Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Expose Leftist Academic Fraud = Re-Education For You

By Professor Doom

     I’ve written of the re-education system a few times, where “transgressing” faculty are punished by being forced to go to re-education “seminars,” with Commissars teaching them the proper way to think. I know it sounds like hyperbole, but I keep hoping that if I keep bringing it up, more and more people will realize it’s not hyperbole, merely reality.

     A few months back I covered how a group of scholars submitted completely bogus research to Leftist journals, covering such topics as how straight males would benefit from anal penetration, how Mein Kampf written from the feminist point of view was completely acceptable as valid, and how watching dogs copulate relates to “queer performativity,” among other topics. While the research was utterly bogus in every way, it actually won awards in the field (and I reinforce that the scholars themselves had no training in the field, and literally nothing but contempt for the ideology, in fact).

     Now, what’s supposed to happen in academia, is when you identify fraud you’re rewarded for it, at least a little. That was years ago, nowadays if you even show a student is cheating, you’ll only receive punishment for it, and the same thing happens when it comes to scholarly research:

Prof who exposed 'biased academic left with fake studies' barred from research until he takes Protection of Human Subjects training

Our schools are loaded down now with extremely expensive Diversity Fiefdoms, filled with very highly paid Commissars justifying their existence in many ways. While mostly it’s by creating race riots and otherwise agitating students, they also create re-education camps…and are always looking for reasons to subject victims to such camps. 

     So, on the surface, “Protection of Human Subjects training” sounds like a pretty valid thing for a researcher to have, I can assure the gentle reader it’s ideological indoctrination, and nothing more. 

      And, of course, this is simple punishment for exposing how this ideology isn’t remotely academic, despite it granting itself of the trappings of peer reviewed scholarly research.

Portland State administrators found in December that he violated school policy by publishing false research and then launched disciplinary proceedings against him.

     Administrators are, of course, confused by all things academic. The researcher here didn’t publish false research, he submitted false research. It was the fake journals which published it. Seeing as this was the whole point of the researcher’s experiment demonstrating the bogus nature of the entire field, punishing him for it seems entirely unjustified.

     Unjustified if you’re a legitimate scholar. On the other hand, if you’re an ideologue wishing to protect the narrative of your own (unwarranted) legitimacy, then yeah, punishment is quite justified.

…the school determined that Boghossian did violate human subjects' rights and protections.

    Seeing as the research was utterly fake, with no actual human subjects involved, this is an odd “determination” by admin. Of course, coming from a community college where admin “determined” that 12/5 should be 2.35 and that “mutually exclusive” assignation of resources should mean 33% overlap, I don’t find such a determination surprising.  

      ... he must complete "Protection of Human Subjects" training, and that he's hereby forbidden to participate in any "human subjects"-related research or sponsored research until he can show evidence that he understands the protections the school offers human subjects.

      This is, of course, blatant retribution. It’s curious how our mainstream media will rail endlessly against an objectively true (albeit impolite) Trump tweet, but doesn’t see punishing faculty for identifying fraud as worthy of even minor discussion.

      I want to reiterate why the legitimate research of exposing Leftist academic fraud is so critical:

The writers added that "aggrieved academics can put broken, biased, and even openly racist and sexist ideas through the peer-review process, and have them come out the other side legitimized as though they are established knowledge.

     Ultimately, the above is the issue. We’re really supposed to take concepts like “toxic masculinity,” “microaggressions,” and “whites as the problem,” seriously, because “established science” says these concepts are valid and legitimate, and that something needs to be done about them, and that this legitimacy is granted by Leftist academic journals.

       But what the actual scholars have shown here (and other scholars have shown as well) is that these journals are completely bogus, that all they do is publish anything which agrees with their ideology, with no concern for or knowledge of how real academic work is evaluated.

     Exposing this fraud is important, critical research, but instead of getting an award for it, the result is only punishment and destruction of scholarly careers.

     How did the fake journals feel about having their fraud exposed?


Reason's John Stossel said he tried to talk to the editors of the journals that accepted the bogus grievance studies to find out how they got fooled, but none of them wanted to — except for Roberto Refinetti, editor in chief of Sexuality and Culture. His journal published the fake study titled, "Going in Through the Back Door: Challenging Straight Male Homohysteria, Transhysteria, and Transphobia Through Receptive Penetrative Sex Toy Use."

Refinetti told Stossel the trio of writers who pulled off the hoax are the ones at fault: "You're deceiving people without much of a reason."

        Deceiving people? Without much of a reason? The gentle reader should understand that the current madness of transexualizing children is supported by research published in journals like the above. The current lunacy of “snowflakes” triggered by the most idiotic “aggressions” was in part created by research published in journals like the above. The violence we’re seeing from kids who’ve been trained to believe white males are the problem and they should be punched is instigated in part by research published in journals like the above. 

     Who’s deceiving who, here? Stopping such deception, showing that these journals print pure garbage but give it the patina of “established science” strikes me as a perfectly valid reason for submitting utterly ridiculous and bogus research to these fake academic journals.



  1. The psycho professions are filled with crackpots, tin dictators, and the insane. They collectively do FAR more harm than good.

    Just like the universities they metastasize in, we need to nuke them from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

  2. They've basically destroyed our culture, next up, Civil War. They will be held accountable.

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