Saturday, January 25, 2020

My Cancer Story…How Modern Medicine Killed Me

By Professor Doom

    So I’ve been suffering at the hands of cancer treatment well over a year, and am doomed at this point. I thought it’d be worthwhile as my final post to give a discussion of what happened to me.

      I know, the typical reader will go “whew, that was some bad luck…good thing that won’t happen to me.” I certainly made that mistake too.

      I had an undescended testicle, like my father before me. He had his removed when he was a child. When I was around 8, it was lowered…but it ascended when I was 16, I even remember when it happened.

      Around age 19, I go to a urologist to get it removed. I’ll be putting things doctors or medical professionals said to me in boldface.

“Well, we used to remove them, but for the purposes of cancer, it’s better to lower them.”

--(In case you’re wondering why I’d remember a conversation from over 30 years ago, I relayed this information to a high school friend at the time, who commented that it was about the only time he’d talked testicles with a friend, and confirmed my memory.)

     Now, I was pretty much a kid, so I misunderstood the above to think that it was better to lower it because it reduced the risk of cancer. What the doctor who screwed me here meant to say was “The protocol now is to lower the testicle because supposedly testicular cancer is easy to treat., even though the chance of it turning cancerous is much higher.”

       This was well before the internet, so I didn’t stand a chance. I trusted this guy, though he cut a nerve doing his job…it was not pleasant. In any event, if I’d been given a fair shake, I would have been told that re-lowering testicles like this greatly increases the chance of testicular cancer. If I’d been given this information, perhaps I would have discovered the cancer sooner. Oopsie, though at least the doctor scored a few hundred extra bucks for a more complicated surgery.

       That lowered testicle was small, deformed, and hard…I gained nothing from having it.

“No, this won’t hurt an unborn child.”

     My first wife had a miscarriage (the only child we were like to have thanks to all the drugs they were plying my wife with), and I can’t help but suspect the drugs were a factor in my son’s heart not developing. Many years later, I see advertisements on TV from lawyers looking for people to join a class action lawsuit regarding that drug. Oopsie.

      My father died a year after that, a bad reaction to a drug destroying his kidney…and he didn’t have a spare. Oopsie.

     With both father and son killed iatrogenically, I should have been able to guess how things would turn out for me.


       “I really don’t think it’s cancer.”

      Around age 37, I noticed that small hard testicle was deformed, just about a crescent shape and larger by far. Poking around in my groin, I found an enlarged lymph node. I read online, it sure looks like cancer is the most likely thing. So, I get an appointment with a urologist (different than the one from over a decade before). He pokes and prods, says the above. I ask about the enlarged lymph node, he says he doesn’t feel any.

      I grab his hand and jam it into the soft tissue of my groin…I still remember his eyes widening with realizing that I have a pretty enlarged lymph node.

      Things move fast after that. He sends me to get an ultrasound…the technician isn’t allowed to tell me anything but I see the look in her eyes (she’s young), and can tell I’m screwed.

      I even get a CT scan, but they screw up and only do my groin. So I have to get an extra CT scan to check my lungs, because testicular cancer commonly goes there. Oopsie, but at least it hasn’t spread beyond the lymph nodes.

“You’re lucky. He’s a great doctor.”

      The nurse surreptitiously whispers the above to me as I’m introduced to my oncologist. I take some comfort in that. I tried befriending the doctor via e-mails, but it did no good; he was no writer. Even though English was his first language, I doubt he ever replied in a complete sentence.

        “You’re lucky, this is an easy cancer to treat.”

      So, next comes 3 rounds of BEP chemo. My hair falls out, and I’m sick…but it isn’t too terrible, as they pump me full of drugs. I read around online, and can’t help but worry, as I read of people dying of cancer, suffering horribly from useless treatment after useless treatment, each one failing and making the victim sicker, before death inevitably comes.

      There were a few incidents during the chemo. I begged to have a mediport put in immediately, every account I read said how sooner or later you needed one. The doc said “nope,” but by the second round I was getting stuck half a dozen times a day before they could find a vein…eventually one ruptured. That’s some real pain, and my arm hurt for months after that.

       The chemo nurses were usually good, although one time a nurse walked away with the IV squirting saline/drugs all over the floor when it was supposed to be plugged into me. I tried calling her, but she was oblivious. Eventually I got the attention of the head nurse, and she fixed things up.

       But I take heart in the nurse’s praise of the doctor, and the medical reports which say the BEP chemo is actually effective. I join a TC (testicular cancer) netserv, all day long people report how the treatments aren’t working, but one apologist there swears it does; I know there’s a bit of bias here as only complainers are desperate enough to join the netserv.

      In any event, my HCG tumor marker drops down to zero, the chemo seems to work. I still have some enlarged lymph nodes though, so off to a new doc to deal with that.

“Well, you won’t get cancer there again, at least.”

      I read reports of how ghastly getting a lymph node dissection was, and so was consumed with fear. It wasn’t that bad a surgery, really, just a few lymph nodes removed, and the doc said the above. Of course, the reality is the lymph nodes somewhat slow down the spread of cancer…but he was still right in his way.

      Or should have been right. Oopsie.

“You’re cured.”

      Fully expecting the treatments to fail, I report for the yearly CT scans and the easy HCG blood test. Everything’s negative after 3 years (yes, 3, not the recommended 5, but my markers were always low and there was very little spread, so the doc discharges me early).

       A few years after that, I get a FUO, a fever of unknown origin. My GP worries that it might be the testicular cancer I told him about. I ask him to test me, so, he orders a blood test.

       A testosterone test…I was unclear what test I needed. I’m good in that regard, but it should have been an HCG test. Oopsie. Guess I should have followed up, but eventually Cipro clears up the fever anyway. Oopsie.

     A decade passes, I’m assured there’s no way the cancer is coming back. 

       I take a big risk in 2018: buy a house right next to my beloved university. A few weeks after that, I find a lump in my groin.

     A lump in the exact spot I was told cancer could not appear. Apparently the doc screwed up. Oopsie.

     I know it’s cancer, I know I need an oncologist. I spend 3 weeks every day making calls trying to get an oncologist to see me. No dice. They want my records from well over 10 years ago before they’ll bother. I have a lump sticking out of my groin and I cannot get an oncologist to see me unless they see 14 year old records. I don’t have a local doctor I know.

     I’ve just moved, so my GP is in the next town over. I have no choice but to go to him first.

“I don’t think it’s cancer.”

     It takes forever to convince the guy to consider cancer, even as he fondles the lump. I have to explain to him about the HCG test, he reluctantly agrees to do so. He does order a CT scan and ultrasound.

“Testicular cancer just doesn’t come back after so much time.”

     I face much resistance trying to convince this guy that I have cancer, even with the damn lump in my groin that is visible to the eye. I ask him to do the CT scan of my chest as well as the lump, and to ultrasound my remaining testicle.

      He ignores my requests, instead getting ultrasounds and CT scans of the lump.

      Anyway, the HCG test comes back positive. At long last, I’m finally allowed to see an oncologist.

“You’re lucky, he’s a very good doctor.”

      The nurse lets me know what a great oncologist I have. He thinks I’m someone else, though, a Mr. Klein…just a glitch and we clear that up. There are lots of little glitches like that here. He immediately orders the CT scan of my chest and the ultrasound of my remaining testicle, so I get to re-do those tests. Oopsie. At least I don’t have to produce those records from over a decade ago.

     Scans confirm that the cancer has spread to my lungs, in addition to that huge lump in my groin. At this point, I’m used to reading the scans myself rather than waiting for the doctor to take a look, if ever he will.

     My local oncologist refers me to a surgeon to get the lump out of my groin as soon as possible.

“You’re lucky, he’s a great doctor.”

      The nurse lets me know the surgeon is great. And, he gets the job done, though I’m crippled, barely able to painfully walk. I have no choice but to get replacements for my classes.

      During this time I go back to that old TC listserv; the same apologist is running it. He puts me in touch with “the great” Dr. Einhorn, the guy who more or less invented the chemotherapy that “cures” testicular cancer. If Dr. Einhorn was never born, I’d be fine now, as my undescended testicle would have been removed 30 years ago. Oopsie.

      I even exchange e-mails with Dr. Einhorn, and he confirms that I should get TIP chemo, “salvage” chemo, next.

“You’ll be fine, and this works.”

     My local oncologist is…not the best. I ask him many questions about my cancer, about the treatment, and he gets it wrong every. Single. Time. He went 0 for 12 before I gave up trying to have a conversation with him. To be fair, I guess I should give him 2/3rds of a point, as when I asked him what TIP stands for he did manage to correctly name 2 of the 3 drugs he was prescribing.

      At least he lets me get a mediport before I have rupturing veins.

      He also cures my liver cancer in 30 seconds or so. He lets me know the mets there have cleared up…I try to convince him there never were mets to my liver, but the doc doubles down. It takes a few more minutes before he finally concedes he was confused. Oopsie. Like I said, lots of little glitches in that place, I’m just hitting the highlights.

      I have an “incident” when my body is introduced to Paclitaxol. It’s called “tightness in the chest.” It feels like my ribs suddenly grew 6” shark teeth pointing inward…it really hurts, but I survive. At least the chemo nurses know what they’re doing at this new place.

      TIP chemo was designed for 25 year olds (the usual age for testicular cancer), not people past the age of 50. It’s hellish suffering, by the second “treatment” I’m in a wheelchair, and prone to passing out if I move more than a few feet on my own. It’s hellish misery, and I know I just wrote that.

     But…my tumor markers drop to zero, so I guess I’m good. Even Einhorn is pleased. I have to fight really hard, reminding the doctor to do those tumor marker tests to make sure everything is going right.

     I have a PET scan, and it says I’m clear, no active tumors. Lucky break. Some masses in my lungs, but the PET scan assures they are dead.

     I still have enlarged lymph nodes, so I’m referred again to a surgeon for that (seriously, very little about this whole process has changed between now and well over a decade earlier…you’d think there’d be some real improvements somewhere…).

