Saturday, August 19, 2017

Research = White Supremacy

Tweets The Media Ignores

By Professor Doom

     It’s sickening and yet amusing watching the media go nuts over every Trump tweet. Don’t get me wrong, sure he’s said some odd things (which get focused on ad infinitum), but he’s also said some relevant things (which the media diligently ignores).

      Tweeting is a strange way to communicate. You’re supposed to say something quickly, and moreover broadcast it everywhere instantaneously, so that it is preserved forever. Gee, isn’t that a recipe for disaster?

     Faculty already know better than to post much on Facebook, as we’ve been fired for daring to question “the narrative” there, so no, you don’t see many of us using Twitter, either.

      Unless you post exclusively things that the media/Left approves of, then it’s a free ride.

      There was a race studies conference last June where amazing things were said, and some of it was broadcasted via Twitter. I’ve been waiting for the ol’ “fair and balanced” media to scream about it, but so far, nothing, and I don’t expect that to change.

      That’s a shame, because the public really has a right to know what much of that $700 billion $900 billion  $1.1 trillion 1.4 trillion (it’s moving up so fast now I nearly have to correct the number in real time) in student loan money has been spent on. Higher education used to be about formal academic subjects like mathematics, science, and philosophy, but now wide swaths of campus are dedicated to “race studies” fiefdoms that, honest, really aren’t helping anyone, much less humanity.

      So let’s look at some of the things said at this conference:

     Any professor who said the above, but exchanged the words “whiteness” and “blackness” would be fired immediately. I’m going to assume by “white” here and elsewhere, what is being referenced Is European culture/people. For what it’s worth, white history is pretty violent…but every single continent with humans on it has a pretty violent history. So, while I don’t fundamentally disagree with Dr. Warren here, I’m not sure it paints an even remotely accurate picture.

      One of the many issues with Tweets is it’s hard to give a complete thought. Nevertheless, it’s hard to parse the initial tweet of this into coherence.

      One of the things I like about Tweets is people can respond. The responses to the above are pretty good (I’ve just included the first few). Isn’t it sad that the claims of a highly paid Berkeley professor are so casually destroyed? I can’t even imagine a mathematics professor saying something in his field that anyone can validly refute with minimal effort.

           The above is the sort of thing that scares me. The whole point of a university is for people to get together and share ideas. If only one idea is allowed, why should we even have universities?

      Another detail: calling someone a “racist” has lost its power. The slur is tired now, and needs a rest. So, it’s clear they’re shifting to a new slur, “white supremacist,” which will now be used to attack anyone who disagrees with the One True Thought.

      Bottom line, 2016 is The Year The Left Lost. Despite control of the media, the public schools, and higher education, the people still refused to go along with their insanity. The response to Trump winning that last election was tears, and this is not hyperbole on my part—you can find more than enough YouTube videos of them quite literally crying about it, in addition to the (9 months long, and counting) tantrum the Left—and that includes the mainstream media—has continuously thrown.

      What we’re seeing here is projection, although, truth be told, I’m really not seeing a whole lot of white people crying about…what, exactly?

      Now we come to the tweet justifying the title of this post:

     It’s easy to dismiss the above as just some stupid thing a stupid person said on a stupid way to communicate but…Professor Scheurich got his degree through research, right? I just don’t understand, why are we paying big bucks for “knowledge” that is little more than shouting and threats, and represents nothing more than the mysticism anyone can divine simply by smoking $10 of recreational chemicals? I’m not trying to be critical here, but I just don’t see why we should have it both ways.

     The above is ultimately the issue. There’s an undercurrent of violence here, protected by a dusting of order. All too often on our campuses, and now in our cities, the order disappears and these people turn very violent, and they do so because the ideology believes in violence as a justification for itself.

      Trump gives the slightest hint of violence in a tweet (as per the goofy wrestling meme) and the media goes nuts for days on end, but here we have a whole conference of people giving pro-violence, pro-racist Tweets, and the media response is…silence.

      While I’m at it, an odd detail comes to mind. It took CNN less than 24 hours to track down the guy who made the meme that insulted them, and “politely ask” him to apologize and stop doing it. I ask the gentle reader to keep that in mind the next time you see a wild “conspiracy theory” claim that could easily be debunked if only the media could find the time, but instead they respond to fairly straightforward assertions about the ridiculousness of government/media claims with…silence.


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