Thursday, December 28, 2017

How Hatred of Whites Takes Over A Campus

By Professor Doom

     Many (not most) campuses are hotbeds of racial hatred, hatred of white people and white culture in particular. It used to be weird demonstrations of hatred of white people (eg, “Whites Are An Abomination”) were a “once a year” thing…then every six months.

     Today, hardly a week goes by without some idiocy slouching out from campus regarding the evils of white people.

     This isn’t happening at all campuses, however, not by a long shot. In fact, it’s a minority, or so I suspect…we have thousands of colleges in this country, and these reports only come from a few hundred places. What separates these weird places from the normal (ish) campuses is they are converged, i.e., taken over by Leftist lunatics.

     The takeover of campuses by Leftists is normally a slow process. First they take over the hiring committee or HR departments, then after that point only Leftists are hired, to the exclusion of any other political belief. The average of Leftist to Conservatives among faculty is around 12 to 1, but that’s an average: on a converged campus it may be 20 to 1, or even higher. That’s just faculty. Thanks to departmental hiring policies and the tendency of faculty to stay with a school a long time, the convergence of faculty is hard pressed to become complete in less than a couple generations.

      Amongst administration, convergence is much easier to achieve quickly—high turnover amongst administration (most administrators have careers where they rarely spend more than a few years at any institution), combined with HR control, convergence can be achieved in a decade or less.

At Evergreen, a small fraction of students was the face of the protests, some even going so far as to patrol campus with baseball bats, threatening people, and vandalizing property. But the vast majority of students were not part of the protests. Some were yelled at, insulted, assaulted, even battered…they wonder why their experiences are apparently of no interest to the college administration.

     Evergreen College is an example of a converged school, completely taken over by Leftist lunacy. Recently whites were threatened with violence if they even showed up on campus. A recent article gives a long and thorough discussion of how the takeover occurred, but I want to add my own observations.

      If you’re worried about your school becoming converged, I encourage you to read this article in detail so you can at least see it coming. So let’s take a look at the factors leading to the eventual downfall of a school:

In 2015, Evergreen hired a new president.

     The Poo Bah, the grand high ruler of a school, wields incredible power now. Primarily, they use their power to plunder the school, padding both resume and checking account before moving on to another school to repeat the process anew. These guys are paid insane amounts of money (in addition to luxurious bonuses and perks the Emperor of Rome would envy), but have nothing to do with education. I doubt that 1 reader in 100 can recall anything the Poo Bah at his school did for him.

…he hired an old friend to talk one-on-one to members of our community — faculty, staff, and students. We talked about our values and our visions for the college. But the benefit of hindsight suggests that he was looking for something else. He was mapping us, assessing our differences, our blind spots, and the social tensions that ran beneath the surface.  

     The Poo Bah has wide latitude when it comes to hiring cronies—I’ve literally seen dozens of administrators spring up at a school over the course of a few months, even as the student base and general funding drops. Many Poo Bahs use their power to award do-nothing patronage positions.

… fired the provost, Michael Zimmerman. The provost, usually synonymous with the vice president for academics, is the chief academic officer at an institution of higher education. Zimmerman would have disapproved of what [Poo Bah] Bridges had in mind and would have had some power to stop it. But he was replaced by a timid (though well-liked) insider who became a pawn due to his compromised interim status…

     In addition to hiring, the Poo Bah also has considerable firing power. I reiterate that Leftist takeover of administration can be extremely fast as a busload of admin leave and new Leftist admin arrive with the new Poo Bah.

He fattened the administration, creating expensive vice president positions at an unprecedented rate, while budgets tightened elsewhere due to drops in student enrollment and disappearing state dollars.

     I’ve seen the above with my own eyes on other campuses…I’m simply citing the above as reinforcement of my eyewitness testimony.

…forged an alliance with factions known to be obsessed with race. He draped the “equity” banner around everything he did. Advocating that Evergreen embrace itself as a “College of Social Justice,” he argued that faculty autonomy unjustly puts the focus on teachers rather than students, and that the new VP for Equity and Inclusion would help us serve our underserved populations… 

     Again, I’ve seen this before. Anyone reading this and working at a university needs to see the above, to know the signs of when the convergence draws near.

…concerns about policy changes were dismissed as “anti-equity.” What was in the nicely wrapped box turned out to be something else entirely…

     This is the bludgeon that keeps faculty complaints down. Every time someone spoke up, the label of RACIST came out. Nobody wants that label, and so dissent is silenced, even as we know what admin is proposing is stupid and evil.

…he felt he should have let the protesters dominate and derail the proceedings…

     The students eventually pick up how admin is warping the school beyond its mission of education. They’re told over and over again how they’re entitled to more. And when the students ask for more, often violently ask for more, the “leaders” of our schools always do the stupidest thing possible:

     They become intimidated by the protesting students, rewarding them for their un-scholarly behavior.

What happened next was predictable. Protests became more frequent and intrusive.

     Evergreen is now buried in endless protests…if your school gets to this point, brush up the ol’ resume, because there’s no coming back from here. Admin doesn’t care that these protests will eventually destroy the school (Hi Mizzou!), as they’ll reward themselves with golden parachutes on the way out.

     After the administrative takeover, comes the faculty takeover:

Meanwhile, the “Equity Council” that Bridges had appointed and empowered shifted into high gear. It produced a document laden with proposals that tear at the foundations of a liberal arts college. It recommended, for example, using “diversity and equity in the criteria for prioritizing faculty hires.”

     Again, having been on hiring committees, I always found it odd that we consistently gave advantage to “protected minorities.” I kept my mouth shut, of course, because I didn’t want to be called RACIST. When I finally did speak up about the wrongness of what we were doing, admin responded with, as usual, the opposite of integrity: I was removed from hiring committees.

In Nov. 2016, the Equity Council held the “canoe meeting.” 

    There are also indoctrination camps for faculty. The canoe meeting is available on Youtube, and must be seen to be believed. I’ve seen the like, of course, but it’s very clear that these people are insane. The re-education is madness, and here’s where the seeds of massive white hate are planted, while hypnotic drums pound away.

     So, as painful as the video is, I encourage the strong-willed reader to view it, to understand how the weak-willed are indoctrinated into white hate.

The audience was told that there was a binary choice between being allies of the plan or becoming enemies, and that regardless of anyone’s opinion, “we’re going to do it.”

     Again, I’ve mentioned many times how lunatic administrative plans are slammed down the throats of faculty, and so I’m merely showing above that the things I wrote of in this blog, years ago, are nothing but the truth.

    But wait, there’s move. Of course there’s more.

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