Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Academics Hounded Out Of Jobs For Transgender Wrongthink

By Professor Doom

     The culture of fear on many of our campuses comes from many factors. One of the greatest is faculty who speak out are “deplatformed” in the old school way: terminated. The rise of social media has made this worse, as now faculty find themselves under attack for things they say off campus, on a web page or even a personal text. Once blasted out of academic life, they’re pretty much silenced, unless they happen to have a huge following (but surviving long enough to get such a following is pretty difficult).

Meet the academics hunted down and hounded out of jobs for having the 'wrong' thoughts

     Granted, academics aren’t stupid, generally, so we know speaking anything resembling truth can get us into trouble. Thing is, we can’t help ourselves sometime:

When Kathleen Stock pressed “send” on a blog about the gender recognition act last summer she knew she was pressing a detonator.

      The detonator in this case was daring to suggest that perhaps, maybe, allowing males to instantly self-identify as females might cause problems. Why is there such a rush for males to do this, anyway?

…claim all the consequent privileges: access to women-only changing rooms, or being allowed to appear on women-only shortlists or sports teams.

      What, “privileges”? But I thought the folks running our campuses believed males and females were equal in all ways, so they can’t…I’m joking we all know such privileges exist, especially when it comes to “shortlists” for hiring in those plum administrative positions.

     So, she posts a comment on how something’s a little fishy about how the new “women” around, and how their feelings might not be sincere. “The mob” arrives in short order:

The fight soon came her way: students brandishing a placard reading “Transphobia now in STOCK at Sussex”, a condemnation from the students’ union refusing to tolerate “hate” on campus, attempts to have her fired and a stream of abuse online.

     It’s so weird, I just don’t understand where these mobs come from. When I speak privately with people, they invariably say that, yeah, some males are abusing the system. And yet these mobs appear, filled with kids who can’t even conceive of such a possibility (even as numerous “women’s” sporting events are now dominated by males identifying as females…a poor female got her skull fractured fighting a trans, we really need to reconsider limits on this “acceptance”).

     I’m hardly alone in observing this phenomenon:

As soon as she published her own opinion – questioning the validity of self-identification – she began being contacted by colleagues who told her they agreed but dared not say so publicly for fear of ruining their careers.

     The academic named above has been forming a list of other academics silenced for speaking out. The system of secret testimony and vague evidence leading to career-ending “convictions” is insidiously large:

Time and again, academics who come under suspicion say they are forbidden from discussing their case with anyone but close family. A lecturer who was kept waiting weeks to find out what the complaint was against her discovered it came from a student she had never knowingly spoken to, let alone taught. It accused her of retweeting ‘gender-critical material” meaning she might ‘misgender” trans students or be biased in marking…


      So, she may have retweeted something, and it’s game over. Like a said, there’s a culture of fear on campus now.

       The academic offers a theory as to why this is happening:

Universities are usually the places where such questions get chewed over, before being acted on by policy makers. That process is grinding to a halt, she thinks, because universities have to act as businesses and there is cut-throat competition to attract students and the fees they contribute.

       It’s not a bad thesis, but I’ve advanced the idea that our campuses are being taken over by edu-fascists, who merge the interests of the administrative (i.e., money-grubbing) and ideological (i.e., Progressive) factions on campus. She correctly the identifies the administrative interests above, and also mentions the ideologues:

Becoming a Diversity Champion by putting staff through gender-awareness courses is a plus: “Universities love it because it makes them look really ‘inclusive’, which is a buzz word everywhere.”

     Honest there are two groups here, but we should take no comfort in the idea that competition between these forces will help education. Education is not on the agenda for either, and, even more devastating, the ideologues will eventually push out the businessmen, leading to a converged school which will bankrupt itself rather than ease up on the ideology (hi Oberlin college! It still remains to be seen just how many millions they’ll pay for encouraging racist riots).

     Despite the trouble she’s gotten into, she still insists on saying obvious things, things which can cause “the mob” to appear:

“In some university campuses we have posters in women’s toilets which say that if someone comes in to the bathroom who is a gender you don’t expect, or who looks like they are using the wrong bathroom trust them, not you [ie not your own instinct]. 

     Indeed, don’t trust your own eyeballs, don’t trust your own feelings. Instead, trust your leaders, who tell you men are women, debt is wealth, and that freedom is slavery. It’s worked out so well in the past, after all…not that history is taught so much anymore—cuts into the time spend discussing all the genders we have now:

…a BBC film featuring children aged 9-12 and made to support the personal, social and health education (PSHE) curriculum in schools claimed there could be more than 100 “gender identities”. Facebook currently lists more than 70, including two-spirit person, polygender, intersex man, genderqueer and cis.

      It really is one thing for a handful of academics to discuss some bizarre topic in a room on campus, quite another for it to be broadcast on television, and enforced as an unarguable truth in our schools.

       Much as the early global warming hysteria was fueled by the fact that there were no published scientific papers disputing it (and the inconvenient truth was that such papers existed in great quantity, but that journals were greatly discouraged from publishing them), we have the same thing happening here. “Everyone says” there are a hundred genders…but that’s because all the voices saying otherwise have been silenced.

       And that culture of fear on campus? It’s spreading…


  1. Nature Magazine: when it began, it published papers by my parents who were astronomers of high repute, founders of many observatory complexes like Kitt Peak where I grew up. When my father came out with his paper 'The Sun Is A Variable Star' explaining how possibly Ice Ages are due to changes in solar output, he was blacklisted suddenly. His annual invites to hand out Nobel Prizes vanished, for example.

  2. It I say I am a cat, I am diagnosed as delusional.
    If I say I am the Pope, I am diagnosed as delusional.
    If I say I am a woman trapped in a man's body, I'm normal.


  3. I'm glad I'm retired from academia. I now have time to concentrate on identifying as a fifteen year old girl.

    " Why is there such a rush for males to do this, anyway?
    …claim all the consequent privileges: access to women-only changing rooms,"

  4. Gender confusion is part of the homosexuals plan to legalize child sex.