Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hillary Collapses. CNN: health concerns are "dubious."

Please, allow a gentle digression before going back to the many issues of higher education.
Hillary Clinton supposedly "fainted" after yet another holy commemoration of 9/11. Already the spin is strong.

Let's just take care of some spins right now:

:"She was overheated and dehydrated,"   No. Hillary has at least one doctor by her side at all times now, and probably has a few other medical personnel as well that are never more than arm's reach away. These people know about dehydration, they're not going to let the meal ticket dry up and blow away, and it wasn't even 80 degrees. She was wearing a coat but...shouldn't she have enough sense to dress properly? If not, how can we trust she has enough sense to rule this country?

"Anyone can faint being in a large crowd at a ceremony."  No. Numerous videos and pictures of the event show that Hillary's "medical thing" occurred away from whatever crowd there was. Besides, Hillary is an Important Person, and wasn't in a mosh pit. Other than security personnel, almost nobody gets close enough lay a hand on her, much less suck up all her air.

"She just tripped over a curb." No, she was being propped up before she collapsed. This was no surprise event, her people moved in to catch her as she was going down--they've seen this before, they are clearly skilled and prepared for Hillary to keel over at any time.

We could go on with ways to spin this, but what happened to her on this day isn't the issue. Hillary's no spring chicken and stuff happens when you get old. Trouble is, these health events are happening fairly regularly, and Hillary's extreme shyness when it comes to press conferences doesn't reassure anyone that's she's fine. In addition to the fainting, we've seen extreme long term coughing events, and at least three "seizure like episodes" on camera now. If Trump wants to win a debate with Hillary, all he has to do is insist it's held live, for two hours. Nothing in Hillary's recent performances indicates she can do it.

Mainstream media tells me there's nothing to see here, Hillary is fine.
"As Donald Trump and his allies attempt to raise dubious questions over Hillary Clinton's health..."

Dubious? Seriously? The CNN article even tries to turn this around to raise questions about Trump's health. The media bias is over-the-top nuts any more. At this point, Hillary's head could do a 360 degree spin, while she vomits pea soup, and I wouldn't expect mainstream media sites like CNN to even mention it, except possibly to say something like "Trump is on planet with pea soup..and this is bad for America." CNN even says there is no credible evidence that Hillary has a health problem. Other mainstream sites say much the same.

Having exhausted all plausible lies that don't make Hillary appear sick, they're finally saying she has pneumonia now. Yeah, right. It's been 8 months since the last Clinton press conference...that's a long time to have pneumonia, folks. Besides pneumonia is a dangerous, somewhat contagious disease, especially for the old or very young. If you have pneumonia, you don't go visit your daughter and play with your grandchildren, which is what Hillary did.

Is it really raining in my ear? Because I just find that hard to believe, seeing as I'm inside my house. Do I believe the news, or do I believe my lying eyes? If someone I loved collapsed like that, had seizures, had 5 minute coughing fits...I'd be taking that person to the doctor.

That leads to the real question I'm having here.
Does anyone love Hillary?

There's a huge dog not barking here, in addition to the mainstream silence over Hillary's health. According to (mainstream media) polls, Hillary is a major contender for President of the United States. There must be voters that truly love her and care for her. Where are the voters standing up and saying "We love you HIllary, get well soon"? Does anyone care about the very real possibility that Hillary Clinton is quite ill? If so, why are they so quiet about wishing her well? That makes no sense, so let's consider the alternative.

If nobody cares, how is it that Hillary is remotely possible as the next President of the United States?

In addition to that question, here's another: why can't the American public turn on the news or go to a mainstream news site and hear that question being asked, much less hear any answer at all?

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