Friday, August 28, 2015

UCLA Offers Paid Internships to Illegals

By Professor Doom

     California in general seems to be a good source of whacky ideas, so perhaps it’s not fair to keep picking on it when Californian educational institutions do the most ridiculous things:

     I’d like to present the above, completely offensive idea, as a message of hope: our rulers of higher education are now so openly incompetent that at no point did anyone in any position of power point out how atrocious the idea is.

     Or maybe they’re just quite confident they can get away with anything:

The UCLA Labor Center’s Dream Resource Center is allowing undocumented students to apply for Dream Summer, a ten-week summer program that provides paid internship opportunities…

     Consider the previous outrage in the above: “undocumented students.” In their quest for growth over everything, administration allowed not just wildly incapable students on campus, students who take 3rd grade level courses semester after semester…they also allow “undocumented students” to enroll.

      I don’t want to sound elitist, but UCLA is taxpayer supported. I can’t be alone in thinking taxpayer-funded universities shouldn’t be supporting “undocumented” (the current politically correct term for “illegal”) students in our universities.

UCLA is among the growing number of University of California schools, including UC San Diego and UC Berkeley, to provide academic scholarships and opportunities for exclusively for illegal immigrants.  
--exclusively! Trying giving academic scholarships and opportunities exclusively to white males, and see how far you get…

     With no public outrage over this, I can see how administration thought hiring illegals wouldn’t be a problem, either. Trump wants to build a wall to keep illegals out, but he’ll need to also have a plan for university administrators going to the wall and putting up ladders, so they can get more students into UCLA (more students means more money for admin, after all).

     Anyway, back to the internship program:

The program will encourage them to advocate for immigration reform and promote universal health care access regardless of immigration status.

     Mercy! I mean, if the internship program was, you know, academic in nature, I could accept this as “well, they’re just making it open to everyone.” Internship programs in science, for example, make some sense, giving students the chance to gain rare skills that are difficult to get any other way, and I don’t see much need to restrict applications.

      But this is an internship where the interns will do what they’d do anyway, right? I mean obviously immigration reform and free health care for illegal immigrants are going to be things illegal immigrants want. How could there possibly be a shortage of applicants for this?

     Naturally, this internship is of interest for immigrants that came here legally. Unfortunately, legal immigrants will have to jump extra hurdles:

For international students, the requirement is more stringent. “Students have to get credit for paid as well as unpaid internships to stay in the U.S. on an educational F-1 visa with approval from the Dashew Center for International Students and Scholars,” the Daily Bruin reports.

     This is pure California crazy here. Illegal immigrants actually have an advantage for getting this paid internship. Is there truly no legal issue with this sort of thing?

      Oh, wait, there totally is:

      Is it such a stretch to view offering jobs specifically to illegal aliens as encouraging them come here in violation of the law? At the very least, the chuckleheads at UCLA who came up with this plan should be indicted, if not arrested, for this program. There have been no such indictments, of course. How is a wall on our border going to make the slightest bit of difference with illegal immigration when our government doesn’t enforce the laws we already have, and our own public institutions outright encourage illegal immigration?

     And here I thought our community colleges regularly violating Federal law was amazing. At least the community colleges don’t overtly advertise their violations. UCLA advertises its foolishness and lack of common sense…and nothing is done.

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