Friday, August 7, 2015

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Classes are starting up again soon, so, with apologies to regular readers, it's time for another pitch.

Higher education today is, for most institutions, a fraud on many levels.  The first year or so of posts on my blog covers it all, and I encourage the interested reader to start from the beginning. If you want a full discussion of the massive fraud that is higher education today, please consider getting Why Johnny Can't Read, Write, or Do 'Rithmetic Even With A College Degree, which also includes dozens of references to reports and documentation showing exactly how it is that a college graduate can easily leave college with no measurable gain in any skill or ability, but many thousands of dollars of debt.

If you're heading back to college in a few weeks, and starting to have doubts about the system based on you learning nothing relevant last semester, I strongly encourage you to get that book, or, if $9 is too much, just start reading this blog from the beginning.

 If I can't dissuade you from what is the best choice for most people in higher education today, and you are determined to get a degree, any degree, as simply as possible, as cheaply as possible (and, for cheap, nothing beats University of the People, with $1,000 a year costs), with the least chance of failure, allow me to present a Plan B:

My book, What To Do If You Are Failing in College covers all the pitfalls administration has set up, and shows how to avoid the traps that have been set, traps that will prolong you or your child's stay in college much longer than could possibly do any good.

You can already buy books on how to study, how to take notes, and my book only has a little to add to all the "study and work hard" advice already out there. Instead, I focus on the reality of college...what you should be doing the first week of classes, the first month, by mid-terms, by finals. What you need to have done before you even sign up for your 5th semester of classes. What your 4th year of coursework should look like, regardless of your major.

In short, I cover how to really play the "get a degree" game, in a way that no other book addresses. If you really want to go to college and get a degree, this book has far more real information than you'll get from any administrator, who for the most part is highly motivated to trick you into any number of traps administration has set up to prolong your stay as long as possible.

 A new post will be up by Saturday.

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