Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Re-Education Camps Now in the U.S.

By Professor Doom

     I’ve heard more than a few people refer to college as indoctrination centers or re-education camps. I have my doubts. Colleges, particularly community colleges, fail so extravagantly in their mission of education, how could they possibly serve as indoctrination centers? Even if so, wouldn’t we expect them to fail horribly at that as well? So, it’s been tough for me to take such claims seriously.

      To me, the concept of a re-education camp is a state-supported institution, where criminalized citizens go to learn a proper form of thinking. Naturally, the camps of socialist systems in the USSR, PRC, and DPR of Korea come to mind in particular.

     But community colleges for this purpose? Not with such a track record of failure.

      If indoctrination is the point of many institutions of “higher education,” I would have expected to see it in California schools…California has such a strong track record of absolute lunacy in higher education that indoctrination madness should be easily observed there. Yes, I’ve seen plenty of microaggression madness there, but indoctrination? Not so much.

      I was wrong to guess California, since white shaming is out of control in Oregon of all places. For a month the campus was devoted to letting the white people there know they’re a scourge upon the world, indoctrinating (yes, that word applies) them into the ideology of white privilege and all that comes with it.

     Perhaps Oregon was a weird fluke…but my being wrong about where the indoctrination would be most visible leads to me to at least conjecture that, yes, perhaps our colleges are now entering service as re-education camps.

The Privilege of Whiteness — FULL
7-8 PM

Location: Red Gym, Morgridge Center for Public Service offices

Participants in this workshop will be able to describe privilege and marginalization. Participants will also reflect on and name the ways their privilege impacts their beliefs and behaviors by gaining the skills to identify the historical roots of White privilege and how it manifests today. The workshop is designed for a White audience. People of color are welcome. *This session will be capped at 25 students. FULL.

     Now, I grant this was only a 1 hour session, only for 25 students but: FULL.
      I know it’s disgusting, but I ask the gentle reader to look over the description of that workshop again, for maximum offense. The workshop is designed for White people, to learn about “their privilege.”

      What the hell…

      And, I repeat, this session was FULL. This is important, because that means there was a legitimate (?!?) demand for this workshop. Believe you me, there’s nothing that makes administrators more excited than a prospect for a course which will fill up quickly…it’s why we have college courses devoted to Game of Thrones, after all. 

     So, the full workshop will lead to entire classes filled with students lapping up indoctrination into this ideology, and I can easily envision the general education guidelines for degrees to have (the last) 3 credit hours of mathematics removed, and replaced with “You Suck If You’re White” courses. This may sound like a joke, but having seen so many degree requirements annihilated over the years (math and sciences reduced to just 3 credit hours of high school level, and foreign languages completely removed, as examples), I see nothing to keep administration from doing this to advance the agenda of this ideology.

      Again, just a 1 hour session, and perhaps I’m over-reacting. “1 hour” does not a camp make. But what to make of this:

Northwestern University is currently in the midst of a six-week “social justice education” program that is exclusively for white students. The program, titled “Deconstructing Whiteness,” is a “six part workshop series for students who self-identify as white,” according to the university website.
--Northwestern is in Illinois…still not California.

    Six weeks is getting dangerously close to a college course…and absolutely qualifies as a camp. Double-interesting here is this is Whites-only who get to feel bad about their “privilege.”

Northwestern does not appear to have any similar “social justice education” events exclusively for non-whites. The university will, however, sponsor a blacks-only “healing space” on February 25

     University of Vermont is likewise jumping on the re-education camp bandwagon.

     The gentle reader should note that University of Vermont is a state-supported school…your tax dollars are paying for this re-education camp. We have state supported institutions training our citizens to think in a way consistent with a prevailing ideology. That’s pretty much what one thinks of when the phrase “re-education camp” comes to mind.

     There is one critical, pathetic, difference, however. The people in “traditional” re-education camps are prisoners, forced to stay in camp until they truly believe the garbage being forced into their brains.

     Our students aren’t prisoners, they are not forced into these things. Moreover, students are actually paying for these camps, going into perpetual debt for the “privilege” of learning about their alleged white privilege. It’s very sad, but it’s hard to argue with the facts here.

      Marx would be overjoyed.

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