Sunday, September 7, 2014

My books....

Just the usual pitch, but it's that time of the year when college starts, so I feel an attempt to stop what's happening is worthwhile.

My first book, Why Johnny Can't Read, Write, or Do 'Rithmetic Even With A College Degree, details carefully what's happened in higher education in the last few decades. It explains carefully how the collapse took place, and why much of higher education is a fraud. Most everything in it is contained in the first year of posts on my blog, but, if you want it in convenient book form, there it is. Anyone who's thinking about going to college, or sending a child to college, so really see what's going on.

My other book, What To Do If You're Failing In College, is a bit different. As the title says, it addresses failure in college. I've been in higher education a long time, and I've seen how the system can be administrator will tell you the tricks, but that book has everything you need to get out of failing, and, more importantly, how to keep from failing again. Yes, I spend a few lines on "work hard and study", but I focus on the real advice that students, especially the ones that don't really want to work hard and study, need to know to slide through the system and get that degree, rather than destroying themselves with tens of thousands of dollars of student loans.

So, apologies for the sales pitch, I'll have another real post up soon.


  1. I have just read both of them. You are a great writer but you understand math. If I go ahead with my plans for online graduate studies, I would love to hire you to write for me. I would do the reading and perhaps some minor assignments, so it wouldn't really be dishonest. I would read the papers you would write, too, and ask you to explain any statistics or other difficult concepts.

    1. Why not write him a check now for $100,000 and he'll give you a degree in two years? That way, you won't have to do any work at all! ;)

    2. Because I want to get some learning and the satisfaction of having made an effort, even if not quite as much as I'm supposed to. I also want to know what's in my own papers and courses, even if somebody else "helped".

    3. I've certainly done the like a few times; I'm happy to help, although absolutely I don't write academic papers.