Wednesday, October 3, 2018

All College Newspapers Against Kavanaugh

By Professor Doom

     It sure doesn’t take much effort to see something’s very wrong with the media in our country. During the last presidential election, not one of the top 100 papers endorsed Trump, and very few even minor papers did…and yet he won the election. How could it be that essentially every single major news organization could not see anything which the voters could see? It’s a weird blind spot.

     More recent news yields another huge blind spot. Kavanaugh was just about to be confirmed as a supreme court justice, after weeks of vetting, after a lifetime of being scrutinized with great care and detail.

       Then, BOOM, out of the blue, we have a weird allegation of sexual impropriety in high school. He stands accused of, possibly, being drunk at,  possibly, a party during, possibly, a summer when he was, possibly, in high school. Every single corroborating witness has denied the allegations in full…but somehow the allegations allowed  a delay in the vote of confirmation.

       Then comes another vague allegation of possible wrongdoing, again made in a way impossible to fully deny because there are just too few details to refute. I hear there’s another lurid allegation on top of that…but again no actual evidence is provided. Despite the issues with the claims, the FBI will investigate (um…there are allegations against the Clintons with actual dead bodies still awaiting investigation, but I digress…).

      Thing is, we’ve seen this before, again and again, and again. It’s always some guy who’s running against a Democrat or otherwise opposing Dem interests, and the accusers always have a long track record of supporting Dem interests, and the allegations are always made at the very last second.

       Does anyone else wonder at how Republicans are able, with pinpoint accuracy, to identify which women will be rabid Dem supporters 30 years in the future, and to sexually harass those exclusively? Does anyone else wonder why this never, never, never, happens to some independent running a campaign but with no serious chance of winning?

     I remind the gentle reader, at the night of the last Presidential election, the Dems lined up an extra dozen women to make sexual assault allegations against Trump…and we as a country simply ignored the “revelations” breathlessly spewed at us by our mainstream media.

     Our campuses are supposed to be refuges of clear thought, so surely the student newspapers can see what anyone following the basics of politics can see?

     Seriously, not one paper can even consider the possibility this is just another hatchet-job? It’s simply incredible that dozens, hundreds of “independent” thinkers can all come to an identical conclusion. Even if these allegations are far more credible than I find them…not even one student thinker could possibly be wrong? This is the implication of them all thinking the same way, after all.

there seems to be no shortage of vigils for Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Ford over the last couple of weeks, there doesn’t seem to be even onesupporting the US Supreme Court nominee.

     Hey, I’ve nothing against vigils for the alleged victims here, but please understand conjecturing this is merely a smear campaign against Kavanaugh, to the detriment of him, his reputation, his career, and his family, is hardly off-the-rails conspiracy theory. How about one vigil for his daughters, who clearly are suffering horribly regardless of the truth of the allegations? Nothing? Okeedoke.

Take Illinois State University’s Vidette, for example. Titled “ISU students react to Kavanaugh hearings,” not one student in the article offers a word of support for the nominee … or expresses skepticism about the charges against him.

      Seriously, not one skeptical student? Much like with the last election, I can’t help but suspect “media” is shaping opinion by leaving a wide swath of opinions off the table. Only one opinion is supplied:

“I truly hope that Ford’s testimony can sway some Republicans to put aside party and finally believe the stories we’ve heard of Brett Kavanaugh. It was horrible watching the testimony, as Republicans tried to break holes in her story and tried to discredit her honesty. Both in the hearings and the days leading up to this,” Nyland said.

     “Tried”? The gentle reader really needs to note that every single witness supplied by the alleged victim has denied the incident took place or at the least gives a “don’t recall.” Not a single confirmation. This simple fact should come up in every article covering the accusation, and yet it’s mostly consigned to “alternative” news sites.

      More importantly, the campus newspaper I’ve quoted above, like I imagine every campus newspaper, has failed to report this very relevant fact. By all means, if any of my gentle readers can show me wrong here, feel free to make corrections below.

       And feel free to offer suggestions to how most (all?) campus papers fail to see what the bulk of people familiar with one of today’s most common political tactics already know.


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