Thursday, December 1, 2016

Project Veritas: Campuses Shred Constitution

By Professor Doom

     Project Veritas was in a the news a few weeks back, with video showing the Clinton campaign was behind the violence at Trump rallies, sending instigators to incite attacks. Strangely, the video was discounted by the mainstream media (MSM) because it was edited—the strange part being that edited video of Trump saying mean things over a decade ago was perfectly legitimate in MSM eyes. On Election Day, we found out Americans are tired of the bizarre hypocrisies and ludicrous false equivalencies that seem to dominate every aspect of life, but back to today’s topic.

     The Project Veritas videos showing the extraordinarily illegal activity by the Clinton campaign overshadowed an earlier video, where Veritas got campus administrators to, quite literally, shred the Constitution:

     I want to talk about this video; while the slant in the article is how our administrators don’t care about the principles upon which this country is founded (and they don’t), the article fails to consider why this is so…and the reason provides hope that we can fix this.

     Somewhat blurring the line between “investigative reporting” and “instigation,” Veritas sends in a reporter to pose as a student, traumatized by being exposed to the Constitution:

Administrators at Vassar College agreed to personally shred a pocket Constitution after an undercover reporter posing as a student complained that she felt “triggered” by its distribution on campus, while professors at Oberlin College confided that they shared the reporter's misgivings about the founding document.

     Now, some may discount Veritas’ video here because of the deception practiced, I’ll give them a break. It’s not like they were deliberately trying to incite violence and then blaming their targets for being violent, after all.

      The fake student goes to Admin with the usual idiotic tale of woe:

“Last week something kinda happened on campus that kind of really upset me and I ended up having a panic attack,” the reporter tells Vassar College Assistant Director of Equal Opportunity Kelly Grab. “It’s just I’ve been kind of hiding out in my room ever since kind of scared, so, finally somebody told me I should maybe come talk to you about it and see if there’s anything that can happen or anything … They were handing the Constitution out on campus.”

--note the admin’s title, Assistant Director of Equal Opportunity, is well over twice as long as her name, so meets my standard for a position that can be safely eliminated.

     The admin, rather than laughing off this story and telling the student to grow up, does what her real job entails:

“And so what I think you’re sharing with me is that your interaction in receiving this was harming, right?” Grab confirms. “And that’s what we certainly want to avoid; we don’t want to limit people in exchanging ideas or having opposing viewpoints, but when it’s disruptive or causing harm…”

     Now, here’s where I disagree with Veritas. Yes, the admin then takes the Constitution to a shredder and destroys it, page by page, to make the student happy. Yes, this is offensive on many levels and demonstrates a woeful lack of education on the part of the admin…but I disagree with the implication that admin’s job has much to do with destroying the Constitution, as Veritas implies.

      No, this administrator’s job, like most every administrator on campus now, is to make the students happy. Education, helping the student grow into a better human being, has nothing to do with it. So, if the student complains about the Constitution, the administrator will put the Constitution into a shredder. But if the student complained about a kitten, the administrator would put the kitten into a shredder as well.

     So, yes, watch the videos and see with your own eyes that our campuses are now filled with administrators whose only purpose, despite their splendiferous titles, is to make students happy at any cost. That cost has already included sacrificing education, and we can see that the cost also includes shredding the Constitution, and, I promise, if the cost were shredding kittens, they’d do that do.

     That’s what “make the students happy at any cost” means, after all.

     But this is the sign of hope: we don’t really have campuses bloated out with an administration determined to destroy the Constitution, and by implication we have lots of people who think destroying the Constitution is a good idea. No, we just have campuses bloated out with people whose only purpose is to cater to students’ every whim, no matter how idiotic…the issues here are really that simple.

      It’s just their job…we can fix much of what’s going wrong in our campuses by eliminating these jobs and, as before, a good rule of thumb is just to close every position with a title that’s twice as long as the administrator’s name. It seems like every post in my blog I identify such an administrator.

     This rule is no more idiotic than what passes for everyday administrative behavior on our campuses today, and will reduce campus operating costs by billions a year.

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