Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My book...

Many of the essays posted here are from a book I wrote, Why Johnny Can't Read, Write, or Do 'Rithmetic Even With A College Degree. Publishers won't touch this book: the big ones just aren't in the business of revealing what's really going on in higher education. I'm no great self-promoter; the book is the result of my investigation into higher education after starting to suspect that most of what goes on is fraud.

It's not expensive, and if you find it tedious to look through my blog (which has essentially everything in the book), plunk down $8 and get it while it's still in print:



  1. Hey again. I saw another article I really wanted to send your way. Hope you enjoy it!


    Also a professor I talked to about your blog in California told me a colleague of his at an expensive private university had a student get a bad grade in their class, after which the parents complained to the admin, with the admin in turn telling the professor to change the grade (which they refused to do), and after the class ended, the professor discovered the grade had been changed anyways.

  2. That certainly is a strange article; it falls under the "Student as Customer" paradigm that has done considerable harm to higher education. Some of the stuff referenced in the article I read in high school (as did many people, in ages past), and now they want warning labels on it to protect adults. Amazing, but little different than the "Warning: this jar of peanuts contains peanut products" labels on food--you must protect the customer from hurting himself!

  3. I completely agree with you. But let's think of a solution. Turn half the college into a tutoring center. Make the kids earn the grants by passing SAT tests. They don't pass, they don't get the money, they don't get in.

  4. Not just students as consumers, but captive consumers facing a brutal monopoly that has completely rigged the game in the institution's favor. Student beware! The fraud is know and could be easily fixed, why does it continue? That's the real question here folks and Professor Doom spells out here and in his book exactly what's going on.