Friday, January 30, 2015

The Pay to Play Scam is Just A Small Part of the Fraud, Part 2

By Professor Doom

     So, I’m looking at yet another scandal in higher education, a rather piffling one, really: administration got caught taking a second bribe to let a student on campus. The scandals surrounding the scandal are interesting as well, such as the hiring of an unqualified paid booster into an administrative position.

    It doesn’t matter if the paid booster is unqualified to be a deanling; it takes nothing to be a deanling. I’ve seen many of these cases, and it’s never been a problem that such appointees are incompetent to do the job, because these jobs require nothing. I can’t even begin to list the unqualified administrators running higher education, whose only credentials are being friends of the Poo-Bah. No faculty know what these people do in their jobs.

     All we know is because the institution is paying these money-soaks so much, we need to double class sizes again, or teach an extra section for no pay. Yet another massive fraud of higher education only glossed over in this article (through no fault of the author, I concede).

     Anyone, and I mean anyone, that dares to try to stop what’s going on is removed:

“The emails also demonstrate this network of influence extended itself into the impeachment of Wallace Hall, a university regent who has challenged insider influence-peddling.”

     As is always the case, anyone inside higher education who tries to do anything about the frauds of higher education (and uses his real name), is removed in as humiliating a way possible. You can guess what happened to whistleblower Hall: he didn’t stand a chance:

 “…Rep. Eric Johnson, another member of the legislative committee who voted against Hall, was also interested in attending a graduate program at UT Law…”

     Does anyone else think that maybe the jury shouldn’t have a vested interest in passing judgment over the accused?  This alone should instantly void that “impeachment” of the one poor soul who foolishly tried to put some integrity back into the system.

     Honest, the corruption really is that over-the-top now. I’ve seen similar in the kangaroo court system of higher education many times. Perhaps the worst I’ve personally seen was secret testimony and evidence given in a secret counter-appeal given against another faculty, by a lawyer/faculty…you really think a competent lawyer would know better than to give secret evidence/testimony, but my own eyes have shown otherwise (of course, as I’ve shown before, competence is NOT what administration wants in faculty anyway). The faculty in that case, incidentally, knew it was a huge breach of integrity and a denial of due process, but had no choice but to accept it—the defendant had no chance at all.

     So, the whistleblower gets pulled into the kangaroo campus court system, and annihilated:

“…unsubstantiated claims that Hall “bullied staff” at UT. Evidence in Hall’s impeachment report consists of a single incident: Hall arguing in an email that an administrator named Kevin Hegarty ought to be punished for inventing and testifying to an incorrect figure that was at the crux of one of the accusations against Hall…”

     Yeah, that’s some real bullying there. It’s funny how big the double standard is for administration. I, and several of my faculty friends, have been bullied by admin. I wasn’t stupid enough to make a formal complaint, but one of my friends was.

     He fills out the forms, and provides the evidence, including documents with e-mails and testimony. Human Resources then forms a committee of administrators, which investigated themselves, and, *shock*, found no evidence of bullying. My friend, of course, was gone within the year.

     A complaint against admin will not get rid of even the most viciously incompetent administrator. On the other hand, if admin wants you out, as you can see above, it doesn’t take much in the way of evidence at all to be rid of you.

     As a legitimate site, Watchdog allows comments; a couple are from obvious paid trolls, in support of the Poo-Bah (considering the money he’s paying them, I don’t begrudge them, however). I won’t discuss them here, but if a reader wishes to read more, he can. One comment merits a response:

“This is not surprising, that it was found out IS surprising. UT is probably the most corrupt university in the nation, and has been for many years, in many areas…”

     Indeed, administration has many tools for squelching investigation, as the 18 year UNC open scandal demonstrates. But “probably the most corrupt”? I’m sorry, friend, but [citation needed]. Higher education is hideously, thoroughly corrupt, and the above is just a glimmer of what’s going on at one university…and what’s going on in the community college system (which should be almost entirely shut down) is vastly worse.

      Still, I give a solid A- for this piece, which at least covers a tiny bit of the fraud going on right now.

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