Sunday, May 18, 2014

A picture sure is worth alot of words....

The above map, from here, really demonstrates how completely insane higher education has become.

That's a map of highest paid public employees, by state.

State by state, every state, the highest paid public employee is in higher education. Not the governor, not a senator, not some life-saver...but someone in higher education.

Yes, most of it is coaches, so I guess the time for me to talk about the immense fraud of college athletics draws nigh...but the fact remains, higher education is a system of plunder, devoid of integrity. All the money poured into higher education has not gone to education, or to educators.

And the picture tells the tale.


  1. So the movie Idiocracy is a reality, except for the fact that the dumbing down of the world is deliberate.

  2. Not that I don't believe you, but where is the supporting research confirming this?

  3. A fair question; I'd follow the link provided and backtrack from there. It's a simple matter to find that college presidents make more than governors, at the very least, thus leaving little room for the highest paid public employee to not be in higher ed. I just don't feel like going state by state to see if maybe somewhere there is some sanity in higher education. There isn't.

  4. Taking a few seconds, I see the original is at .

    They've already got a correction. The highest paid public employee in New Hampshire is no longer a hockey coach (data from 2008). Now it's the president of University of New Hampshire.

    Seriously, there's something very *wrong* with higher education...

  5. Selling war is first and foremost in the USA. Thereafter, McDonalds, Budweiser and Chevrolet know where the viewership is. The Hollywood moguls pay their pimp actors eight digits per movie to convey degenerate filth. Move over Rover, and let the sports industrial complex take over

  6. At the very least, Nevada's highest paid person can save lives in the case of a fire.