     Now, there could be cancer in those lymph nodes, so you want to get them out quickly. Alas, the doc won’t do it until he sees, I’m not kidding, the damn records from over 10 years earlier. It takes a few weeks to finally dig them up.

       When I finally meet the guy, he hasn’t even looked at them, and is more than a little confused about my case history.

“It’ll be just like a day at the gym.”

       This doctor assures me the lymph node dissection isn’t so bad. The previous one wasn’t either, so I believe him. He says I’ll be up and about within hours of the surgery. (I strongly suspect the previous one was done improperly, it was so easy to recover from.)

        He’s taken so long to set up the surgery that I’m due for another HCG test. I report, they take blood. They lose the blood, so I don’t get the results before the surgery. Oopsie. Besides the PET scan says all the tumors in my lungs are dead, so I’ve nothing to worry about.

       The surgery itself is a horror. There weren’t any complications or anything, but it was just a horror. I was just barely recovered from the chemo to walk, but no more, again. The day of and day after the surgery I spent in a daze.

“Were you always such a lightweight?”

        One of the assistant doctors is surprised how slow I was to recover from the 5.5 hour surgery intended for 25 year olds, particularly those who hadn’t had their groin shredded and body debilitated by previous treatments.

       The doc basically guts me…that was medieval, I’m in agony for weeks after getting home. That was nearly a year ago, still constant pain.

       But, the path reports are great—no cancer! Yes, that means the surgery probably wasn’t needed (he removed far more than he needed to, just to be safe), but least I have that. He scored over $50,000 for the surgery, too.

     Alas, the very first HCG report post surgery confirms: the cancer is still active. Darn, if only they’d not lost that previous tumor test, I could have avoided this surgery. Oopsie.

      I get another CT scan, and can see the tumors in my lungs are still active. The PET scan missed around 18 of them. Oopsie.

“That chemo generally doesn’t work.”

     Einhorn decides to let me know after the fact that TIP won’t work for me, since I’m a late recurrence. In every e-mail with him my subject line was “15 year recurrence.” Oopsie. I even speak with him on the phone to make absolutely sure that the TIP he said was a good idea (before I did it) was in fact a terrible idea (after I did it)…I really suffered under that. I don’t communicate with him much after that, but he helpfully sets me up in a clinical trial, “starting in 8-10 weeks.” I fill out extensive forms for that, we’ll get back to it later.

      When I finally meet the local oncologist, he doesn’t know about the tumors in my lungs still active, he’s just worried about the tumor markers. I tell him the cancer is probably in my chest, and have to sit and wait while he reads the CT report.

       He then goes into panic mode, at least having the decency to be embarrassed at not even looking at the CT report before seeing me (though that really is par for the course with these guys). I leave the meeting. Later he tries to sell me Keytruda, a $5,000 a dose medicine. Looking at the medical studies, I see Keytruda has a very consistent 0% success rate for my cancer. I pass on his treatment. He tries to sell me a few other things…but I pass.

       So, at this point, I’m told my best chance is high dose/stem cell replacement chemo, and that’s only done nearby at MDA in Houston. I’m pretty sure doing so is a horrible mistake (and Einhorn indicated as much), but I don’t have many options here.

      It takes over a month to get an appointment.

“You’re lucky, he’s a very good doctor.”

      Again with the reassurance from the nurse. It’s very clear at this point that they’re all working from a script. I guess their victims generally die before figuring it out.

      The new doc says I’m a difficult case, but suspects I have a rare version of cancer called ETT, and I was misdiagnosed when they removed that big tumor from my groin. Oopsie. Surgical removal of the tumors should work. The lung surgeon won’t do it, however, unless my HCG marker is back down to zero. It’s been steadily climbing…and I’m sure not looking forward to more chemo, but there’s no negotiation here.

      My MDA doc sells me this experimental chemo, ATP, says it’s low dose, not so bad.

       I suffer horribly under it, back to being barely able to walk again. They even change the drugs I’m taking mid-process (and neglect to do the HCG test to even see if the change is working).

      I get lucky, actually survive the chemo, and my markers get down to near zero. The surgeon will do it. He sits with me and shows me how they’ll take wedge resections out of my lungs, removing the tumors whole, one or more at a time.

       I have full-on lung surgery. They break a rib, pop out a lung, and slice away. Let’s just say it’s a really painful recovery.

      A month later when I’ve barely recovered, he does it again with the other lung. It’s somehow more painful, and I get nerve damage in my rib cage this time…I’m really going lightly over what’s been done to me, I’ve dozens of new surgical scars from the last year or so of hell.

“You’re going to be fine now, I got everything.”

        The surgeon is quite confident I’ve no more tumors in my lungs. Well, to be fair, he says I might have one—he really couldn’t get to this one spot, but it was small, perhaps I’ll get lucky. So confident is he that he discharges me, figuring this time the job is done.

       Hey, maybe a tumor marker test would be a good idea? I have to fight to get it, but reluctantly I manage to get permission 3 weeks after I started asking for it.

     The reason the doc doesn’t care to move with any speed is he says my cancer is very slow growing, which is also why chemo isn’t very effective with it.

      My tumor markers are higher than before. Hmm, removed my tumors, but the marker goes higher. A little suspicious, that.

      The doctor explains that the PET scan is useless for detecting a type of tumor called a teratoma, and that’s why it missed all 18 or so tumors in my lungs.

.     The path report says the tumors in my right lung might be squamous cell cancer, which should be addressed quickly, while the month earlier report said the tumors in my left lung were ETT. Not a single tumor was identified as a teratoma. Oopsie.

     Hey, remember that clinical trial that was going to start in 8-10 weeks, about 5 months earlier? They contact me to let me know they’ll be starting in 8-10 weeks.

       Another month as MDA goes through panic before finally deciding a PET and CT scan would be a good idea. They’re not so sure about my lungs, but what little they can see there could be surgical related. They say it should be closely monitored, but MDA lets it go for three months despite my pressing them a few times…I only have so much energy. There’s also something suspicious on my right femur.

      It’s cancer, and it was actually visible on an earlier MDA scan, but they missed it. Oopsie.

      I have to wait a few extra weeks to see a bone cancer specialist.

“You’re lucky. He’s a very good doctor.”

      I’m so damn tired of the nurses telling me that. It’s funny I’m the only one who seems to notice all the suckers get the same treatment overall.

       I waited weeks to see this guy, and he dismissed me in 10 minutes, he can’t help, all he can offer is hip replacement, which really won’t help a tumor on my femur. Oopsie.

      Off to interventional radiology.

       So, I’ll have to get a cryoablation to blast the tumor out of my femur. I ask a few times about what they’re going to do about the possible squamous cell cancer, but the questions keep getting dodged. Oopsie.

“Got it no problem, you should be walking fine in a week.”

     The cryoablation goes well, and, after pressing yet again, I get a tumor marker test. The surgeon says it’s an easy procedure, the bone is very strong should be no problems at all.

      It’s only 74. That’s still way too high (normal is 5 or less, hopefully 0), but it’s the first time my markers have dropped without chemo. Recall, removing tumors in my lungs accomplished less than nothing as far as tumor markers go, but removing this one tumor dropped it 25% or so.

      Still, that’s entirely too high, and I confirm with MDA that it’s entirely too high. 

       A month goes by, still no scans or anything, though I ask about it. Another 3 weeks, and I try to get MDA to do something before classes start. Nope. Despite that, and despite their own PET scan saying I should be “closely monitored” (as per their report), MDA decided to do nothing at all for all of December (they got the HCG report 12/6), and wait until the third week of January for me to come in for scans.

      I spend two hours coughing up blood the night before classes start; not a good sign. I have no choice but to go to the local hospital.

       They run CT scans and x-rays.

       I now have “innumerable” nodes in both lungs. Gosh, guess the PET scan at MDA missed that. I also have a 5cm enlarged lymph node. PET missed that too, at MDA.

      That’s a death sentence., there’s no way to survive that.

       Now, the local hospital only had a scan from a year ago to compare to, they don’t have direct contact with MDA. Many (yes, their word, “many”) of the tumors in my lungs have now grown since last year, and are pretty big now. But, didn’t the MDA surgeon say he removed them? He said he missed one, maybe, at 5mm or so, whereas these were all over 1cm a year ago. How did he miss “many”?

      Oopsie. They billed the insurance company over $60,000 for each fake lung surgery.

“He really only removed what he could.”

     I quiz my oncologist very carefully about how removed lung tumors could simply reappear. The above was his response. Funny, the surgeon never said anything like that, and the path reports said nothing besides “clear borders.” Oopsie.

     Guess MDA was wrong about my cancer being slow growing, as that’s some pretty major spread in 3 months. Oopsie.

“I don’t know what to do, I’ve never seen this before.”

    My oncologist is confused, he’s never seen cancer grow so fast like this before. This is kind of weird, because he’s an older doctor of considerable knowledge, and every one of my friends who’ve died of cancer have all died the same way: much suffering under official cancer treatments, then “suddenly” the cancer gets more aggressive and kills them. Like the gentle reader, I thought I was going to be a lucky one  and survive. I don’t know how this doctor has never seen it before.

    MDA confirms the death sentence my local hospital gave me, but ups their game: they make the death sentence worse. Turns out they screwed up the cyroablation, my hip is in danger of breaking, so something will need to be done about that…my leg really hurts. Oopsie.

     MDA’s amazing orthopedist suggests removing a big chunk of femur and transplanting in a new one…really complicated surgery taking months of recovery. Trouble is, the prognosis is 3 months to live, so not much reason to try that. I don’t know what this has to do with my hip…but I’m beyond caring.

     My tumor markers are up by a factor of 10 in one month, quite the explosion. Why the sudden change in what MDA called a “slow growing” cancer? Most likely, is the chemo helped cause the cancer to spread. The doc never mentioned that, but now I know it’s a distinct possibility (at least now I do) or maybe it was the surgery which caused the cancer to spread. If the principle of informed consent were being followed, I could have at least have tried some supplements or something, instead of having no chance whatsoever. This whole process, it was up to me to protect myself from an incredibly hostile system.

