Friday, November 2, 2018

Mention Alex Jones on Twitter? No College For You!

By Professor Doom

    Years ago, on Seinfeld, there was a character called the Soup Nazi. He made delicous soup, but was very particular to whom he would sell it. If that person stepped out of line, then the Soup Nazi would shout “No soup for you!” and that person’s hopes of a cup of soup literally dried up and blew away forever. Even though the Soup Nazi was a businessman, he would self-destructively lose customers who violated his own restrictive policies.

     Now, Seinfeld was a comedy show, and the characters there were often quite wacky, if not outright crazy like the Soup Nazi. It’s often suggested that Liberalism, in its current usage of the word as synonymous with Leftism, is a mental disorder. Many of our institutions of higher education are run by Leftists. Can their actions be fairly compared to the insanity of the Soup Nazi?

     For those not in the know, Alex Jones heads a news site called Infowars ( He is bombastic, loud, and excitable. He occasionally got a few stories wrong, in my opinion. That said, he’s an important source of information, because he would cover the many, many, stories our “various” mainstream news would simply ignore (more accurately, lie about by “error of omission”), and moreover ignore with a silence that I often find deafening, although perhaps they all just consistently randomly deemed his stories just not worth covering.

      I was hardly alone in finding him a useful part of any diet of news information; he generally was watched by more people than CNN.

      And overnight, he was simultaneously un-personed, kicked off of all social media platforms which “randomly” decided to do so with near simultaneity. We probably should ask some long, hard, questions about why these “independent” organizations keep on moving and shifting directions with the coherency of a school of fish.

      Anyway, he was un-personed.

      And a prospective college student, just for mentioning the guy, nearly lost his admittance to college. Now, a typical student represents $100,000 or more to the school, so getting rid of that student for this “bad” behavior, shouting “No college for you!” is every bit as insane, if not more so, than the Soup Nazi.

      For what it’s worth, I know of other places/institutions, similarly taken over by the Leftist insanity (at the risk of repeating myself), where the members have found themselves subject to sanctions for “behavior” far outside the purview of the places/institutions, but I digress.

     Another lost his scholarship over a Facebook message about the 2016 election.

      These guys have been throwing a tantrum about that election for nigh 2 years now. I write this close to the November elections…I wonder how dangerously childish their behavior will be if they lose those as well. Heck, I wonder how dangerously childish they’ll be if they win…either way I, and I suspect most rational people, are concerned about these lunatics, whose behavior is, indeed, very consistent with the Nazis they think they’re punching.

Many universities are hiring monitoring companies that comb the social media lives of applicants, even going so far as to spy on their search histories and internet activity.

      No link to the above assertion is provided, but if our schools can hire $400,000 a year Diversity Kommissars who do nothing but stoke racial tension, I find the above assertion easy to believe. Please keep in mind the student loan scam pays for all this.

Shear shared a story about one client of his, a 17-year-old who was asked in his college admission interview why he followed Alex Jones on Twitter…The teen had never liked or retweeted any of Jones’s content – his “transgression” was merely following the conspiracy theorist on Twitter, 

     Keep the above in mind. I remember a Hillary supporter friend who claimed to be Libertarian, who was furious with me for not sharing his views. I explained to him that Hillary promised that if she were president, she would attack Iran, which should, fundamentally, make her an impossible candidate for a Libertarian to vote for.
     He had no idea she’d ever said anything like that. I then explained other things about Hillary, things which mainstream media never covered…he knew none of those things either.

      Now consider this kid, who nearly lost his chance at college for merely following a news source covering topics mainstream media somehow all miss. A little worrisome, perhaps? Luckily the kid has a good lawyer…but not every student has such.

      My tech-savvy friends have been warning me I need to get off social media like Facebook ASAP, and I’ve been considering it. For now, I need the connections as I try to navigate the cancer ordeal, but perhaps after that I’ll simply walk away…or wheel away, as the case may be.

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