’re allowed to protest too.

      It’s taken years, but we’re finally starting to see pushback against racism by our woke campuses, and by our woke faculty:

University students burn Latina author's book for 'dissing white people' during lecture

     Now, I’m no fan of book burning, but this isn’t quite the same as what most people think of burning books. Usually when “book burning” is referenced, it refers to the most extreme form of censorship, often government sponsored, where knowledge which contradicts an official narrative is destroyed as thoroughly as possible. With today’s internet, burning books is an antiquated concept, since a campfire is completely insufficient to destroy “printed” knowledge of today.

      The burning was simply part of a protest. A particular person is being protested here:

New York Times contributor and associate professor at the University of Nebraska,

      The NYT used to be a respectable paper, but like so much of our mainstream/legacy media, they’re far too prone to bias. A professor being a contributor to the NYT is as much a black mark as the professor being a contributor to the KKK, and cause for concern indeed. So what seems to be the problem here?

spoke about her novel Make Your Home Among Strangers to first-year students at Georgia Southern University (GSU). The book, required reading for some of GSU's First-Year Experience classes, focuses on the story of a Cuban-American girl from Miami who is accepted into a prestigious university in New York, and the struggles she faces to fit in with the predominantly white environment.

     Yikes. There’s so much wrong in that single sentence that I feel the need to only hit the highlights.

     First, students are required to read her book. Now, normally there’s nothing wrong with this, particularly when the book is a textbook, filled with knowledge long-established as important for educated humans to know. In this case, it’s just a fiction novel—it might still be useful knowledge, but this is the professor’s own work, with no record of being particularly relevant for the educated. If the book had been around for 20 years and received much praise or at least a best-seller, perhaps a case could be made? There’s nothing like that here.

     Second, it’s for a non-academic course, the “First-Year Experience” class. This level of navel-gazing is becoming ever-more important to our universities, which feel students need to take a college course to appreciate how great it is they’re spending a fortune learning about their own university. 

     Third, the course is so precious that it’s mandatory for all students to take, whether they’re getting a degree in History of Georgia Southern University (where the course might well apply) or Physics. I guess it’s simply balance that the students are being forced to buy a non-academic book they shouldn’t have to read in a non-academic course they shouldn’t have to take.

       Fourth, the description of the book scares me more than a little. Isn’t Miami like, in America? Are whites so rare in Miami that now it’s a “struggle” for someone raised there to move to “another country” like New York? 

     (Incidentally, I was born and raised in southern Florida, having to “go north” if I wanted to visit amusement parks like Bush Gardens or Disney. Having lived in New York and other states, I concede there are cultural differences, but “struggle” is a bit much, I assure the gentle reader.)

      But enough about that.

     “I noticed that you made a lot of generalizations about the majority of white people being privileged,” one student said…

     At long last, students are starting to identify the hypocrisy of the ideologues running our campuses. It’s very wrong to make generalizations about other races, students learn, and, finally, they’re starting to realize it’s equally wrong to make generalizations about “white people.”

     The professor’s speech was filled with anti-white racism, and the student challenged her on it, with the ultimate punchline of why doesn’t “diversity” include white people

      Instead of acknowledging the hypocrisy and trying to explain why white people can’t be included in diversity, the professor basically snarled back at the student:

I talked about white privilege because it’s a real thing that you are actually benefiting from right now in even asking this question,” Crucet said in response, according to the paper. “What’s so heartbreaking for me and what is so difficult in this moment right now is to literally have read a talk about this exact moment happening and it’s happening again...”

     To summarize the above the professor accused the student of having white privilege just by asking the question, and the professor was puzzled why her ideology keeps getting called out on its hypocrisy.

     Things didn’t go well after that, with students burning her book in protest. One student tweet sums things up:

you came to our university as an author of a book all freshmen were required to read, a book you barely talked about. instead, you wasted everyone’s time by attempting to create a racial divide by bullying white people for an hour. that IS racist. you should’ve expected this.

— MT (@morganetracy1) October 10, 2019

     While the above is mostly correct, I feel the need to clarify that last bit about “should’ve expected this.” The student is surprised here at the professor’s inability to conceive of being called out for her inappropriate behavior but I’m not, for two reasons. 

     First, students have been gobbling up anti-white racist rhetoric for well over a decade now, with nobody questioning it.  It’s a recent phenomenon that students are seeing the hypocrisy of progressive beliefs.

       Second, although this pushback only started recently, it didn’t start five minutes ago. The professor herself acknowledges it’s happening, and despite knowing this, she falls back on the age-old cry of RACISM rather than address this fundamental flaw in her point of view.

     Trouble is, that weapon, the cry of RACISM, has long since been blunted from over-use; the targets just don't care any more. It’s not working, so the only questions which remain are how long until they figure it out, and what weapon(s) will they resort to next. They won’t simply admit the ideology is flawed, admit they are wrong…instead it will be more doubling down.

      I suspect they’ll go to censorship next, but, as the book-burning shows, students have figured out how to deal with that weapon as well.

      Now, university admin have said the student’s behavior (such as protesting at her hotel) was wrong, and the students doing so have been called RACISTS, of course…but this is just further hypocrisy, as the students literally did nothing which speakers opposing this ideology have been exposed to, as encouraged by promoters of this ideology.



  1. Some books should be burned.

    Remember that famous picture of Nazis burning books?

    Did you ever wonder what books were in the pile? That was a pile of pornography and pro-gay and trannie books. Just like the books read to our children in libraries by monsters now.


    1. You are absolutely correct. It sickens me that people just accept anything that is said in condemnation of the greatest Champion to Mankind in the last 2000 years - Adolf Hitler.

    2. Adolf Hitler was not a champion to mankind.
      Adolf Hitler was a champion to the German people ONLY.
      National Socialism was exclusively for the German people because he was their champion and not somebody else's.
      Adolf Hitler was elected to office by the German people and not by humanity.

    3. @Doom - They didn't call them that back then, but yes.

    4. I stand corrected. Thanks! For everyone else, please consider using Infogalactic over Wikipedia, the latter is extremely unreliable, particularly on political subjects (and these days, most everything is political).

  2. There is a fostered and deep sickness festering in our education system.

  3. Sorry, on phone and paying little heed as I should have.

  4. The novel is rediculous. It's obvious that this author wants to have her book published and bought, labeling herself as a minority."

    Cubans in Florida, consider themselves WHITE. And they are NOT a minority in South Florida and Miami.THey've taken over every business, store, market and restaurants, and social service. They have a network connection to other Cubans, and every job is informed and taken up by other Cubans, as in "you need a plumber, my cousin is a plumber, he can do the job."

    Needless to say, they've become ARROGANT, pushy and obnoxious, and are disliked by BLacks and other Latinos in Miami and Florida.

    No, Cubans are not some poor little people, but OWN Miami, and Florida.

  5. Not to mention all the Venezuelans and Columbians and Jews that live there too.

  6. Germany burned over 10,000 copies of "Secrets of the Federal Reserve" in the 1950s. Get all US troops out of Germany