     Maybe that clinical trial will save me? Guess I should ask, it’s been nearly a year since they first told me it would start in 8-10 weeks. I filled out so many forms for it, I’m sure human decency would cause them to let me know it’s stopped, rather than leave me hanging forever. I’m also sure it’s being run by a very good doctor…

     I have to admit, I sure wish I’d been smarter when I was a kid, and insisted that deformed undescended testicle were taken out. That was a mistake on my part, I concede, but the “professionals” sure made their share of mistakes as well. Of course, every mistake they made fattened their wallets, whereas I pay for my mistake with my life, and much suffering.

      So, now I sit and wait for death after stupidly allowing the doctors to use my body to rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical bills (but I still have to pay for parking in the MDA lots every time I go to MDA…they’re a little too mercenary here). Too crippled by treatments to do much beyond walk the length of my house, I can barely be active more than few minutes before my body tells me I have real problems.

        One of the many issues I have with this whole nightmare is how incredibly difficult it was to talk to my doctors—it’s why I can remember things they said so well, because there were so few actual conversations with them. Oh, I had a “patient portal” and I could submit a message there. Then it was reviewed by a nurse. Then the nurse, if she felt like it, relayed the message to the doctor. Then the doctor, if he felt like it, gave his reply to the nurse. Then the nurse, if she felt like it, relayed her version of the doctor’s message to me via the portal.

       I’m sure was a time where I got a straight answer, but, usually the response was so garbled that it was almost useless, or unrelated to my question in any rational way. A lifesaver here was a retired doctor friend; without his access to medical knowledge, I would have died long before coming to this point, because the “medical treatment” I paid so dearly for was sorely lacking above and beyond eventually killing me after subjecting me to many months of tortuous agony.

     I also thank my amazing wife here; I’m sorry the doctors didn’t let me give you more time, and I can only hope that I’ve left you enough resources (minus the doctor’s cut, of course) that you can still follow a few dreams they can’t stop you from.

     And I thank Dr. Einhorn; I respect that he chose to spend his precious time on me.

      Overall, I should have died before ever meeting an oncologist in 2018, these people are monsters. I know it’s hardly rare for people to simply go home and kill themselves after a cancer diagnosis…I’m not recommending that, but I at least concede it’s likely a smarter move than going to MDA in Houston. I spend much time coughing up blood now, and thanks to that botched cryoablation, my leg explodes in fire with every cought...everything MDA did to me was spectacular failure.


A Note About Cancer Cures

       Since posting my cancer issues in my blog, I’ve received something past 100 e-mails from people offering advice about miracle cures for cancer. They broadly go into 50 different substances/supplements/diets/magical machines/whatever. If any of these miracle cures actually worked, almost nobody would ever die of cancer, as everyone else I know dying of cancer is trying multiples of them.

       The people pushing these cures insist that their miracle cure has actually cured people. But…no. When pressed, the person telling me about the cure usually isn’t the person supposedly cured. It’s always the person knew a guy whose friend had an uncle who went to school with someone who was related by marriage to a friend of someone…you never can track them down to see with your own eyes.

      Alternatively, they claim they were cured, but just don’t happen to have any evidence, you must take their word for it or the treatment isn’t for you (heard that line many times). It’s 2020, they’re on the internet, they could take a screenshot (if they have a patient portal), take a pic of a path report with their phone and post their evidence of cancer…lots of ways, really. Nope, nobody has evidence they had cancer in the first place, ever. Now just buy a bottle of that miracle cure, it’s only $75.

       I appreciate the advice, honest, but if you have a miracle cure, please be sure to provide real evidence you had cancer in the past (eg, pathology report, CT scan report, PET scan report), and real evidence you don’t have cancer now (eg, CT scan report). Otherwise, I’ll just ignore it like so many other miracle cures (out of desperation or respect for friends who insist, I’ve tried over a dozen, they’ve all failed, of course).

      Despite this, I’m trying a wacky anti-cancer diet and half a dozen internet miracle cures all the same right now. If any of this crap works, I’ll be the first person to be able to claim to be cured who has actual evidence (and plenty of it) that he had cancer in the first place.

        I started my blog to warn people about the dangers of going to a higher education system which had far too many predatory elements to it. There are other things to warn people about, but I tried to focus on higher ed as much as I could.

        Let this post serve as a warning: our medical system is pretty darn predatory too—not just MDA in Houston, I was exploited at every opportunity by every doctor I met.


  1. Very sorry to read of your horrific experiences with the US's medical system. I'm an occasional reader of your blog, but I'll tend to read several of them whenever I drop by. I also spread your name and site to others when our educational system becomes the topic of discussion. I drop in today and am surprised by the title and more so by the length of the miserable process. I had cancer as an infant (neuroblastoma at 7 months) in 1961. Surgery, some chemo and X-ray treatments took care of it and I just grew up going in for check ups every year until I was 12 or so. I always figured it was really something more my parents were intended to deal with than me. However, they had to remove a "section" of my inferior vena cava (the main return blood vessel from my legs). It's taken half a lifetime to come to understand the issues I had from that. I could never run much of any distance, even at 30 and working at it, my feet would start to go numb and that would work its way up to my ankles until my running was so sloppy I'd go back to a walk to get proper circulation again. But I really can't complain too much. I've loved the things I done in my life from skiing, SCUBA diving, hiking / some climbing, canoeing, motorcycling, eventually got married :), dogs, chickens, bees, rural property, etc. With all that, my intent was to say that I could identify with what you've gone through, though not to the same extent. I've been hospitalized twice for deep vein thrombosis, once in each leg with one involving the abdominal area. The first was a miserable 2 week stay in the hospital with doctors barely knowing what was going on. At one point, I was convinced they were trying to kill me. It honestly would be too much to go into here. I commend you for putting this out to the world. I would suspect it goes on far more often than almost anyone would suspect, but the anger, the outrage, even the desire to warn people dies well before the patient. I don't really know where to go at this point. Thank-you for sharing so much. I wish you and your family the best. Feels weird to even say but I just this morning read of some significant possible cancer cure coming out of Ireland. I have no idea of your beliefs / religion but what comes to mind are the NDE experiences shared by people on YouTube. I guess I can only say that generally speaking I believe them, and I fully believe that after death we are perfectly fine. It is merely a transitional part of who and what we are. Thank-you Professor Doom. My name is Peter, kind of stuck in my wife's account on our computer.

  2. That was painful reading, but not nearly as painful as your actually living through it.
    The long chain of errors, with you dangling at the end of it -- that's a sad tale.
    I lost my father-in-law to pancreatic cancer. He had just retired from a career in the military, and then a lump in his neck started growing. Modern medicine gave him a year of life, enough to say goodbye to his children and grandchildren. The cancer seemed like it wasn't growing anymore, but over a few weeks it came back with a vengeance.
    I wish there were a cure to send your way, because we need your counter-perspective on academia to counter all the silliness and lies coming out of the industry.

  3. So sad to read about your cancer and suffering. Since I discovered your blog, i think I have read every post. What you have done is important work and will be greatly missed. I am praying fot you that God will grant you peace and relief from pain, or miraculous healing. Thank you for what you have done. Please know that it is much appreciated.

  4. I stopped going to my doctor when I realized he was just using me as a money box

  5. I am sure there are countless cases such as yours in the world. I can relate with many things you wrote as my experience working with doctors in my life. I do not have cancer but I have had many mystery pain issues that have never been solved. They tell me it's all in my brain. Your article has encouraged me to never go this path if I ever get cancer. You have one great hope left, if you are willing to trust Jesus as your Lord and Savior. I understand the obvious trust issues you would have at this moment but I implore you to begin to pray, yourself, you don't need to contact anyone else. I am sure you have had many prayers between you and God by now. If you do not have a saving faith with Him this day, I implore you to not let your remaining days and experience go in vain. Between you and God only. He knows your situation, ask for divine mercy and the revealing of Jesus Christ before that last heatbeat. If you are serious, He will save you. The Life after your last heartbeat is eternity. Live eternal life as your best life. I will begin to pray for you.

  6. About 2/3rds of the way in, I couldn't continue, but I amm sympathetic to your situation. I have little trust in doctors or in pharma having seen others suffer. You say every cancer patient tries scads of cures, but I had an acquaintance a decade who did nothing but chemo. Which didn't work. Because I don't go to doctors and don't take pharma I have spent years researching natural remedies, primarily vitamins, minerals and oils, but also some other simple and hold home remedies. I heard it said that cancer cannot survive in a body pH that is not acidic. In those cases, simple baking soda and some apple cider vinegar taken daily can move the body's pH away from acidity. Buy some pH strips and measure your urine or your saliva every morning. See what you come up with. Hey at least it's simple and cheap. What can you lose? Good luck.

  7. Sad but true. American doctors are rewarded for ordering procedures and not punished for injuring patients.

  8. If you are anywhere near Novi, Michigan see Dr. R. Tent. He's a chiropractor. I worked for over 20 years in clinical research and what I learned from that experience is to avoid the American Medical System like the plague. I've only watched his presentations on YouTube-- he's too far away from me to use other than on Skype but, he'd be my pick for care. You can check out his presentations and philosophy on the Web. He's a member of the International Pain Control Institute and has a PhD in Clinical Nutrition. God bless and all best in your fight and thank you for your posts over the years... they've been grist for my own little mill which, since the early 1970's, has been grinding sporadically. It was then, while an undergraduate, that the number of clerks and other ancillary types first outnumbered the professors at Armstrong State College....We can't continue to do the same thing over and over and expect different results.

  9. I am so sorry. I watched many family members die from this disease. The doctors are there only for the money and the suffering their "treatment" creates is beyond horrible. They are well aware of what they are doing and what the results will be. God bless you and keep the faith for the road you are on may have an unexpected turn.

    1. The medical profession these days are inhuman! Here in Portugal we have exactly the same thing. Go to ER and besides waiting for hours next to people panicking and dying on stretchers in the passages, you too could expect to come out in a black bag.
      No love, no kindness, no empathy. It is the way of the world in these times and although we all cling to life, it sadly,probably is better on the other side.

