Thursday, February 9, 2017

DeVos Confirmed As Education Secretary...And?

Just a quick post today.

Betsy DeVos is now our Education Secretary, and like everything else Donald Trump has done, the mainstream media is absolutely freaking out about it.

You know? Betsy DeVos IS completely unqualified for the position, and has no relevant experience.


I don't care.

Look, our Education Department has been around since 1979, and in those nearly 38 years, our public education system has failed in every conceivable way. Every independent study of what goes on in our public school system has shown failure, and relative to the rest of the world, our students are pretty weak despite the fact we spend more per student than anyone else (often by multiples of what other countries spend, even though they nevertheless produce superior students).

And all of those years, our Department of Education has been run by people with extensive experience and qualifications.

Considering their perfect track record of failure, I don't see how Betsy DeVos can possibly be worse. Even if she's a total failure at the job, that would make her a pretty average Education Secretary...and thus this selection doesn't merit yet another primal scream of rage from the media. 

Just sayin'

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