Monday, September 3, 2018

Universities Creating “Democratic Socialists”

By Professor Doom

     I’ve been slow to accept that our higher education system is turning into, or already is, a mass indoctrination system. Focusing more on the falling standards and mass academic fraud, I’ve perhaps missed that these were simply side effects of the political goal of indoctrination (and thus education is of no importance) rather than the side effects of the unchecked greed of our “leaders” in higher ed (who do  not deem education important).

     But as I look more and more into the current state of higher education, I’ve shifted more to the idea that our campuses follow the new ideology of edu-fascism, which merges the interests of the ideologues and plunderers which all too often seem to control our campuses hand in hand.

      I’ve focused mostly on the greed aspect of edu-fascism, but a recent article talks of the rising “democratic socialist” movement, a consequence of the other aspect. Even followers of this movement cannot explain the difference between “democratic socialism” and pure socialism—I suspect even the phrase “democratic feces” sounds better than simply “feces,” as well. There’s good reason there cannot be a difference worth explaining: sooner or later the person at the top will be voted absolute power (Hi Hitler! Yes, he was democratically elected, and a socialist), and then we’ll just have socialism in any event. Nearly 100,000,000 human beings died under the jackboots of this ideology, so I’m pretty much against it, no matter how sweet it sounds.

     Despite the clear problems with this ideology, the democratic socialist movement is gaining followers, followers who must be simply ignorant of the reality of what they’re supporting. A recent article offers a suggestion from whence these ignorant followers come:

     I’d never even heard the phrase “democratic socialism” until the rise of Bernie Sanders, who emerged from one of his $10,000,000 homes in the last election to tell me I need to give up some of my wealth so he can hand out stuff for free to get votes. Alas, this ridiculous idea didn’t end with the last election any more than Hillary’s political career did, and recently a democratic socialist candidate even beat an incumbent Democrat (an extraordinary achievement!).

       A commenter gives a helpful description of what Democratic Socialism is all about:

Democratic Socialism: Everybody always gets everything they ever wanted, handed to them free at an all-you-can-eat buffet. A concept conceived and endorsed by people who don't actually work for a living and espoused by rich politicians and "ministers" who never actually worked for a living. They can't explain exactly who pays for all this carefree fun and frivolity, instead relying on shouting and meltdowns to deflect such practical nonsense. It all sounds great to the young and ignorant.

       Where’d the candidate get all those votes from anyway?

The Democratic Socialists of America has grown rapidly of late, recently surpassing 40,000 members, and our universities are largely responsible for its newfound appeal to young people.

     I’ve covered before that Karl Marx is among the most popular authors in higher ed today, dominating not just political science, but also sociology, economics, and others. Much like I concede the works of Charles Manson are worth study, I acknowledge Marx belongs on campus…but it’s bizarre that he’s this ridiculously popular, and unlike (I would hope) Manson, he’s viewed a great hero instead of a monster:

In myriad, often subtle ways, leftist professors exploit their positions of authority to "develop" new socialist acolytes by presenting students with a narrow framework of "acceptable" ideas that disguises socialism as virtuous.

      I disagree with the claim here, but only a bit, and just the word “subtle.” In many courses, the professor makes it clear that disagreement leads to failure, agreement leads to an easy “A.” Similarly, faculty who dare to challenge the socialist narrative are fired or, nowadays, never hired in the first place. Schools now advertise positions where holding political views is part of the job description, and evidence of political bias in hiring is so blatant that it is utterly preposterous to call these ways “subtle.”

As students are spoon-fed leftist talking points in class, reaffirmed by the overrepresentation of the left in social media, they begin to develop their own ideology under the framework set by their professors and shallow political awareness through social media. 

     Please understand when Marx is covered in class, he’s covered in a “pure” way; students are simply told how wonderful the ideas are, eg, “from everyone according to his abilities…”, and seldom, if ever, are the consequences of his ideas discussed, eg, “under socialism, everyone suddenly loses all their abilities, because everyone realize any abilities they claim to have will be taken from them and use of their abilities will benefit someone else…” More importantly, of course, only the Marxist theory is discussed, and the empirical evidence, such as mass starvation because nobody has the ability to grow food, ignored.

      After 4 to 6 years of being forced to nod in agreement every time socialist ideas are presents, and never being asked to think through the consequences of the ideas, it’s little wonder indeed that universities are swelling the ranks of believers in socialism.

The decline of religion has allowed for the rise of secularism…

     My time in public school is not so distant that I’ve forgotten that I, too, was trained in socialism, and this does lead to a minor disagreement with the article: yes, the universities are providing voting-age followers of democratic socialism, but the public schools indoctrinated them well, as my own memories remind me from time to time.

     Another part of my public school training was that “only stupid people believe in religion,” and I was trained to view “those religious kids” as some sort of freaks. Much like with my socialism indoctrination, I’ve overcome this as well, and I find even people who only mouth the precepts of Christianity to be far better than atheists.

      Yes, there are good atheists, but so many atheists I’ve met are just…not so nice. 
More importantly, there’s clearly a human need to worship something greater than what we can immediately touch, since every culture and civilization does so in some form. I completely respect atheists for being skeptical of any religion, but so many of these guys simply worship the government instead, and have an unbreakable faith that this time around, the government, through socialism, can be used as a force for good.  I’ve tried to reason with such people, many times, by using the empirical evidence of what’s happened every single time socialism is tried but…there’s just no breaking that secular faith.

      I’m not convinced universities are responsible for the rise of secularism, however, and point my fingers at the pubic (i.e., government) schools for that.

They haven't seen socialism in action

     This ultimately is the issue, since the empirical evidence is overwhelming on this point. And, indeed, our universities take the blame here, as instead of teaching academic courses like history (a great source of empirical evidence!), the edu-fascism of our campuses has guided our students to the much cheaper to teach and far more ideologically friendly indoctrination courses, which are mandatory on many campuses now, replacing academics as a core part of an education.

Ideologues knee deep in their own garbage are unable to understand the true evil that is socialism. The far left is a much greater threat to our nation than any neo-Nazi group will ever be, and our universities are the gateways to the left.

     As is increasingly obvious to those who watch more than just CNN, the leftists are indeed extremely violent and dangerous at this point. It’s funny the above compares them to “neo-Nazis,” because the comparison is even stronger than implied. See, “Nazi” is short for (in German) “National Socialism.” The leftists are worse than neo-Nazis because they are even more Nazi than neo-Nazis. I’ve literally tried to explain to followers of this ideology, when they praise socialism, that they’re following the beliefs of Hitler, the undisputed father of Nazism. On more than one occasion, this has caused a head to nearly explode in the effort to contain the cognitive disconnect of holding both “I must punch a Nazi” and “I’m a Nazi” in their brain simultaneously. So far, the end response has only been fury…but I feel the need to keep trying to impose reason with those who will at least go through the motions of attempting a dialogue.

      In any event, the rise of edu-fascism in our schools has indeed led to the creation of tens of thousands of democratic socialist party members…as well as fabulous wealth for those corrupt pirates running the system. As neither of these outcomes is desirable, I repeat my refrain to cut off the money paying for both: end the student loan scam.

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