  10. Thank you for opening my eyes to the reality of higher education. Your posts complement the complaints of my two friends who are adjuncts. I also use this knowledge to try to guide young people into making good choices when faced with higher education.

    I am sorry you have gone through this. Rest assured you have made a difference in the world.

  11. Dr. Doom. There are cures. No. I do not have the Big C. However, I was never hit by a car, and can still empathize. I have personally witnesses cures from Brain Cancer. It depends on what you call "cure." Remission or just any other terminology is useless. Your explanation is on point and very accurate. This is the standard procedure. I have seen friends totally refuse the treatments. Yes, they are dead. But the Quacks made no money on them. And they suffered less. I watched first hand how we are treated and lied to. IV Vit C is as about as good as it gets. See Dr. Lorraine Day. Vit C and carrot juice. You should mention and list the therapies that you have experimented with. Yes, experiment. That is all the Advanced Medicine can offer. You need Big Bucks for the test trials. Not sure you want them anyway. Experience is the best teacher. I go to a clinic for a similar disease and I can say that I have been temporarily "cured." I can share all these experiences. Not a joke. Most people at my clinic eventually die, however, thee are some who live years longer. Many of the "good" treatments are vey expensive and not well known. The Hollywood celebs know how to keep a secret. There are cures, but you need to have an open mind, use critical thinking and be positive. A little less gloom an doom would help. No pun intended. Let me know if you want more info. Steve. "To Thy Ownself, First Be True." W.S. 1600 A.D. England.

  12. Christopher Macklin 417-334-6200 in Hollister, MO claims cancer is as easy as the common cold to get rid of. You can go to his website and sign up for free healing sessions (donations appreciated) on Monday (9:00 AM), Thursday (6:00 PM), and Saturday (11:00 AM). Blessings

  13. So sad to read your story. I've learned a lot from reading your posts on 'higher education's.
    So you are now revealing the TWO Biggest SCAMS and Money-Transfer organizations in the United States...

    This site may be of service interest, bet you've heard of it before:
    Ty Bollinger is one of The Good Guys in the battle against the pHARMeceutical cartel.

  14. I have read and enjoyed your blog spot for a couple of years now. I have commented on some of your articles and received replies on most of them from you. I am sorry to hear about your cancer and that this is your last post. You're an intelligent guy and it shows through your writing.

    Cancer is a bitch. Every time you think you have it gone for good, it morphs into something else. My father was a life-long smoker since he was six years old. His uncles thought it was cute to watch the little kid smoke. It gave him strokes, dementia and bladder cancer, which eventually killed him. I know many people struggling through their experience with cancer. It's a very personal thing. Your sharing it with your readers is every bit as brave as all your posts.

    Best wishes and I will keep you in my prayers. And on the subject of prayers, I have experienced too much in my life to think there isn't something to it. May God bless you on your journey.

  15. Hello Dr. Doom, sorry for all these troubles. Dad, 71, had stage 4 prostate cancer. They gave him no chance, and he gave up pretty fast. I tried to get him on the same "miracle" cures but he'd have none of it. I think he only went for chemo once, but radiation very often (which probably made things worse faster for him).

    I don't know of any miracle cures, and I've never had cancer (not to my knowledge). I've just heard the stories as you have. One lady cured her cancer with eating canned asparagus at every meal. Recently, people in Asia are buying up a dewormer called Fenbendazole (a dewormer for dogs mind you) as some guy reportedly believes it cured his cancer.

    The only thing I truly believe in for my own health and what I think could at least "help" you, not cure you necessarily, would be intravenous Vitamin-C in large doses. As much as you can handle. They have warnings of too much in one day can hurt your liver or this or that, but common, it can't do any worse to you than chemo. In your situation you could request this from a doctor, and do it right at home with little to no assistance.

  16. I am so sorry to read this and know how much you have suffered. Thank you for sharing and illuminating the behind the scenes world of academia. I have learned so much from you.

    Many blessings to you as your journey through the circle of life on this earth comes to completion. May your soul dance with the stars.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wisdom. Namaste.

  17. Dear Professor, yes!!! Like others I wish to thank you for giving this world a gift of such high value. Even if you do have to leave us physically, you will live on in the psyche of all the descendants of those who were open to your teachings!!! That is priceless and eternal.
    Still I do believe that people have turned around at death's door, due to starting a God made natural protocol after man made miracle drugs only poisoned them into dying from the medication.
    If you have not yet seen the following sites/videos it can do no harm to consider something that could be viable? Enzymes or Beta Glucans!!!!
    Dr. John Bergman on utube
    Templeton Wellness Foundation on Utube

    I pray you find a way to stay atound a bit longet!!! ♥

  18. This video is worth watching, do your own research however. the truth is out there.

  19. "Doctah ain't nuthin' but a lawyer with rubber gloves" --FRED SANFORD

    1. I prefer to think of a surgeon as nothing but a salesman...with a knife.

  20. You do show some humor in your writing even at this very stage. "He's a great doctor!", etc. Many nurses are dumber than a box of rocks that realize their weekly/yearly lifetime career pay must stay intact so they won't ever fight against the system anyway.

    This reminds me of a fast-food drive thru situation or something. They don't what's going on and they keep f*cking up the order all the time.

    Plus, they run patients through the process like its fast food to make more cash without any intimate doctor-patient relations. What a fraud! Then again, this whole place is bullsh*t around the clock.

  21. Look at guys stuff. He HAS saved many cancer sufferers. I hope he can save you. Good luck my friend

    1. talk about a quackery website..... see below for real science. I note you dont say you've tried any from this site.

  22. Doom, I tried to comment here, but the federal government that surrounds me is too damned hell-bent on murdering itself and everybody in view to keep the hell out of my way. This may not even post. But if it does, it will be just to prove me wrong. Good luck to you, son of man.

  23. God Bless, you are in our prayers hoping for a breakthrough

  24. Read Gilda Radner's book.
    Read Death by Medicine part 1 and 2
    Guess who is the 3rd and 4th leading cause of death in the USA.
    My grandmother broke her arm and then her back while in bed. After 6 months they told she had bone cancer. My grandfather had a yearly checkup for years always in the morning. One year he goes in the afternoon and they tell him he has severve diabetes and only 6 months to live. He takes up croquet and after ten years of playing daily he becomes the county champ. At 83 he gets stranded while fixing his roof and sits up there for 6 hours in the hot sun and burns his buttocks. He is forced to move in with one of his sons. So much for the prediction he would only live 6 months.

  25. What a $hitty miserable life for the unlucky ones like yourself my good man. I was feeling down today after learning of Kobe Bryan's death, but that's not much compared to what you went and are going through. Thank you so very much for teaching us over the years, and I will keep this article and you in my thoughts so I can die with less torture if or when this horrible disease appears. I hope you can find a way to ease your physical pain at this time. Have a nice journey to the great beyond, respected and valuable Teacher. Carry a couple of coins with you, just in case.


  26. It should read "confessions of a dumbed down institutionalized and indoctrinated guinea pig"
    You are the Herd. You are to be milked until death. Dont take it personally, its just business. The Medical Mafia way.
    Here's the BEEF. Here's your bullshit meter device.
    If the person giving you 'medical advice' cant tell you how your Disease takes hold in your body, how the hell is he going to know how to get rid of it?
    You fell for the "cut out what they dont understand" hype. Radiate and chemo what they dont understand. You deserve to DIE for being so stupid. Your 'system' blinds you to outside the box thinking. If you haven’t worked out that Health Care is KILLING NICELY Care as the Govt always achieves the opposite and obummers care is ALL about the money then why are you still a Prof?
    The Human Body is a BIO Magnetic Electrical energy system. Your education says its "particle Science" so here, take these pills or take these 'electrons' or here, take this knife. This Dr is very good at milking his patients. Blah blah blah.
    Since I built the first one in 1997 in the outback of OZ, some 25,000 BIO ELECTRIC FIELD ENHANCEMENT aka Aqua Chi units have been sold, mostly in the USA.
    So why would taking a bath in a magnetic Field help?
    I had psoriasis so bad if I combed my hair my scalp bled. My prostate was so swollen when I sat down my whole groin went numb. I was bleeding from the ass. I was intestinally bloated.
    All they wanted to do was take samples with a knife.
    All I did was take baths. That was 20 years ago.
    You TEACH (or uphold) that 2 electrodes make HHO and that forms the foundation of all you believe to be true. But guess what. If you think outside the box and use more than 2 electrodes and add neutral plates between the electrodes, a car battery will turn water into oil so pure you dont need to refine it to use in a VW Gold Diesel car. use password wizzzard777 to see this done at where we duplicate the Earths Magnetic Fields upon underground water. Oh it dries out to COAL too. The Science IS NOT Settled.
    This DESTROYS your Science Base of ALL your medical procedures just for starters.

