Sunday, August 7, 2016

Campuses Set For More Riots

By Professor Doom

     I’ve mentioned a few times how identity politics is dementing our campuses, turning them into basket cases that no longer focus on education and research. I trust many of my readers have seen reports of campuses shut down due to student protests demanding certain skin colors or genders get even more special considerations than they already do.

     Such protests are the end-game of diversity, they happen once a critical mass of the campus is controlled by the part of the administrative caste that actually follows this ideology (as opposed to the part of the administrative caste that is just in it for the huge piles of plunder).

     Before these riots happen, the social justice warriors/SJWs/progressives/Leftists/Marxists, or whatever you want to call them, slowly tighten their grip. They test their strength first with small outrages, establishing control over what should be trivial and freely practiced things, then increase their oversight until rioting is inevitable. These little outrages rarely make the national news, barely make it past the campuses where they happen, but I want to highlight a few of them here, so that my gentle readers can be aware to the possibility of more ridiculous protests in the future.

     Civilized (and even primitive) societies have been having costume parties for, what, millennia? College students perhaps have more than most, and I certainly attended a toga party or two in my day.

      It never occurred to me (or any sane person, I suppose) that wearing a toga was offensive to Italy, the country which once held the heart of the Roman empire (where togas were the tuxedos of their time).

     Anyway, the students at the above campus had a tequila party (drinking being another common student pastime), and, being a party, there were other festive things involved:

Those “other things” included the miniature sombreros, several inches in diameter.

      That’s right, mini-sombreros, likely legitimately worn in Mexico today as often as togas are legitimately worn in modern Italy. Harmless enough silliness, one would think. But no, our campuses have huge administrative fiefdoms that really have nothing better to do than stick their noses into people wearing goofy mini-sombreros:

     And when photos of attendees wearing those mini-sombreros showed up on social media, students and administrators went ballistic.

      “Ballistic” is the word here, as students were banned and kicked out of the dorm for this “inappropriate” behavior. Naturally, student government (a reflection of the insane administration) sees the fake crisis as opportunity to grab more:

Within days, the Bowdoin Student Government unanimously adopted a “statement of solidarity” to “[stand] by all students who were injured and affected by the incident,” and recommend that administrators “create a space for those students who have been or feel specifically targeted.”

      Please understand this outrage is fictional, no actual harm was done here, and anyone who feels truly harmed by someone, somewhere, wearing a mini-sombrero should probably seek psychiatric help (as much as I’m loathe to subject a human to psychiatric pharmacology). I’m hardly alone in feeling this way:

One student of Guatemalan and Costa Rican heritage, freshman Brandon Lopez, pronounced the whole kerfuffle “mind-boggling” and called the disciplinary consequences a “travesty,” especially in light of the dining hall’s Mexican night a week later.

--the hypocrisy of things like Mexican night is what leads to rioting, as the ideology itself is fundamentally flawed by hypocrisy. No culture is without sin, particularly SJW culture, which nevertheless is very eager to throw stones.

      It is a travesty, although only a small one as yet. The important detail is that the SJWs on this campus have tested their power, and will want for more. Expect protests here soon.

     Let us consider another campus.

     Conferences are an important part of the college experience, especially for the motivated students. It gives them an opportunity to meet the movers-and-shakers in a field or industry, a chance to hear the latest developments.

      As an administrator, if industry leaders agree to come to your campus and help your students at a conference, you say “yes, thank you, you’re welcome to be here because we believe in helping out students.” 

     Well, that’s what you say if you’re a sane administrator. SJW administrators care nothing for helping students, ideology is everything. So, in response to an offer of help from industry leaders, a SJW leader says “Do you have the right kind of genitals?”
      Why is the complete madness of these people tolerated so? Perhaps the rocks in their hands have something to do with it?

     The gentle reader who thinks I’m simply exaggerating how insane these people are need only consider:

USC Cancelled an Awesome Video Game Panel for Including Too Many Men

     The title is a bit misleading, as the issue wasn’t too many men. The issue was there were no women on the panel:

The University of Southern California cancelled its planned "Legends of the Games" event after the lone female participant signaled that she wouldn't be able to attend. Administrators made the determination that an all-male panel was unacceptable, and killed the event—a mere four hours before it was supposed to start. 

      There was no concern for education here, this was a purely ideological. The panel would have included a representative from Blizzard (you know, the WarCraft company?), to give some idea of the student opportunity the administration threw away in the pursuit of their ideology.  The female who dropped out, incidentally, apparently did so for SJW concerns (she didn’t want to sit on a panel with men on it), but this is irrelevant next to the simple fact:

     Administration at USC doesn’t give a damn about the students, it’s all about the power. I promise, there will be protests here eventually.

     This ideology really is quite toxic, and the day will come when the ideologues will start to realize nobody is pure enough for it…when this day comes, these useless idiots will turn on each other. This will lead to even more rioting.

      Please understand, this sort of silliness goes on quite often on campus, sometimes the SJWs fail to seize power, but usually they win, and thereby get that much closer to destroying the campus.

      While I reckon the day where this type of madness ends can’t come soon enough, but as of now there are only hints that the rightful self-destruction of this ideology will occur:

Philadelphia was host to White Privilege Conference 2016 this weekend, where the attendees blamed the evils of society on everything from the “Christian hegemony,” to people not using Justice Sonia Sotomayor‘s name for their computer password. The Daily Caller provided extensive coverage of this PC minefield-of-a-conference, but what might have been the weirdest thing of all was when participants decided that the conference itself had become a bastion of white supremacy.

      This is rather the problem with self-hatred: you must also hate your own beliefs, making SJW a very problematic long term system of belief for any human being.

      The only question remaining here is: can our campuses outlast this toxic ideology? The prognosis is not good.

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