Sunday, February 19, 2017

Penn State and Pizzagate: A Familiar Silence

By Professor Doom

     My recent revisit of Penn State, where over a decade of whispers about what was going on in the showers there was systematically silenced, led me to consider the most striking parallel with the current big whispering campaign, called Pizzagate.

     Now, before I go any further I’ll state that, looking at all the evidence, if I were on the jury, I would not convict. Regrettably, the reason I wouldn’t convict doesn’t involve a lack of belief that something criminal is occurring here, but simply that there isn’t enough evidence collected. There wasn’t enough evidence for Penn State for a decade, either, and I suspect the reason is the same for both: there’s a systematic cover up preventing a legitimate investigation.  I can’t prove such a thing, of course, but I want to talk a little about some of that evidence, to point out a few elephants in the room that nobody seems to see. 

     The first whispers of Pizzagate started with Wikileaks. Now, without going into technical reasons, Wikileaks e-mails are 100% accurate. They definitely were written, definitely were sent, are perfectly legitimate in that regard. Interpreting what the e-mails mean, of course, is up to the reader.

     The bulk of the e-mails appear to be written by normal people, using normal English. There are also quite a few that are mysteriously written, and those are the ones people are considering in detail.

     Let’s look at a few of the e-mails that started it all.

(emphasis added)

      Now, this e-mail was sent by an old man and to old men, and there’s an awful lot of excitement here about getting into a hot pool with little children...a curious thing for old men to be excited about. A pro-Establishment friend helpfully suggested that perhaps this is just a harmless birthday party amongst family friends, or something. Hey, it could be, there’s reasonable doubt here.

      But…wait. These children have names, and ages, provided. I know if a close (publicly named) family friend was publicly identified as sodomizing my (publicly named) children in a now-public document like this, I’d come forward and state unequivocally that this e-mail was being misinterpreted, and produce the children to show no harm has been done to them, and save the reputation of my close family friend. It’d take about 30 seconds, right? Most parents will take 30 seconds to spare their child a lifetime of shame and misery, and most decent people would do as much for a friend.