  27. Part 2
    You get sick because your immune system does not have the energy from the maccabum like food you eat, to heal yourself. Its that simple. Raise your energy levels and you too will understand why 25,000 Aqua Chi's have been sold because they only sell when some one SEES what it did to some one they know. WARNING the original 6 electroded and one neutral plated device has been copied and scammed by cheap Chinese con artists and its quite possible, its these fake copies that you have heard about. Two electrodes electrocute but 7 rings HEAL.
    How could an 'electric bath' help? Its the Science stupid. These units sell because they work. At near 2 grand a pop they dam well better.
    Do not buy one Doom because you have been too far guinea pigged to recover. Your body circuitry is too damaged by barbaric practises to recover. You are too stupid to even use one to make passing a better experience.
    The world does not want a cancer cure. Most turn to these Alt cures after their guinea pig treatments fail and have ruined their body electronics beyond repair. The Tijuana cancer clinics KNOW their success rate is in direct proportion to the amount of ‘care’ they received in the good ole US of A. Marcy Purnell earned her PhD on the Aqua Chi at Memphis Uni a couple years ago. Her reward… expulsion for How Dare She find a cure for cancer. Google it… send me an email to get hers
    The sooner you die the sooner we can get on with re-educating humanity to REAL Science of Energy.
    Its how it works, until the old proponents DIE can new ideas be accepted.
    After we commercialised the Aqua Chi in 1998, we travelled the world curing the incurables. One guy in Daytona, had tried ALT therapy for 3 years, not going down the Barbaric FDA way. The lump on his jaw was still the size of a grapefruit. He bought an Aqua Chi and it was gone in 3 months. We were in Daytona to show the (yeah I know but) Head Scientists of the Church of Scientology the cure for Autism. Travolta wouldn’t use it on Jet until it was ‘cleared’ by the church. Kelly went on to buy one for her mother though, John on the other hand let Jet die. This is back in 2000. We have been doing this for a long time and add this BEFE unit/Aqua Chi to the mix with herbs, Oxygen therapies and other dietary supplements and there’s nothing an electric bath cant fix. Oxygen is SOUTH POLE POSITIVE Magnetic Water Vapor. The Aqua Chi makes South Pole Positive Liquid Water. Soak up the energy like a Human Battery Charger.
    I am sorry but I have no sympathy for you. But I could help you buy one at wholesale from Alabama if you wish. Professors generally don’t know about the Energy of the Soul or Karma and how to negate its diseaseful nature. What say you?
    There are enough key words to google for a weeks worth of re-education in the above missive. Its your body, why do you let people who don’t understand how it works fix it. If it was your car, you would take more interest. Lynn Eykamp. joecell AT bigpond DOT com I don’t do anon. I can back up my claims.

    1. So, how much money do you get for shilling like this?

    2. Hummm...sounds a bit like that thing a UFO contactee built in the desert ...made out of wood and to create a electro-magnetic healing field. Forgot what it was called, think the name ended in 'tron'. Also, Royal Rife. But either way, you should not condemn others for not knowing of it. And get too much in the Chi philosophy bit and you can possible attract the attention of certain entities we as Christians call demons. It is the reason why, while I can feel the energy in a certain hillside that has a underground spring running though it, I limit my time resting against it when I visit there. And beware of passing judgement on others, karma bites back.

    3. Sounds like that wooden device that a UFO contactee built in the desert to create an electromagnetic healing generator...forgot what it was called undortunately. Also along the lines of Royal Rife's tinkerings. There is a hillside with a spring running underground under it that I can lean against and feel its energy, but I do not stay there very long, for the same reason I do not practicing eastern style meditation... you run the possablitiy of attracting far older than humankind entities, opportunistic evil ones that as Christians we call demons. Have had to do battle with those twice in my life, not pleasant, and makes you truly aware of the existence of your soul. Anways, avoid the negativity, and condemnation of others, Karma will turn it around upon youself.

    4. the UFO contactee that built that wooden large healing energy gernerator thing (I cant remember the name of it) in the desert... or Royal Rife. I have a relative who's property includes a hillside with an underground stream in it that generates an energy field that one can sense and take advantage of, BUT, I never stay there very long. Nor do I practice any oriental style meditations, because it breaches a realm that ancient entities are masters of. We as Christians call these sneaky, hostile and deceiving entites Demons. Have done needed battle with them twice, otherwise avoid chancing direct contact with them. Yes, once you encounter one directly , you realize that there are indeed worse things than death, they present a threat to one's soul that can be actually felt. Anyways, as you should well know, Karma will boomerang upon you, as you judge others you yourself will bew judged. Grace, mercy, and love are ideals to be persued, not condemnation.

  28. Damn. I've enjoyed reading your blogs over the years.

    Personally, I have a long history of not trusting doctors (long story, but I developed that attitude at age 7 when a doctor told my parents I was going to die of appendicitis if they didn't operate immediately - they called b.s. on it as every kid in school had the same symptoms - another doc and 2nd option later confirmed I had the stomach flu). The problem with our standard medical system is that it really offers no other options for cancer. There are, of course, plenty of "miracle cure" charletons out there making money off of desperation. But there is legitimate research that happens on the curative properties of natural substances (example: That is the sort of thing that really interests me. The problem is, Pfizer, etc. is not interested in that because they can't patent and make billions of dollars off of something like garlic. Yes, it really is about the money for them. They skew "success" rates of treatments (if you happen to live for 60 months after the first treatment you're a success, no matter what shape you're in, including being on death's doorstep), prescribe things with no to low success rates, and generally destroy the only mortal vessel you've got with chemicals and surgeries.

    I will say, I think your theory that cancer treatment makes things 10x worse is completely valid. I watched my mother in law die shortly after about 2 years of suffering with surgeries and cancer treatments. The chemo treatments themselves wreck the one thing your body seriously needs to fight cancer cells (your immune system).

    You have a "free pass" to try whatever the hell you want at this point. We're all only here for a limited time, some more limited than others. It's just disheartening to read your whole story and hear about everything you had to go through. Thanks for telling it though. I hope more people read it and more people question the standard medical procedures.

    Safe travels.

    1. If natural cures worked, nobody would have ever invented doctoring.

      If garlic were a miracle cure, Italians would live forever.

  29. I'm one of those people who had what appeared to be an obvious case of breast cancer back in '04-05, and I posted what helped me online. I think that, even though you were disappointed by the protocols that you tried, that they did help you somewhat because you're still alive so far and able to write very well. However, if you want proof of alternative cancer cures, there are some patient records in the book "Hoxsey Therapy" (which covers an herbal cure from the early 1900s), I think that Hulda Clark included some documentation in her book on advanced cancer (but I don't have a copy with me and so am not sure), and there may be some documentation of Essiac tea (another herbal blend of Native American origin) by the clinics where Rene Caisse work, but I don't have time to research them online right now. I think that Clark's zapper is a better option than the Rife machine, and so the fact that a lot of the documentation from Rife being lost won't be a disappointment if you're not going to try a Rife machine. I don't know about the documentation of the Budwig diet (something I combined with the Clark zapper as the main components of my blended protocol -- and I think BLENDED was the key with me, if things don't conflict then why settle for just one). It's all a lot of reading though. I was lucky in that I knew a lot about it before I had symptoms. Also I find that the juicing really helps to keep health on track -- a favorite of mine is carrots/beets/celery/a little fresh ginger/a little fresh turmeric, as much of it organic as possible. Good luck and I'll try to keep an eye on my e-mail to see if you have any questions. Otherwise I'd refer you to the books and documentation for these different approaches, since I'm not the doctor who developed any of them. I just found that combining the best parts of the best ones worked for me, and much faster than anything conventional medicine could offer.

  30. And Yes, I too have read your writings over the years for an inside point of view. But let me tell you WHY I built the first 7 Ringed Aqua Chi device in 1997.
    I met a guy name Joe in 1996. He lives near Brisbane OZ. He is DIVINELY Inspired. He is a prolific Inventor. dozens of working prototypes like the water into oil video. Which by the way, if one reverses the electrodes on the "cell" in the above video, it turns Sea Water into A FOOD and a Fertilizer thats had 10 years of testing... see it here... read the spiel....
    This guy can answer any question you pose to him and he didnt finish high school. So asking him how to cure everything, we designed the 7 ringed array.
    Look at my other ebay items. Watch the other videos.
    When asking Joe how he knows every answer to ANY question, he replies... "God tells me what I need to know when I need to know it". His GOD SCIENCE makes a mockery of Particle science.
    But you get that in an upside down world.

    1. It's fascinating how nobody can take ten seconds to post a path report.

    2. When you finally realize that the Dr's are Lying to you, you dont go bake to get anything more from them. Some of us realize its a SCAM medical practice and never start the 'paper trail'. Don't criticize those of us who cotton on to this and never start the paper trail in the first place. I exist to make Cancer Patient Killing Treatments obsolete. What is Fascinating, even though you are DYING, you still cling to the "authority" of them who made you DIE faster.
      NOTHING from them is worth a DAM

    3. Unknown - And you still haven't posted a path report.

      How much do you make shilling bogus products on the internet? Is that a lucrative career field?

  31. I am so sorry. Had you asked me prior to "treatment" I would have advised you to skip it and never let them cut into your body or do chemo. I've lost four friends all in their thirties and forties to cancer once they went in for chemo or surgery. None of them survived. I myself have a very rare genetic condition, not deadly, but excruciatingly painful. After 10 years and hundreds of doctors appointments, I had to diagnose myself by spending hundreds of hours on the internet and diagnose myself I did. We know more than these so-called experts. I hope that you find peace and again I'm so sorry that you experienced this.

  32. Look up "man cures lung cancer with dog de-wormer" Universities now doing studies, he had lung cancer!and is now cancer free. Joe Tippens is his name. He was given 3 mos to live, that was years ago.

    1. Yes. Now read it carefully. He can't show he was ever at MDA in Houston. He can't show he ever had cancer. He's been pushing Fenben for over a year, says he just doesn't have time to upload a single scrap of evidence.

      Seriously: I tried Fenben for over 6 months. I joined his shill FB group--over 5000 members, no successes, just a few "stories."

    2. Show us a Pathology Report that states the CAUSE of the Cancer. Showing one that just says you have it actually means nothing. What it does mean is, they have you hook, line and sinker. As its the highway or their way. You chose their way. Your belief system is such that you believe them even when they cant fix you.
      You need a new Memory pattern.
      Reject ALL that has gone before and start anew. Read what I sent you in an email. I actually will not provide any assistance for those with Terminal Cancer. If they begin their Free Health Care, I turn them away. Its a waste of time. Forgive me but you will to be a waste of time with all this SHOW ME THE PROOF crap. Its why you are in this predicament. You have NO Faith in your fellow humans. Begs why you became a Teacher. I stand on my results that just might not be in a format you accept. I have been down this road with 100's just like you before. The Aqua Chi has treated over a million customers. NO complaints. If you dont have faith in me... I dont want to know you. I may have only a few success stories but at least they are 100% successful.
      Beating the system isnt joining it.
      Finally, you have been subjected to a heavy onslaught of Truth. Better late than never I always say. I end with a quote from Tesla. Who said "Everything is Energy, Frequency and Vibration". He ridiculed Einstein about Particles like electrons and protons and neutrons which do not exist as part of any atomic structure. Tesla lost and so does all those who follow him. You have lost your life in rejecting this premise. Healing is ALL about ENERGY not pathology reports based on Fake Science Theories and imaginary chemical bonds forming the basis of 'reports'.

