Friday, December 18, 2015

Sex Revolt on British Campuses…Huzzah!

By Professor Doom

     I read many news releases on higher education, and I often feel like a glutton for punishment by doing so. It seems that every article details how things are only getting worse, with campus atmospheres getting ever more toxic while the Poo Bahs look down from their palaces and laugh, laugh, laugh, knowing that they’ll sell (and profit greatly from) the “safe spaces” that’ll protect people from the very poisonous atmosphere the Poo Bahs created.

     Goodness, can it be scary being a male on campus nowadays. I’m not just talking as faculty here, though that can be bad enough (on one campus, I only lasted as long as I did because the department head—female, like everyone in that department who served in any administrative capacity—thought I was homosexual).

     No, the fear I’m talking of here is as a male student. The kangaroo campus courts are notorious for their railroading of male students charged with any sort of sex crime. The fear of being destroyed by such rape charges is so prevalent that there’s even an app to help males protect themselves.

     It isn’t just the court system that’s justifiably scary. There are regular “take back the night” parties and such where, let’s face it, fingers are pointed at males. Yes, I grant that most (as in, somewhat over 50%) crime is due to males but…not every male is a criminal, honest. 

      Similarly, I totally grant that rape is a serious crime that should be taken seriously…but silly memes like “1 woman in 5 has been raped” exaggerate the situation to the point of being a lie, and lying about things can be problematic (cf The Boy Who Cried Wolf). 

      So, generally when I read something about the sexual atmosphere on campus, I expect another article letting me know how males are evil and should be removed.

          Every once in a while, however, I see an article that gives me a glimpse of hope. The title sure doesn’t bode well, I admit:

     The males, at least on campuses, are fighting back against the constant barrage of anti-male sentiment:

George Lawlor, a student at Warwick University, started a firestorm when he wrote a piece for a student newspaper called The Tab, headlined "Why I Don’t Need Consent Classes." Not only did he tell the "self-appointed teachers of consent" to "get off your fucking high horse"—even worse, in the eyes of the raunch-allergic feminists who staff Britain’s students’ unions, he posted a photo of himself holding a sign saying: "This is not what a rapist looks like."

--consent classes are mandatory classes where well-paid commissars teach males what “yes” means. Yes, our administrators shout “mandatory consent” and see neither humor nor idiocy in having those two words consecutively…does nobody read Orwell anymore? 

     The gentle reader needs to understand these mandatory classes are mostly the result of fiefdoms run by 6-figure earning administrators with nothing better to do. The information that males learn here is, like most everything else on campus, little different than what they learn in high school: “No means No” and similar easy guidelines. Millions of dollars (guess I should say Euros or pounds…) poured into higher education goes into this sludge, while a tiny trickle goes into actual education.

     Rather than think things through, the media seems to be taking the usual anti-male approach:

Pretty much every liberal broadsheet in Christendom asked, "Well, what DOES a rapist look like?," hinting that Lawlor, by virtue of the fact that he has XY chromosomes, does look like a rapist. A Guardian writer suggested every man in the world, including the Dalai Lama, should post photos of themselves holding a sign that says "This is what a rapist looks like." 

     The first student’s refusal to cooperate with injustice, much like Rosa Parks’, may finally end the madness:

A few days later, another Warwick student, Jack Hadfield, announced that he, too, would not be attending campus consent classes. We are witnessing "the demonisation of men," he said, the promotion of the idea that "men are dangerous sex pests."

     Although the students in general are against these classes, actually standing up to administrative bullying has been as feeble among the students as it has been among the faculty, allowing these classes to proliferate:

The big question is: Why didn’t this happen earlier? Consent classes have been taking place on campuses in Britain for more than a year, and they’re deeply patronising. In an irony that would make Orwell proud, or mad, they’re compulsory on some campuses, including Cambridge and Oxford. Compulsory consent education—you couldn’t make it up.

     Madness, but if students are to be coddled to an insane level, then, yes, they need to be “trained” on sex even as they’re allowed to have all they want…at least until the student loan money runs out, then, suddenly, these “children” are to be ruthlessly pursued until death to get that money.

     Please understand that what’s happening there is happening here:

     A new sexual revolution is overdue. From Britain’s consent classes to California’s affirmative-consent laws to the explosion of sexual-assault kangaroo courts on U.S. campuses, the sexual freedom of young people is being subtly but significantly corroded.

--The kangaroo court link is different than the one I give above; although more recent, it confirms what I ‘ve said many times in this blog.

   I know, this is just a little thing, students refusing to go to non-academic classes. But…it’s a start. Imagine if students refused to sign up for classes with 500 other students in them, refusing to waste time and money in huge courses where the students are far better off educating themselves than paying a fortune to sit in a stadium as though they were listening to a rock star (I might complain less if I were being paid like a rock star, but curiously that money only flows to admin…).

     Then imagine if students refused to take any more Powerpoint and Scantron test courses, courses where you just fill in bubbles based on reading a few hundred words over the course of a month or more.

     Imagine if students refused to take online courses, refused to hire ringers to just take their courses for them so…ok, I guess I’m getting a little crazy here, as there’s far more to the frauds going on in higher education than just plundering administrators.

     Still, the students are starting to show resistance, starting to realize that there’s something very wrong in the higher education system, wrong enough that they are justified in refusing to participate, even when administration shouts out “mandatory!”

      It’s a start.



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