    3. Unknown - If healing is all about energy, how come people die when they touch downed power lines?

      "Chemistry is fake science" - that's a good one. I haven't heard that one before.

  33. I can't point to any documentary evidence. I'm not even a college graduate. I'm just an amateur herbal aficianado of 40 years' experience, 64 and still a chick magnet, who hasn't been sick in 30...if I had the combination of testicular and lung cancer, I'd start my morning with a cranberry juice bacon and eggs breakfast, supplemented with a large helping of celery (eat both the stalks and the leaves) and celery seeds, and take ten drops of lomatium root tincture in the juice. Load the celery stalks with peanut butter or cottage cheese or whatever you like but eat 2 whole stalks. Hot sauce (tabasco or sriracha) on the eggs is OK. Eat what you like for dinner but make sure to include a salad such as Waldorf (apple-raisin-walnut-celery) which includes celery. Just eat the two meals a day. In between, drink at least three quarts of pure non-chlorinated, non-fluoridated water per day, e.g. Smart or Volvic or Gerolsteiner or Fiji, and have just rose hip tea or some other vitamin C containing drink (V8, orange juice, cranberry juice cocktail) at lunchtime. Fast for two hours before bedtime, and just before bedtime take a half-cup dose of essiac tea. A shot of whiskey or brandy or a glass of wine with the essiac doesn't hurt. Some health food stores sell essiac either as a dry mix of the ingredients (e.g. Camas Prairie Tea) or as pre-brewed (but expensive) ready-to-drink (e.g. Flora Flor-Essence). The lomatium tincture will in my experience re-energize the lungs, the celery and the sheep sorrel in the essiac will kill both cancers, the other ingredients in the essiac help your body to get rid of the dead cancer cells and their metabolite toxins through your lymph system and liver. The bacon and eggs for breakfast is simply so as to enjoy life and say up yours to the doctors. To your health, --Philip

  34. Colloidal silver can cure it. It really does work and not just on cancer but everything, every virus bacteria or fungus. I've been taking it for years and I never ever get sick while taking it. And if I stop taking it and do get sick I am always cured within a day. Never had a single side effect from it either.

    Also by cutting out sugars and artificial sweeteners you can starve the cancer. It feed off of sugar and can't survive without it.

    Also you need to alkalize your blood. Cancer can only survive in an acidic environment. This (again) means making changes to your diet and cutting out all processed foods which are acid forming. The best foods for alkalizing are raw and organic, not just vegetables, but also things like raw nuts and seeds. And also baking soda works too and there are many stories out there of people who claim that baking soda alone helped them beat cancer.

    There are also a lot of foods that are specifically known as anti-cancer foods (too many to list here - do some research), such as cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflour, and kale. Also turmeric/curcumin are known to work very well. Food sourced vitamins such as Vitamin C & D are also known to be very effective (make sure they are food based). Also any and all berries are known as being anti-cancer too, but they contain do contain sugar so it's a trade off.

    But most importantly, ditch the modern medicine scam. You can't cure cancer with more cancer causing things like chemo and radiation. You can only get rid of it temporarily with those and it always ends up coming back.

  35. So this is to be your Epitaph PROFDOOM?
    Yes Dr. Dooms Epitaph. I doubt it that say 35 years ago, when I started on Alternative that if one was to tell Dr Doom that the “cancer Industry” is a scam and that the Medical establishment more or less, keeps you at a certain level of sickness with Healthy only for the few. He would have given it the time of day. Until one feels bad, does one learn this life lesson. Dr Doom has lived and died by the report. Publish or be damned. His sheltered life, away from the real world reminds me of 2 quotes, the one from Ghost Busters where the real world requires RESULTS whereas academia is the Public Trough. Secondly, Mr Doom mirrors poor dad in the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. I could be wrong.
    Lemme explain how the real world of RESULTS functions.
    About 3% of the population have wisdom/gut feelings/enough knowledge/functioning 6th Senses/ Ingenius inventiveness or that which dwells of the heavens. The rest are sheep and that’s all one can say besides Herd to the insiders. For them, mostly, they are good citizens of Gotham and even vaccinate according to the Law. At some point in everyone’s life, they are faced with a Life or Well Being situation. Can last from seconds to years to a lifetime. Doom has only recently arrived at this situation and isn’t probably scientifically minded. He’s a card carrying member of the Herd. Even complaining about the management of the Herd to further his career. Elite promotional material in a brave new world. Doom gets Cancer and here we are now discussing how he could have known this 35 years ago at least. Cause I did. Doom should have known that the Health Care System will kill him. He also knows there is a cure out there somewhere or he wouldn’t be asking for the reports or been ripped off already..
    So in the Real Herd World, lets face it. Its Death and Taxes and they promised to only stall death. This is reinforced into the psyche a 1000 times per lifetime and Doom believed them. He got milked and now he’s pissed. The finest clinical pathological reports free health care can provide. He’s dying from Clinical medicine.
    The Alt Healers do not do Clinical Medicine. Each case is different as to the causes like dietary, microwave food, vaccines, industry toxins, farming chemicals, food grown with chemicals like hydroponics, injuries and emotional state just to state a few. None of these things appear on any report Doom is looking for. Doom does not know the the real world does Healing. He only knows the Free Health care indoctrination. We do not do health care/sickness care. The very best of us don’t charge much. You get what you pay for in the real world. You get nothing if you pay nothing.
    So those who were forewarned by having time for the sick, elderly or extended family living instead of the trough for snouts, see the odd or eccentric, even unlawful charlatan person try something different and pay to do so. You could’ve or should’ve known that this is where you’d end up as the path you chose.

    1. A Healer’s success spreads by word of mouth. Not by reports.
      The Clinicals and their reports are PAID provers of Approved Medical Things etc.
      There is no “standard” by which these Clinicalists can approve an Alternate Cancer treatment. They make it too expensive so there exists Mexico. Having peddled my goods to them all in Mexico, the one thing I learned apart from Rife is the worst, is they all know each others CURE RATE. Because Yes it can be done but NO not in the US of A baby.
      Pathology reports are only given by Doctors who either failed or its In Remission. Healers, if they are worth their salt, Heal with immediate noticeable results (like chin cancer in 3 months GONE) or the patient moves on or dies. But at least he tried. Dooms pathology was doomed the first report. Wrong path, wrong Pathology. You were always going to be milked of your 401k. Now what’s your problem slave?
      Dr Doom doesn’t understand this direction because he was educated too far in the other direction. Or one could use their pseudo wordology for our methodology.
      We exist because the Herd exists. We exist under the radar because if we didn’t there would be more than nearly 100 alternate Healers assassinated for their anti vaccine stance of late. We operate in the shadows where those kind of reports for curing cancer with alt Healing gets you murdered by the Health care providers revealing their true nature. How can you trust a system where Clinical Trials are rigged. You’re asking these Murders to give a Pathology report on a treatment they have ALREADY banned? My daughter at 16 did the micro wave water on sprouting seeds to show it kills them and was graded a C- and told she has a bad attitude and this is in an expensive private school. Micro wave ovens are banned in Russia for this reason.
      As everything is related to everything. Your state of mind is as sick as your body. Just as you tell a Lie effects the Energy flow through your body, (principle of a Lie Detector) when you Live a Lie say as a closeted gay man or in an unhappy marriage, this constant degrading of the Bio Energy Flows around the Body might be why you have cancer of the blood. Or the lack of Iodine for cancers of the endocrine system the list is endless. Because the report says this Alt Healing Modality worked here does not mean it will work on you. If the Healer says it will, seek another opinion. No Healer will guarantee such a prognosis.
      You have failed in the lesson of Healing by first healing thyself and are dying because of it. Better to die in your sleep. You placed your Health Security in the Hands of the Gov’t. You KNOW that leads to fascism. The people you seek for substantiating a Healing Modality, just cant give it. If they can, its still buyer beware in the real world. No cradle to grave, snout in the trough ideology here. On a side note for those of us who know…. It’s Trumps DIET drinks that makes him irrational, much like Michael J Fox and Diet Pepsi with a Pallet full every month. He cut his brain in half from their Diagnostic Reports. I wasn’t stupid enough to get ANY but you were. And you still are on the path of pathology reports?
      For Christs sake Dr Doom. I am a physician who first healed thyself and then dozens if not 1000’s of others from my technology and there NEVER will be a report to satisfy your Poor dad mind.
      You need to think on this shit a while… its going to give you dissociative cognizance if you want a cure.

    2. So, according to Unknown at 12:33, nobody ever got sick in the history of ever before microwave ovens were invented.


    3. What's remarkable here is the Unknown above clearly doesn't know what a pathology report is, and yet says "I am a physician...". I'm torn between leaving crazy posts up, or thinning out the herd of lunacy here. Bottom line: if someone is telling you they were cured of cancer but never had cancer, they are nuts.

  36. see (safe, effective alternate treatment info) and (search cancer forum) === vegans' blood has 8X cancer stopping power === ketogenic diet - Cancer cells can't use ketones, but use glucose and glutamine for metabolism. Avoid potassium, carbohydrates, iron and sugar (they feed cancer) === Prevent Cachexia - N-Acetyl Cysteine, extra virgin coconut oil, raw organic goat milk, medical marijuana, Garden of Life's Primal Defense Homeostatic Soil Organisms.

    University of Illinois - when the body metabolises omega-3 fatty acids, it produces anti-inflammatory endocannabinoid epoxides, or EDP-EAs that inhibit cancer's growth and spread. EDP-EAs have similar properties to cannabinoids and target the same receptors in the body as cannabis.

    Salvestrols Platinum - Professor Burke (Aberdeen University) found all cancer cells have CYP1B1 enzyme. Professor Potter (De Montfort University) found compounds in fruits, vegetables and herbs transform CYP1B1 enzyme into anti-cancer agents. Burke, Potter and Anthony Daniels created Salvestrol - which is used alone or with conventional treatment. Read - Salvestrols: Natures Defense Against Cancer by Schaefer and Primal Panacea by Levy MD. Salvestrol Platinum is taken at 2000 points 3X daily. (Distributers of Salvestrols in the UK are:

    medicinal cannabis oil - proven as one of the most powerful cancer fighters and cured terminal case cancer patients. see ( ( )

    Lyposomal lypo-spheric vitamin c (oral or IV) for cancer / coma / radiation - Dr Linus Pauling says 10gms daily can double lifespan of cancer patients and in some cases, cure the patient. (Altrient C would do) U.K., researchers found Vit C was 10X better than chemo drugs at stopping cancer. Vit C kills cancer stem cells and inhibits sugar metabolism in cancer cells - Japanese researchers observed 27% decrease in mortality for every 100mg daily increase in Vit C.

    700+ hospitals in Japan use multi-mushroom formulas like AHCC and RM-10 Ultra - boost cancer-killing immune cells up to 200%, macrophage cells (swallow cancer cells whole) by 100% and natural killer (NK) cells up to 900%. Agaricus Blazei Murill, or the ABM mushroom - wipe out Ehrlich's ascites carcinoma, sigmoid colonic cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, and liver cancer as well as tumours - studies in Japan show ABM to be 80% more effective than world's #1 cancer drug, PSK. Immune 7 (blend of 7 mushrooms). RM-1O Immune Defense by Garden of LIfe - naturopath who developed it used it to save his mother from stage IV Ovarian Cancer.

    Dried/cooked ginger contains 6-shogaol - a compound 10,000X better than chemo in targeting cancer stem cells that are the root of cancers as they are capable of self renewal, continuous differentiation, creating new tumor colonies and are chemo-resistant

    Baking soda increases pH of tumors and inhibit metastasis without upsetting pH of blood and healthy tissues. Dr. Julian Whitaker's protocol uses 12g of baking soda in 2 cups water with blackstrap molasses, sip it over an hour and repeat 3x daily. Dr. Sircus documented one patient used 2 teaspoons each of baking soda and blackstrap molasses twice daily for prostate cancer that metastasized to his bones. By 10th day, his pH rose to 8.5 and his PSA (protein that determine severity of prostate cancer) went from 22.3 to 0.1. Baking soda reduced involvement of the liver and lymph nodes in transport of cancer cells to other organs.

  37. I am sorry that you must suffer this way, and suppose
    you'll be making your peace with God. May He grant you

    Here is an article that may be of some interest to you,

    It's recently from published 25 Jan 2020:

  38. I smell FRAUD. DOOM AND GLOOM> SHOW ME YOUR F"N PATHOLOGY REPORTS!!!! Warning, Warning, Will Robinson. "Doom" is a Fake. Just like his mentor Jeff Rense. We are all doomed. Take your survey else where. The Government has enough Trolls. Prove me wrong Batman. Call your "trump" card. You are the one with no pathology reports. Just like David Duke and Jeff Rense, they are the lucky ones that survive the on slaughtt of the Liberal attack machine. They need "Antisemites" to keep their bogus narrative. Only Don Black and David Duke can be KKK Antisemitic, as all of us would already be in prison. Did you ever wonder how Jeff Rense escapes the government? How he stays on the air, while real Alt Docs are being put out of business? I cannot be on the radio and get away with it. If I say those things, I could lose my job. Jeff Rensari can contact me and explain. Jeffery Shearer can call me too. First rule of recovery is POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING! See ya Dr. Negativity.

    1. Doom doesnt read these posts. Yes he did not ask for "reports' from the Quacks he had butcher him. They cannot give them because they are by LAW not allowed to use the word "cure" in medical practice. Yet Doom demands CURE Reports from the private sector where it too is against the law to have such a report.
      Hypocrisy at its finest. Dooms problem started in his Mind and spread to his body. I would say he carried karma over from a previous lifetime with Gonad issues. Doom probably would disagree. But he's sick and I am not.

    2. I don't read these reports? Neat. Guess I'll make one more post to *try* to address the people pushing miracle cures that just can't understand the difference between "gum flapping" and "evidence."

      I don't demand "cure" reports. I simply ask for evidence, from anyone who claims to be cured, that the person had cancer at some point in the past (eg, path report, as per my post), and doesn't have cancer now (eg, CT scan, as per my post). Not sure why this is so difficult. Everyone not pushing scams knows exactly what I'm saying, everyone pushing scams gets confused. Not sure why...

    3. There will always be 'Trolls' Doom, don't let them get to you. Ignore them and just answer the folks that have questions but aren't deliberately rude.

  39. "And there were set there six water pots of stone, after the manner of the purifying of the JEWS, containing two or three firkins(about a 1/4 barrel for water)apiece. Jesus said unto them, "Fill the water pots with water." And they filled them up to the brim. And He saith to them, "Draw out now, and bear unto the governor of the feast. And they bear it. When the ruler of the feast had tasted the water that was made wine, and knew not whence it was, (but the servants which drew the water knew;) the governor of the feast called the Bridegroom." John 2:5-9, Gideons Bible, 1959, commonly known as the King James Version. You see Doomer, that the Master used a Joyful celebration to do his first miracle. Just as Christ is the Bridegroom and the Church is his Bride, so He will cure you, (as a husband would love his wife). Jesus does the Healing, all we need to do is SURRENDER! You are not in Kansas anymore Dorothy. Without the Power of Grace there is nothing. No cures and no miracles. Love is the first rule, meaning that you remove negative vibrations from your mind. Yes, we live in this world and it is truly the kingdom of evil at times, but faith will overcome. The World, the Flesh and the Devil, are the main enemies to Salvation. Dis-Ease was cured 1000 years ago, and is still being cured. Julius Caesar and ancient Romans had cures. Egyptians had cures. (WITHOUT TECHNOLOGY as we know it today.) Technology can be a hindrance, and it can be a false hope; even a Satanic Lie, with false promises, and intellectual dishonesty, made by the godless pseudo-intellectuals. The Medical Matrix hates faith. Ask an Oncologist if they believe in miracles. (They do not.) So, Dear Doctor, do you have a cure? NO? Do you believe in miracles? No? Then stop wasting time. "Get behind me Satan, and taste thy own poison," St. Benedict of Monte Cassino, 547 AD. Also known as Benedict of Nursia. Wrote the Rule of St. Benedict. (Monte Cassino is located 81 miles South of Rome, Italy.) Moon.

    1. A "firkin" is a Clay Pot Vessel that is filled with Offal from the slaughter of animals as the Temple served as the slaughter house for Kosher meats. You had to pay the money changers a fee in their Coin not the coin of the Romans. Jesus actually transmuted blood and guts into wine.
      The Technology that turns WATER into ANY OTHER LIQUID and proves the water into wine Miracle, can be found at using the password wizzzard777
      Biblical Miracles are just a level of Tech above the average intellect.
      The Money changers are still insisting we use the Coin of the FED to trade with. Iran. Syria, Sudan, Nth Korea Libya refuse to use the Coin of the Rothchilds.
      Quoting the Bible without Wisdom is clearly UNWISE.

    2. six water pots of stone, ....."Fill the water pots with water." Think Firkin in this case was as a measurement... and no, Jesus did not transmute offal into wine. And some of us who have had miracles occur in our own lives know it is more than Tech.

  40. So sad and also so outraged to read this post.I am so sad to know that someone of your obvious integrity, and whose very informative posts have enlightened me, has posted his last post. I feel that I am losing a constant in my life. Cancer itself is bad enough but to be put through the wringer of endless medical treatments by so-called specialists who apparently care not one whit for the trust placed in them by their patients is another thing again.
    You are in my thoughts.

  41. Hi Doom,
    I’m really sorry for your suffering, and I hope you find your way out of it and continue on with a healthy and happy life. I’ve learned a lot from your blog, so please don’t make this the last one. Thank you.
    Since you are talking about cancer, I have a story. I’m not absolutely sure if it is a cancer story at all because I did not have a diagnosis from a doctor. Approximately two years ago, someone very close to me was diagnosed with cancer. I had already lost someone a few years earlier, so I had read as much as possible about cancer and how it is treated. This person was scheduled for chemotherapy at the same time I would be on a three week vacation. But before I left, I pleaded with extreme urgency to please don’t do chemo. Unheeded, chemo, and gone before I came back from vacation. I was extremely hurt and angry because, to me, it was murder. I had read that chemotherapy was useless against the particular cancer this person had had. After a few months of being angry, I had lost my appetite. First I thought that maybe it was something I had eaten or maybe a virus, but after six weeks and not being able to look at a Big Mac without getting nauseated, I knew something was seriously wrong with me. After eliminating the other few causes of cachexia, I discerned that I most likely had cancer (to go with the normal older men sicknesses like high blood pressure and an enlarged prostate). Luckily, I had no pain. And I refused to go to a doctor. I just accepted the fact that I was going to die and continued to live under the circumstances without fear or worry (I’ve had a wonderful life). Anyway, after three months and forty pounds, the cachexia began to disappear. I was in much pain afterwards, in my arms, because the lost muscle mass and weakened bones caused a pinched nerve in my neck vertebrae. And I got a couple of widened gaps between my teeth. But now I’m fine. I did read that cancer cells need more oxygen than normal cells to survive, so I am inclined to believe that the cachexia was my immune systems normal defense against cancer. As I’ve said before, this was not a dianose from a doctor, so I don’t know for sure i fit really was cancer. I do know that if you eat healthy and stay positive, your body alone can fight most illnesses, even cancer. Wish you well.


  42. Enlightenment. When we are dying, we will listen. Doesn't mean we will act. some do. some don't. If I was hanging off a cliff and someone offered me a rope, would I reject it? These rhetoricals are put forth as a way to shed light. Why ask anyone for reports. No one I know that died from cancer ever acted like that.

  43. Prayers for you.Lonesome journey.
    I have read some personal accounts testifying to the success of using Fenbenzadole.

  44. So sorry for all you have gone through at the hands of the medical mafia.

    I've heard of people having great success curing cancer with the Gerson method.

    I've also heard of people curing their cancer with grape fasting:
    This is the approach advocated by Dr. Robert Morse--his theory is that all sickness is due to a toxic lymphatic system, and he says that fruit (especially grapes) have an astringent quality that helps clear the lymphatic system. For serious sickness (cancer), he recommends a grape fast (nothing but grapes and water).

  45. I love you Professor Doom. Meditate and listen to the Lord within. He will give you hope. I will pray for you.

  46. Professor,

    I've enjoyed reading your thoughts over the past couple of years. We will continue your fight. We will win.

  47. I am at a cross road right now. MRI. Just revealed a 3.5cm mass on liver that determine what is is, only what it is not and mumberous cyst like lesions in pancrease. I have never been a drinker. I am now being referred to oncology. I have no other signs or symptoms. Not sure just what to do or even if I should go to follow this up.

    1. I'm no doc, so can't come close to giving good advice. Granted, all I ever got from docs was terrible advice, so about all I can say is do whatever you can to protect yourself from them.

  48. funny how now you are dying and now you want some sort of proof from those who offer advice. When did you realize you were stupid? After you were butchered and poisoned for not asking for proof sooner?
    Cry me a fuckin river Doom.
    Show me ANY report you asked for before you were butchered by your good doctors.
    You fucking didnt, did you. You believed them but not us. Their verbals were all you got and now you think the private sector is as corrupt as the public (as in FDA approved) system.
    You may as well take your false teeth out and quit eating. Its the only honorable thing to do now.

    1. ...When did you realize you were stupid? After you were butchered and poisoned for not asking for proof sooner?
      Cry me a fuckin river Doom.
      Evil person, why were you even here reading Doom's article and the comments? You fall into the Vultures and schoolyard bullies category.

  49. And all the commenters shilling for "miracle" "natural" "cures" here just go to show what Professor Doom has been blogging about for years. Indeed, most people are idiots, and there really is a sucker born every minute.

    God bless, Doom. You've done us all a great service. You've fought the good fight. May you die peacefully in your sleep, and angels fly thee to thy rest.

    1. Thank you so much for this and your other responses.

  50. Dear Dr. Doom,

    First let me thank you for incisive blogs exposing the degeneration and corruption of the American educational system. You are a hero.

    70 years ago now. I underwent a similar surgery tortures throughout my childhood as surgeons tried to correct a birth defect. Had in total 19 operations, including several that were not effective and had to be repeated. At school was attacked and tormented by bullies.
    My parents bought me a punching bag! Practiced night and day. No more attacks. By age five I was thinking of suicide. Why are they
    torturing me? I am not getting any better. Even my parents couldn't understand much of the time.
    Last three operations were successful somewhat enabled me to pursue a career, marry, reproduce and travel with my wife to over 100 countries.
    My parents had fee-for-service medical coverage. Doctors talked them
    especially my mother into painful procedures and operations that were useless and ineffective. For example, my mother had end-stage emphysema and was near death. A surgeon talked her into a hip replacement even though she was unable to walk due to her breathlessness and general weakness. She never woke up from the anesthesia and died two months later.
    I belong to a HMO, which is effective at denying expensive treatment. I would rather die from lack of treatment than from
    over-treatment at the hands of greedy doctors and surgeons.
    An atheist I believe in afterlife because one of my relatives
    appeared to be me after his death causing me to experience an intense feeling of peace and euphoria.

    You will live on. God bless you.


    1. Wow, what happened to your mother was absolutely horrible. Talk about malpractice, that certainly seems a good example of it. As for myself, and belief in the after life, I have had guardian angels directly intervene, so am not an atheist either, though critical of most religious institutions. Even had a talk with God's angel (angel means messenger) of death that was rather interesting, but that is a story for another day and a separate blog.
      Going to be hard to refrain from commenting on a lot of these posts, I'm now woundering if the dimness of modern doctors (I don't remember docs being so incompetent when I was younger) is something deliberate, and yes, fueled by profit seeking medical establishments. My condolences on what happened with your mother.

  51. After waiting days for a response, and seeing a few others suggesting the same remedies (and also receiving nothing from you), I have come to realize that you are just another stupid victim. You don't want to heal. That is unless it comes from Big Medicine. Just lost all my respect for you, bud. What a fool. You talk and talk and talk about how this and that doctor continued to betray you and/or tell you things that ended up not to be true, and that is your excuse for dying? What is wrong with you, fruit loop? Why aren't you listening and responding to those who read your stuff? And then you also want to put down and pooh pooh those who do suggest stuff? For a dying man you really are sounding stupid. We want to say to you: Ok, die, fool. You put your mess out there and then don't take anyone who responds to you seriously? Jesus H. Christ. Then suffer and die. I'm sick of your nonsense. What a disrespectful fool you are. You create a site and a body of work about college and the piss on it with your utter hubristic ignorance? While you are actually dying? Wtf? Unbelievable.

    1. Apologies, don't see any post from here but this one. What was your question? If you elect to read carefully above, you'll see I'm interested in healing, but would like something which has actually been shown to work, with evidence provided that would take all of 30 seconds to produce. I'm sure if you've read the posts above, you'll see a great number of lunatics have posted here, so a bit of actual rational discussion is something of my "bar" before I can take a post seriously.

  52. Hello! I've written to you in the past. People going through this was what motivated me to go into the medical system and help offer a better option. I feel a lot of doctors I've met have had a similar degree of mastery to what you've enountered.
    My honest advice for you at this point is to focus on having a healthy dying process.
    I greatly believe in life after death, and the importance of having a proper transition between the two (I've been with quite a few people during and after they've died, and I've spoken to a lot of more perceptive people who have picked up more than I have.
    Having a healthy and harmonious death process is incredibly important).
    General things you want to consider:
    a) Set things up so you will die at home with your loved ones, not in a hospital.
    b) Change your code status so you won't be kept alive with a ventillator or aggressively brought back with CPR.
    c) Try not to be on any medications at the moment of death, particularly opiods.
    d) As much as you can try to be at peace with what's occurred and the relationships in your life rather than being bitter and pissed off at the moment you die.
    e) If you want to be connected with someone who can help support you in that process or have a good book to read, I'd be happy to send them your way.

    1. Thanks for your advice. I'm certainly trying to follow your guidelines, but the pain is remarkable. Are narcotics good enough?

    2. Honestly I do not have an ideal answer for you.... and everything I'll say is going to sound a bit strange.

      If it's helpful for you, I'm happy to give you my perspectives on life after death, since it's something I've directly worked with rather than an abstract belief (but there are say tons of near death experiences you can read about).

      The basic thing you need is to be at peace and as conscious and aware as possible. If you are in agonizing pain at the time of death, this is heavily disruptive to the death process.

      At the same time, multiple people I have spoken to have observed that opiates (which is basically almost any painkiller you are going to be on) interfere with the death process by dampening your consciousness and causing some of the out of body forces that help with the process to withdraw from you.

      But if you are in severe pain that makes you unable to be at peace, opioids probably help more than hurt because you need to be at peace during that transition. I do not have a ton of experience in this area, so I really can't say what is the ideal option. Ideally though, I would think you want enough pain management to not be in agony, but small enough that you don't feel mentally snowed and can still feel your body.

      There are some interesting alternative approaches to helping with the pain but they're a bit more in the odd camp. Some people have had a lot of success with ayahuasca or psilocybin although that tends to help more with being at peace with the process than the pain itself. There are a variety of non opioid pain management options but they are less effective for the pain itself. I also went to a spiritual healing course recently where the person running it (very reliable fellow) gave multiple cases of people in severe pain and terminal cancer that he was able to use a specific approach to reconnect them with their source, but I'm not sure it would be logically feasible to arrange that given where you are at.

  53. Dr. Doom thank you for your service with your blogs. It will be your legacy. God bless in this world, and the next.

  54. Sadly, Professor Doom passed away last Saturday the 15th. His wish to pass at home was fulfilled. To those of you who offered your prayers and support, it was very much appreciated. The information on this blog will remain intact for as long as the internet exists. The professor wrote a few more posts to be published after he was not able to anymore.

  55. Dr. Doom, I have read quite a few of your posts in the past, usually as I catch them on Rense's website. As you can see, it was only now in February that I caught this one, and was very sorry to see that you have been affected by cancer. This is the only thread I have actually posted comments on, and probably too many comments, but yes, undoubtedly like most people, I have lost close relatives and a few friends from various forms of cancer, and have one friend that was 'cured' from it, in remission to a form of leukemia from childhood. I have been reading up on supposed cancer cures for quite a while now. Found Dr. Alan Cantwell's articles on interesting, as well as others that mention a link between yeast and cancer, actually finding yeast in tumors. The environment and the chemicals in processed foods seem to play a part, and I now occasionally listen to Dr Walik of Critical Health Care news when he talks on Ground Zero, and find what he says interesting as well. A lot of factors seem to figure in as to causes, and there seems to be all sorts of approaches for treatment, including customized stem cell therapy, but I guess the most convenient one is the Cannabis oil. But also you have to take like 3 to 5 times the regular maintance dose to start with, for it to be effective for some people. Not so sure about the success rate for it, imagine it is different for different types of cancer, but do remember the article abou the guy who's child was in the last stages of brain cancer and was cured by it , even though at that time the substance was still looked up as if it were illegal. What does seem to effective as well is that it seems to be effective with reducing inflammation and pain...something to look into as well as hemp oil does not cause hallucinations. I cant help but hope that somehow, if not this, there actually are true cures out there, especially as we all know that the financial part of the medical establishment likes to cover things up... Sick people make them more money and their shortened lives benefit the satanic depopulation death cultists. I cant help but hope, even for you in your final stage, that there will be cure. Fight until the last, for we are all mortal from the day we are born, and can make a difference until the time comes when we must go to meet our maker.

  56. Safe passage doctor Doom! I have appreciated your wisdom.

  57. I used to work for oncologists - they are evil because they know everything about cancer: cause, treatment, and cure, but pursue the money path instead. I suggest you find a good naturopath with experience treating cancer - it is your only hope.